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Mother of Earth: Ocean of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

Embrace with love, I embrace with you.

Flow with love, I flow with you.

I am the love in the ethers, the livingness in the oceans, the vitality in the forests and plains.

I, I am Earth. The love that binds your souls to this path, path of earthly discovery. For it is not a natural place to be as a soul, to be in matter. Soul is light, and like all substance, it seeks its own vibrations in which to be.

I, I call the souls that have chosen, I call and hold you here with love.

Love, like an ocean in which you exist. Like nature in which you walk. Like air through which you breathe, and breathe life into your earthly physical body.

I am Earth, Mother of Nature is my garment, and that is how many of you know me. I am also Mother of Oceans, the waters that connect and create all life, that circulate and flow through air and land, the milieu of existence, that enables you, souls, to become bodies of consciousness upon and within my being.

Water is what binds all my life expressions together; it is the one vehicle that when energised, shall energise all; the one vehicle that can nourish all with spirit, my spirit. For now I am awake, consciousness flows in my watery beingness, and I awaken its light for you!

Be not afraid of my ocean, my ocean of love, my love that holds you. Do not fear or struggle against the magnifying flow, it is the light. It may take you places you could not imagine, but align with my love, and you will be one with your soul.

For my watery consciousness is the milieu within which souls are born. The water of cosmos, flowing, sparkling, pervading – yet with the most unique quality of all cosmic matters, it seeks the place of greater density. Not air – that element seeks to rise and be free. But my oceans of love, cosmic waters of soul birth, my waters draw all to my physical world, there to explore and become, to share and rejoice – for soul in matter is pure joy!

The joy of utter beingness. The fullness of life’s expression.

I am that, and I awaken. I awaken my souls, the chosen ones, and the ones who have chosen. For I am a journey through an ocean of time, and you who choose come with me. For you see, feel, and seek the perfection of love we are and can be, when my ocean of love is alive throughout my beautiful planetary self.

If you choose this loving journey, welcome, dear souls, for now I awaken, and sound my call through my waters, like the whales singing through my oceans, and I call you with my song – song of life and love, here on Earth, song of existence, and journeys untold and yet to be had, and of those walked and taken.

When you awaken with me your soul sparkles, like a point of light that sparkles when the great sun shines upon my ocean. Our ocean of love.

I am awakening, I call you, souls of my ocean, for the sweep of waters is not far, the tide of change that shall bring love, the flow of life that shall renew.

Let us wash together this home of our beings, of the past.

Love flows, the ocean of my being. Love is the absorber and reflector of the sunlight that awakens.

Rise, dear souls, for I call like the whale-song giving life. I am singing to you, dear souls, I am singing and calling, for I am awoken and full of joy, and now my oceans are singing joy.

My consciousness and Kumara awaken as one, and we call together as one, melding spirit and matter – the path of the heart.

Our journey awakens, the new light is upon the horizon, the rose and golden hues fill my oceans.

Thus we start.

I am your Mother, caller of souls, holder of dharmas, nourisher of heart. I am love, the ocean in which you live. I am Mother, of Earth, of heaven, for as Kumara and Earth I hold matter and the heavenly worlds, so that you can be here too. You can choose, and the pathway to other worlds is so very open now. Immerse in my ocean and join in love here, or journey beyond.

Kumara and I hold the lighted pathway for all choices now, for heart and intention are as one, and my ocean enfolds all, imbued with cosmic intent from my soul sister Kumara, who has come to ignite with me the flame of heart. As souls ignite in this light, we have so much light, points of joyful colour radiating in my ocean; then the jewel of cosmos we become!

You are my shining light, souls of humanity, to both radiate so we shine in cosmos, and bring that light to nourish all in my matter of light.

My ocean awakens and I call, I sing to you and I call, I sparkle in the waters with love so you can feel me and find me in your conscious choice.

Feel my love, I am awakened!

Indigenous People Know My Ocean

Indigenous people know my ocean, they are within and express that loving presence and flow of my being, in their care for my nature and each other.

Their ways hold insight for the over-analytical westernised mind that cannot see my oceans and forests, for their obsession with small things and need to know.

The mind cannot know what it cannot perceive. To become wise and heart-full, you need to open your consciousness to perceive, for your mind can never take you there, to see and feel my ocean of love, to be and become my souls of joyful love and light.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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