The Human Journey

[written in conscious attunement]

As a soul, you are born from a spark of Cosmic intention that is your spirit, clothing itself in Earth’s Ocean of Love. As such, your soul has that Cosmic intent within, and also the nuances afforded by the already-qualified substance of Earth’s being – qualified both by her evolutionary journey and by the results of her choices.  Of course, the co-resonance of your spirit’s intent with Earth’s need is what enables this alignment and creation of soul as a melding of these two vibrational media.

As a human, you are born of the karmic opportunity for your soul to express down into the deeper layers of existence. Soul’s intent guides the inherent resonance within each seed expression on the levels of mind, emotion and body, so that the substance of Earth’s body may be drawn into the form we call human. It is the same process for all creatures, with some variations where angels hold the resonance of the seed atoms, for conscious coherence.

In many ways, these creative processes to form soul, and to form the human self, are similar. However, there is one major and very significant difference:  soul is always in resonance with its spark of spirit within. But, the human self walks the path of conscious development, and to that end is given many choices in order to learn – and those choices can cloud over the intention of soul held deep within. In fact, in the many early millennia of the human journey, the soul offers very little guidance, usually because it is new to this journey and does not yet have the wisdom to impart. Also because the human self simply has to go through many stages of learning and development to even be interested in, let alone capable of, seeking soul guidance.

The purpose of this differentiation is, as mentioned, consciousness. Consciousness is, in one way of exploring it, a coherence that is built of many points of knowing, wisdom, experience, and intention (ie, the plan, or whatever level is relevant), which enable a bigger picture view:  where purpose is understood, at least in part; where meaning is perceived; where the patterns of cause and effect are understood; and thus, where choices are enriched by all these nuances, such that soul and thus spirit’s intent can guide the human expression.

Because soul cannot guide the worlds of thought, emotion and the physical self directly, as its resonance is too fine and cannot be perceived by raw matter on these levels alone, the human journey is undertaken. This is how the human self becomes more than an aggregation of the matter on the physical, emotional and mental levels alone. Consciousness joins the dots, if you like, between experiences, expressions, intentions and results, and this creates an interlinked web of resonance – a bit like the webbed network of neurons in the brain. This web holds a resonance different to that of each of is contributing parts, for each part resonates on its own level, but creates something else when linked together. It is like the difference in sound created by plucking one string after another on a guitar, and then playing all strings together in a chord. The sound, the effect, the resonance is totally different!

Thus it is on the journey of developing human consciousness that you sound the note of each level of your being (emotional, mental, physical), then you learn the sounds of cohered experiences that involve multiple levels of your being; then you learn to purposefully and consciously sound the harmony that comes when your experiences are infused with knowing, wisdom and thus, meaning.

Here is where your soul can become more resonant within you! For in the creation of the sound of a harmonious chord, the resonance goes beyond simply the sum of the individual notes. It is in this greater richness and fullness of sound that the soul may also be able to contribute harmonic tones, and enrich the sound further. I say may, because on this long journey of awakening consciousness, there are layers of that consciousness where soul may not resonate.

For example, one can develop a certain mental coherence, and sound a beautiful note of a radiant mind; but, without the supporting notes of the emotional self, giving the fullness of personal consciousness, soul is less able to be involved. Recall that the human self is created ultimately for the fullness of expression of soul and consciousness here in our physical world. Human mind developed without a relatively clear and harmoniously resonating emotional self is not able to fully perceive and respond to Earth’s being, or soul intent, and thus the coherence is contained mostly to mental substance alone.

