Through Heart to the Ocean of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

How shall the heart express, but through the nuance and nudge of inner wisdom? Your heart is your place of wisdom. Mind cannot be wise, for mind knows. But knowing isn’t enough to walk a path of heart. It isn’t enough to enable discernment of that which is of value to your soul journey or to Earth’s soul journey, of which you are a part.

There is much to know, but the knowing won’t take you to soul, for soul is not the knower. It is the wisdom. The essence of what is known, filtered and distilled to its finest, coherent vibration, and the essence of what you feel, in the same way. This is how soul becomes radiant in colour. For each distillation holds promise, quality and potential, and that qualifies the vibrations so that they radiate in all the hues of wisdom gained.

This, then, is what you can find in your heart, for heart resonates with soul. It is the other end, within your being, of the life-giving cord of light from your soul, and as soul hums in its qualities of love and grace, so too shall your heart resonate.

But, do you heart it? That is why stillness is so valuable. An active stillness, where your consciousness opens, rather than contains; where your journey and wisdom is sought, not just the emptiness of no-thought. There is much differential here, which is why we emphasise the nuances of the heart. For in seeking the still-point which is your heart, you avoid the mind-traps of thought-stops, and open to the flowing presence of your heart place.

You can be still in flow, because the flow is timeless so it does not take your consciousness forward or back in time, which is the great trap of mind and emotions, and a great distraction from the heart-stillness, which is in the ultimate flow of now.

Mind cannot comprehend now, for it is a planning, organising, reviewing, evaluating tool of consciousness. Therefore it is always looking to the future, reviewing the past; and feelings either stimulate, or are stimulated, accordingly.

Those who deeply find the stillness through mind are going to the higher mind, which relates to and is of heart presence.

But now, you can go straight to heart, and be in the illuminating, wisdom-fulfilling flow of now. The now of soul and Earth is a moment of joyous touch. For as you touch your heart, then so too are you making contact with that heart-ocean created by every open and opening heart in the world; by the Earth herself; and all the angels and enlightened beings of the inner worlds thus focussed.

And every conscious touch of that ocean sets off a frisson of ripples, sparkling, shining, in the cosmic darkness of Mother Cosmos. And that is consciousness awakening, on a global scale. That is how we reach the greater consciousness needed by all, with only the relative few conscious hearts. For every conscious contact enriches the ocean many-fold, and the brilliance becomes all the greater, and the colours and hues all the deeper. Then the newly seeking consciousness is more easily attracted, and when it does reach into that ocean, is more deeply nourished than it could otherwise be by its own effort alone.

Thus, the ocean of the heart’s song, rippling with the intensity of the now, is there to nourish all with much love. The love held in truth, purpose, meaning, and the purest, deepest heart’s embrace. The love that is pure consciousness of heart, ready to infuse every thought and action, enliven every emotion and choice, as soon as you reach out and seek.

I am that Ocean of Love, I am Mother Earth, infused with the consciousness of the great ones who hold evolution in intent, brightened by the seeking ones whose striving brings radiances of brilliance; nourished by the Solar ones whose touch aligns with Cosmic and Solar hearts into mind.

I am that ocean of infinite colour, expression and promise, and I am there when you seek me, when you seek you, in your heart. For here, we are one. Here, my little ones are born in my heart, and my great ones radiate in heart.

The great ocean that is life force, that is stillness, yet has the force of waves and currents to stimulate awakening. That is pure, without colour, yet has every colour and hue rippling through the waters of consciousness. That I am.

So, to be heart, open to my ocean. I call my hearts through my love. Find me and seek you; all are one in the great now of heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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