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The Law and the Path of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

I am the Law
the Law that loves
that crucifies
that reveals truth
that hides secrets
that awakens consciousness
that illuminates the Path.

I am that Law for I am of Earth and Cosmos, and that bridge is the Law that binds both to a co-evolutionary journey:  as one evolves so must the other, and vice versa.

I come from Earth in my conscious growth, yet I am of Cosmos in my Solar beingness, for I heard the call of Sun to be of this Cosmic unfolding, this universe of life within Cosmos, this Solar deity we call Sun and planets.

I heard Sun’s call, for Mother-Father Sun awakened in the loving embrace of Cosmos and sought greater manifestation of that which is love – which is consciousness.

So began the great descent, of those who responded, to take up this merging journey bridging Cosmos and matter, light and substance, intention and physicality.

Ah, what a journey! But such wonders achieved! So many awaken, because Earth awakens; and consciousness can never be un-developed. Hidden sometimes, but the construct and presence of consciousness remain in the silence of the permanent atom, no matter upon what path you journey, and you shall always hold something of that within.

So, I come, I am the Law, and the Law is that which enables, empowers, demands evolution. The evolution of conscious bridges, so that which resides in the finest levels of vibration may be felt and known in that which is nearly the densest. (Earth is not the densest habitat in our universe, there are others.)

So I come, for I am the Law that embodies your path, for you cannot walk just any path to evolve – you must walk the path of the Law; else how shall you know, discern, be able to become one with that infusing, enfolding, loving intention that is evolution? That grace that draws you into spaces unknown yet familiar, that pushes you onto steps terrifying yet wondrous, that holds you mid-flight as you launch your consciousness into realms unfathomable?

I am that Law that is, that holds and embraces, that guides and teaches, and that refreshes your memory and refines your perception.

Yet I stand on a million, million pathways – one for every life form evolving on this wondrous planet to be.

For although there is but one living infusion of the Law, I am embodied in every soul who chooses, and every teacher who chooses, and I become that path, when choices of light are made.

Choices of darkness are also defined by my Law, for that is how the rebalancing of karma is evaluated and dispensed.

So, when you choose, look for the Law. Look for the light. Look for the heart. Look for the truth. Look for the vibration that lifts and awakens your consciousness to what lies beyond, not that which lies behind.

Evolution is ever a tussle of past versus future, lived in the calamity of the now. I say calamity for so it looks, in many an evolving being. The past must be learned from, absorbed, transformed, and then left behind – full of the radiant light that binds you in consciousness to all that you have ever been and done, eventually to shine as a pathway for others to see in the gloomy stages of their own journey, before illumination has reached the substance of their mind, feelings and body.

So, I come, now to awaken greater alignment in those who seek, greater awareness in those who yearn, greater demands in those who create positive change, and greater foresight in those visionaries who hold the light.

So, I come, the Law – the definition of evolution of a Cosmic-Solar being, expressed on this beautiful, little, holy Earth-to-be.

Take your steps, in my Law, as my beingness enfolds you, and my loving heart reaches your heart with the love of Cosmos.

I am the Law that loves, that guides, that illumines, and I come for you. I am here for you – evolving beings of Earth, and beautiful Earth herself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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