The Law in Manifestation

[written in conscious attunement]

I am the Law!

The fiery breath of Cosmos.
The unstoppable flow of life.
The universal force of love.

For the Law is all these manifestations. The Law that is Cosmos unfolding, living, breathing, speaking, loving, birthing … birthing new worlds and consciousnesses. For that is evolution, and evolution expresses the Law, and the Law creates the evolutionary path.

I come with fire, to breathe change into your beingness; fire to burn away old attachments, to crumble to ash those forms of mind and body that no longer serve evolution, that no longer hold living light.

I am that fire, and I reach all who choose in soul and body to stay and grow as beings of loving light upon this Earth. Choice must be made, otherwise personal or Cosmic energy and intention (depending upon the level) must be applied to force the Law to manifest where it cannot.

This causes imbalance. This was the imbalance that sank Atlantis, for those of vision yet not enough conscience wished to apply Laws of the heart to a land where consciousness could not hold these laws. The distortion of the vision in order to force the Law into the landscape of consciousness of the time, forced it instead into created manifestations of wishes, not reality; of hopes, not substance. The landscape of desires was corrupted with the overreach of power, control, yet also love – for the heart inspires that love, yet heart’s love cannot manifest without heart consciousness, and heart consciousness cannot just be created by wishful hopes and visionary thinking. Thus, an imbalance formed out of emotional love was created.

The Law can only manifest when the whole flow of consciousness is present, from Cosmos to its intended manifestation, in this case, Earth.

Earth is ready. Humanity calls for it, (enough, at least) and thus is willing to be ready. Nature is of Earth and aligns with her every wish. Animals and all the creatures expressing Earth’s life force, they are always in alignment with earthly dharma and karma.

So, now that Cosmic Heart has spoken, and given the word for the Law to descend, so it does.

So, I come flaming, flowing, Cosmic intention. Full of all the hoped-for dreams of many Atlanteans[1], yet also the will and clarity of Cosmic Heart – for Law cannot become the guide of consciousness it is to be without clarity. Clarity on all levels:  at soul level, the vibration must ring true to all that soul holds dear … light, love, truth and growth.

To mind, it must make sense. This is not the sense of the unillumined logician, who plays with concepts without judgement, who uses words without forethought for the discrimination required. Mind can create anything and justify it through self-referential brilliance or nonsense – but mind can only hold truth when judgement and discernment of light shine through, and the choice is made to stand for that truth.

On the emotional level, clarity manifests when emotions harmonise and resonate with soul. Emotions are an ocean, and all waters eventually harmonise when blended. The waters of the ocean of love that is soul, create ripples that can soothe, calm, give vision and hope through the emotional self – it must just be purified enough, free enough of rigidity and structures that hinder those ripples of conscious love, and that is taken care of by karma: karma to shatter through life’s events and revelations; karma to guide to the learning that smoothes the way.

So, I come, treading upon the fertile ground that is Earth’s loving acceptance and desperate yearning for this next evolutionary step, to save her ailing body from the destructiveness of unfettered and unaligned human mind, bent on creation and control, without consciousness to embrace consequence.

But, Earth’s call is strong; karma’s manifestation is called upon, and change is sped up, for I come, and I bring the Law.

Law of the Heart:  The Heart. Heart of all. Heart of soul, which is like the babe of the conscious universe. Heart of Cosmos. Heart of Sun.

The Law aligns and is of every level of consciousness, else it cannot be the Law! So, my great task is to hold consciousness of Cosmos, and hold alignment and presence through all of Earth’s layers of conscious cooperation; and become that truth that shall guide those who choose, and with steely strength force upon the wayward the new truth of the new way forward, which is the Way of the Heart: the Way of Love, where love is of heart, not need; of service, not greed; of Earth, not self in isolation; of truth, not mind rigid in desolation.

I am that Law that comes upon you now, like the tide of a gentle ocean, yet unstoppable. Do not try to evade or stop me, for then all you do is make your choice more cemented, and make your path more challenged by the karma you create.

I am the Law, and I come, always in love, but love cannot wait for the destroyers to take life any more.

So, you have been advised, you who waiver.

Choose love in your meaningful life steps, and you shall be well upon your way.

Choose love:  that is the foundation and truth within all Law. If you cannot feel that – then it is not true, it is not Law.

Go to your deep, deep self, and choose heart, and know love.


[1] Which is why so many have incarnated at this time

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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