Choice in the Lawmaker’s Embrace

[written in conscious attunement]

I, I stand in the Law.

The Law that defines matter and spirit, that decries life itself – that splendid melding of that which gives life, meaning and purpose, and that which holds life, the crucible of all journeys of evolution.

I, I stand in this Law, and thus I am Law. Enter my vibration and you must be of my Law too, or you shall feel the discord of non-aligned matter, substance and intent. Enter my embrace and I shall teach you my Law, the Law of Cosmos as it manifests upon this Earth, for that I am. How else shall evolution proceed without embodiment of the new?

So, I call you to come, come and immerse in my loving embrace, law-giver, Mother of the new world. Come and learn the new ways that shall be understood from the heart.

That is why many cannot see or feel the new world: it is of heart, yet many live only in thought or feeling, or in a melded reality created by both. Yet this is not the reality of the world to be.

Thus, I call. Thus I call all who have that glimmer of light in their heart that ensures they can respond, -and there are millions and millions. Otherwise, there would be no possibility I could come. For I can only come when two forces align: the evolutionary force of the Cosmic Heart, and the evolutionary intent of the Earth herself, consciously choosing the Way of the Heart.

This is now. Thus I come, and I call to the many who are of the Earth’s intent, who hold substance and light of the heart vibration in their being. I call you! No matter your knowing … all that is required is an internal recognition of that vibration, then you can find me. Then you can willingly enter my embrace, then I can teach you, guide you, mentor you in the loving, nourishing life-force of all the new Laws, which shall imbue Earth and all her loving carers with hope and upliftment, with peacefulness in the striving, and with joyfulness in the knowing.

Thus I call. Thus I am. The Law, embodied, and thus the Law-giver. Thus the Law-teacher.

Those who do not feel me, who do not have anything in their being that can resonate with my loving, Law-giving embrace – now it is time to choose.

First, as souls:  do you choose to stay and grow upon this path? Even the most junior soul upon the path can still choose – for that is the purpose of soul upon Earth, to facilitate choice so that evolution can proceed, both as a soul and being within Earth’s care, and as a participant in Earth’s journey.That is the first choice ever made by a soul here upon Earth: to be part of her evolutionary journey.

Then, you choose as a personality, in your emotions, body and mind. This can be very pointedly and consciously apprehended and then made; or it can be barely more than a whisper of truth, a feather’s touch of loving presence, a gentle breeze, that turns the gaze of intent and enables enough alignment for choice to be activated.

Thus, the journey of the Law unfolds.

Thus, I come, to nudge, to embrace, to make conscious, to nurture in peacefulness. Thus, I, the Law embodied, the Lawmaker incarnate, the intention of evolution to a new and loving world filling my being – I come and touch you, I whisper into your ears, I hold you in the lightest embrace that enables your freedom to choose, yet fills you with the knowing of love and a future worth the journey.

Walk with me, you who know. Walk with me, you who feel. Walk with me, you who are of Earth’s presence, and can do naught else but journey with her heart-felt steps.

Journey with me, with us, the change-makers of Earth, who embody Cosmic intent, who hold Cosmic love, who guide with utmost purity, so that peaceful love shall fill all.

Take the steps that unfold upon your choice – I will be with you. Take the path that shines ahead of you – I shall walk it with you and guide, nourish and support.

Open the door before you, without fear, for I walk with you.

Let us create the new world.

Loving people of Earth, hear me, feel me, walk with me, and let the Law embody the new world … the new world of peace, truth and vitality of heart, here to nourish all with courageous intention, and to evolve into the heart-centred planet of consciousness that all seek who align with light.

Be there, and I walk with you; we walk in harmony, we manifest in love, the new Age of the Heart.

Be with me in the new Law and it will be so.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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