The Lawmaker and Your Path

[written in conscious attunement]

I come in utmost love, for is not love that which draws the soul along the path? That which enfolds the human self in comfort, gives vision, and uplifts the consciousness to join upon that soul path?

What is that path?

It is the path of conscious growth. The path of becoming conscious of self, then growing self to hold greater life force, and bring greater goodness to all in your footsteps.

For all who take this path follow those who have travelled before, blessed by those who have learned, and who have shared, the love and grace through which they themselves have been uplifted and nourished in this blessed journey of awakening.

So, now, I call to those who walk in my footsteps, for the giver of the Law defines the path. The Law explains the journey. The Law is the anchor point from which all consciousness can grow. For consciousness is that magical blend of awareness and substance, held within life force.

As awareness grows, more substance of your being is felt, is seen and can then become known. But only when the Law creates the shape, the realisations, the discernment with which to build awareness.

Is that input you are perceiving something good or not; is it alive with promise, or heavy with past? Is it stimulating growth of that which is light, or is it stirring that which builds its own copy of the light, yet is not light itself?  All these ponderings are shaped by the Law.

If you open to the Law, you have the tools to enable you to discern. You have the nuances in your awareness to perceive the sometimes almost imperceptible, subtle differences that enable you to differentiate and choose that which evolves consciousness, from that which traps consciousness in the glamours and illusions of mind attached to fixed thoughts, and feelings attached to fixed emotional patterns.

So, I come now to shatter the fog of deception that greys everything if it can. I come to pierce the puffed-up illusions of what is truthful and meaningful in life – true life, the life that evolves, the life that enables the striving for love and light to birth in conscious choice.

I come to irradiate the healing heart that my beloved Maitreya holds out to every soul upon this path. For He is an incarnate of the Law – through love. He cannot bring you love lest it is of the Law, in balance with Cosmos and your very own soul, in harmony with Solar wishes and intent, and earthly choice.  All of that is defined by my embodiment of the Law!

That is why I must be the Mother of Maitreya in 500 years, for His incarnation as Buddha is the blessing of the new Law and I am that, I hold that. And I must incarnate that in order for His birth to align with the great plan.

It shall be as much effort to incarnate and hold that Law, as the Lawmaker for that moment embodied within earthly substance, as it shall be for my beloved Maitreya, to incarnate and bring with Him His Buddhahood.

My beloved Maitreya shall come through me for the Law decrees it – the Law that is Cosmic and Solar, earthly and personal – the full alignment.

Now, now I call to my fellow lawmakers – those who can align with me to become truth-sayers and love-bearers for the New Age, for in so doing they incarnate my laws, and change the substance of consciousness upon and within Earth for all to feel, eventually.

I call my law-makers. I call you to find me in your heart, for now the choice is stark. Lies and pretence, or challenge yet beauty? Past and familiar, or future with light? Awakened and cooperative, or closed and self-focussed?

I call you, awaken! Lift your conscious self into my embrace, and I give you those tools that give you meaning in the fog, clarity amongst the lies and deceptions, love amidst the chaos, purpose upon the path through darkened times.

I give you this, if you seek, for I am the Law, and the Law is the path, the Law is the journey, the Law is the utmost beauty to sustain life – your life.

Choose me in your awakening journey, and journey together we shall. For I embrace all who so determine their path ahead.

I embrace all.

See me, hear me, call for me, and my Law, which is utmost love, shall embrace you.

I am here.
I am the Law.

I love unreservedly you who choose this path, for I am unhindered in the grace I can bestow, for evolution defines this beauty, and awakening consciousness stirs this endless flow to begin, and cascade through and around you to fill you with the gentlest, purest, most meaningful living loving light there is. For it is everything you are on the path to becoming, and so it is everything you could ever seek.

Here it is, for you, in dispensation for the Law gives that, and I am that Law, and I hold you dear, you who seek without agenda, and who serve without expectation.

Then the shackles of the past dissolve, and you become a vehicle, a vessel, into which utmost love may descend.

This I bring.
This I give.
This I am, the Lawgiver for the Heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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