Soul needs the full chord of human consciousness sounded on all levels to be able to respond. This does not mean the human self is, or becomes, fully soul conscious, but that enough purity and experience is contained in the personal self to be able to sound a chord involving all levels of personal vibration. Note that this is not the requirement when a soul has only clothed itself in mental matter, to learn, express and serve on that level alone, without becoming a fully physical human being. In this situation, the note sounded by the soul’s intent only extends to the mental level, and thus soul and mental coherence can be achieved. It all comes down to the purpose and intention of an incarnation

For a physically incarnated human, soul does not send forth its intent to develop mind, emotions, or body alone. Its purpose is to enable the evolution of a fully functioning being on all these levels, and therefore the note of creation and intention that it sounds can only resonate with the fullness of the chord sounded when all levels of the human self have contributed. Thus, as a physical being, you cannot find soul consciousness through mind alone, or emotions alone, or body alone; you have to develop the sound of all these together.

On the human journey there are many stages, both of the development of the note or notes of each level of your being, and in the development of a harmoniously-sounding chord integrating all of your being. This is evolution.

But as soon as you, the human being, have enough consciousness to sound an integrated and harmonious sound within your being, your soul will respond! This explains some of the flashes of intuition that create that instant depth and irrefutable strength of knowing that can change who you are in an instant. You have resonated with your soul in that moment, and a greater consciousness is born within you, and once that resonance sounds in your being, you can never forget it.

This is the interplay of soul and human vibrations, to create that new vibration that sounds a finer note, and thus brings with it the wisdom of soul into living expression through you, the human self. This is how soul enables spirit’s intent to be expressed right down into the human, and thus deeply physical world of Earth’s being. This is why human development of consciousness and personal intention is so important, for without that, the consciousness of soul cannot infuse our human world. This then is the path of the individual walking the path of self, and then soul, consciousness.

But, there are other pathways through which soul resonance may sound in harmony in these denser layers of Earth’s physical body (the levels of our mental, emotional and physical selves) and these are also very important. The whole purpose of this conscious infusion is for Earth and all her life forms to hold and resonate with the orchestral fullness of the consciousness of Cosmic Heart. Humans are, of course, not the only life forms, and thus not the only holders of substance that must evolve.

For smaller creatures (eg, bees, or mice, or small fish, etc), harmonic coherence is sought by the angelic family that holds and nurtures them, as these small creatures are not born of an individuated soul that can garner spirit’s intent into that harmonic outreach as it does for individual humans. This we will explore more fully another time, for the angelic role in Earth’s evolution is extremely important, and poorly understood by most humans who perceive angels, but consider them to only be here to aid the human self.

The other pathway involves larger creatures (eg, many domesticated animals, eagles, tigers, dolphins, etc), and is the journey through a group soul. This is where the note sounded by the physical expression does not have to be from one being alone, but in the co-resonance of many to invite soul presence. Through evolution, each expression develops learning and consciousness that nourishes their shared soul, and that is then shared to all expressions of that life form. The soul richness is thus developed by the contribution of many beings , but not only that:  it is able, in time, to cohere those resonances into the sound that can reach into each of its multiple life streams, whatever note in that resonance they may sound individually.

In an interesting development in human development, guided and supported by the Great Hearts that are the guardians of human and planetary evolution, a form of group soul journey is now emerging for humanity as well. This is not about merging multiple human souls into a group soul, but of enabling certain groups of individual souls to collaborate in a new way, that creates a coherence of sound, and thus a coherence of wisdom, between those souls that can then reach out to and infuse each human whose soul is involved.

What this means is that the collective wisdom of those humans and their souls can be brought together to speed up their human journeys. This is not just for their benefit, but primarily to benefit Earth in these extremely rapidly changing times. As much soul infusion, conscience and consciousness as possible is needed to create positive change in harmony with evolution’s journey on a global scale.

If this time of rapid change is not absorbed and resonated sufficiently in the consciousness of all life streams in incarnation, then cooperation with the Great Change is not enabled to the degree needed. Change through more pressure may thus occur, something we see in the unseemingly chaotic expression of some people, and groups – but fortunately, not yet to the degree of global chaos, which must not be allowed to occur.

In your heart, you build the resonance of the coherent consciousness you need to contribute to positive global change, please work this way for the sake of the planet and all life.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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