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The Law, the Lawmakers, and the Future

[written in conscious attunement]

I am the Law and I call you, you who obey and read the intent in what is to be, who seek that which is deeper than what is seen, who yearn for the new world, for that is what you are made of. The substance of your being is of the new Earth. Full of all the promised love, light and learning of the world of the future. All who seek have some substance in their being that is of I, I the Lawmaker.

The Law that exists on Earth is of the past. The impulse comes, then Earth and her consciousness bring that into the forms that guide nature, that shape karma, that endow dharma – but at that stage, I, the Lawmaker, am no longer involved. Like the soul that sends forth the streams and seeds of promise for the life in incarnation, and then can only nudge, nourish and review as the actions and intentions unfold in this world of form.

I cannot incarnate or the Law should be lost, for I am of Cosmos, which is the guiding Law for all evolving life, be they planets, stars, people, nature or universes. Being of Cosmos, if I should incarnate and become of Earth, then I am no longer of Cosmos, and no longer of the Law. Earth is evolving to become a beautiful star of love and light in Cosmos, but like a child in the family, should never, and shall never, have the responsibility for being the Law within which she exists.

Thus, I do not incarnate, but whisper into the ears of the listening souls, and endow with grace the bodies, inner and outer, of those who, with dedication, have begged to be of the new world, and have chosen to face all that involves: to be the outcast, the hated, the revered, the misunderstood – yet always the visionary.

Always does the Law come with the vision for the new world, for it is built into the substance of your being. You shall never find home on this planet, for it shall not be of the new Law, until you are no longer a lawmaker of earthly presence. And then if you choose not to be of the lawmakers for the next future, and so it goes. So, you live in the world of the future, with the eyes of the past, yet the vision of the new.

All spiritual teachers who walk in truth and vision have this. All great leaders and quiet healers who hold this knowing, not all consciously, are of the new world, and become part of the new brother-sisterhood of light for the New Age. For the Law is only given when a change of evolutionary intent is upon our Solar System and our Earth. That is now. And this has been unfolding for 100+ years. The great impulses of the 20th century, the great wars – all an expression of, and reaction to, the impress of this great new vision, the evolution to come.

Such love exists in this Law! Yet it must incarnate through layers of hate – hate not of light, but of change. That is the single-most driver of all resistance. For the body and emotions, built of Earth, are of form, and form fears death, and change feels like death to the form.

Mind – ah, the mind – if only it should hold the light we hoped for! But it shall not, unfortunately, before it is disentangled from the darkened mind – that which is glued to the emotional substance built through eons of life on Earth, where fear and control have swayed light.

The darkened mind looks down and back, finding false light in what is familiar, at the beck and call of emotions, where fear and control rule.

Thus, the Great Change. For I, the Lawmaker, shatter that which holds no light.

Choose, humanity!

You who are of hope, bring your hope into the milieu of Earth. Bring your love. Change the substance of consciousness with every prayer, right action, and positive, caring choice you make. Thus you deny the peace-destroyers and the past-seekers the substance on which they thrive.

Say it! Do it! Be it! And the matter of Earth loosens, and lightens, with every heart that so wishes and does.

That is the Great Change. For although I inspire few in vision, I reach into every heart that is yearning; who know not yet what is to come, but who want the new. Who cannot see the new world, but do not want the old.

Then, my visionaries – you must come to Earth in whatever form you can access, and feed the hungry and needy and with the words and visions that give windows out of this dark house that many seek to be free of.

Thus I call, to the many who are the lawmakers for the future, and endow the millions who seek yet without the vision – for thus shall the change be upon us all, and beautiful Earth rise in loving light into the New Age, with her garments of nature, her creatures of beauty and her peoples of heart, radiant in the new Law.

The new world begins.

But this shall be a new world unlike any other, for to incarnate the Laws of the Heart, to become a planet and life-force of heart – no turning back is then possible.

So, we fight for the future, and grace descends. We fight for justice in the new Law, and vision unfolds.

Keep hearts open, minds at peace, and let past be past, so that the seeds I sow of the new life shall germinate and grow.

Be that. New life. And the Lawmakers of old shall bless you with love, and the Lawmakers of the new shall welcome you with open arms.

I am the Lawmaker.

I speak thus to incarnate my words into the flesh and bones of my beloved Earth, into the flowing blood of her heartbeat, and then I have done mine.

Now, do yours, dear people of Earth.

Do yours.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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