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Reaching Heart in Your Daily Journey

[written in conscious attunement]

In the striving to walk a path of heart, of awakening consciousness, of striving for goodness in every step, it can at times seem unattainable, impractical, in the swirl of daily challenges and personal disruptions. It is so easy for judgements to arise – of self, of others, of the world at large. What gives balance in this striving is to know the journey, not to fixate on the destination.

Truthfully we do not and cannot, know the destination. For as we walk the path, as our awareness and consciousness increase, we see with different eyes, and perceive with different faculties. Yet we will not undertake a journey without some sense of where we are going, or else our steps on the path may just take us wandering every which way. A challenge with this is that we may then hold up some gloriously attributed being of loving light and compassion as the being we want to be. Instead, we need to focus on finding and bringing more of our heart’s wisdom into our day, because when we do that, we can both live in the present in all its challenges, yet also know the direction and goal of our striving. This allows evolutionary flexibility, without the constraints of an overly constructed goal.

Heart holds this wisdom because it is the junction of soul and human, and gives life. Life is always of this moment, never past, nor future. We are alive in this moment, and what we choose to do ripples out from this moment. So, make this moment one where you seek heart, when you can. The more you do this, the more you infuse your personal consciousness with that living light that is of your heart – and inevitably you will change to become a being of more heart.

It is not much different to taking a path of intellectual learning, or of physical training:  you never start at the point where you should know all of that learning, or have the physical capacity already developed.

Awakening heart is the same. All spiritual journeys are the same. What they all have in common, whether intellectual, spiritual or physical, is 1) you are aware of what is offered and the attainment that can be achieved; 2) the starting point is within your reach physically, conceptually, intellectually (or as often in our world, financially); and 3) you want to do it.

In the physical world, these are easy to quantify, assess and make decisions about. On the spiritual path, how easy is it to think we do not have what it takes, or to feel we are unworthy, or find reasons to distance ourselves from the starting point or to dilute our desire to take the journey?

These challenges are more easily created when the sense of the path, and of the attainment at the end of the journey, are held only in our mind and/or emotions. Mind is very practiced at creating things that are not us, in its processing and dissecting of life’s problems; that is its forte, to objectify and create distance. Our emotional self loves to engage with a goal that creates good feelings, but is not much good at taking a nuanced journey. Emotions are instant, in that they are rarely sustained. Even if you have emotional reactions that are familiar to you, that is not because the actual emotion is still in flow around your being, but because you have formed a pattern in your emotional self that is easily reactivated, to generate the same emotional response. This works for both positive and negative emotional reactions. We remember old angers and dislike, just as much as we remember our love and care in certain situations and for certain people.

The un-patterning of these emotional patterns and mental constructs is part of the journey. However, at the same time, it is challenging to take a spiritual path when these personal forces have a strong guiding hand in our motivation and daily choices. They are rigid, or transitory, requiring us to either be constantly thinking about our path and deciding if we stay on it or not, and/or to constantly engage emotionally with it to enable us to stay on the journey. Neither of these are humanly possible in the flux and flow of everyday life.

Rigidity is the worst challenge to the path of heart at this time. As said so often, and can so easily be witnessed in our world, consciousness, awareness and reality are evolving very quickly now. In past millennia, having a mentally-focussed and emotionally-formed spiritual goal that you structured into your being could work for a whole lifetime. A goal, for example, to learn and serve in a church, temple or monastery, where what you could become, and the steps on the path to get there, remained largely unchanged over time. In its simplest expression, this is not untrue today, if you look only at the goal and the hope of its attainment. However, problems arise because of the layers of human intervention that have built increased complexity and rigidity into the pathway, and have narrowed what can be reached at the end of that pathway.

As described before, the human mind and emotions love to build and strengthen the familiar. Then you have to deal with all the human personality challenges of power, corruption, bias (eg, to women, race, sexuality), which build other constraints, rules and requirements. Over the millennia or centuries that most religions or spiritual practices have been present in human consciousness, this has turned the simple spiritual gift and pathway into many different offerings. Some still hold the original intent, and some people can still find that original love, simplicity and truth on their journey. But on other pathways, the rigidity is too unaligned with our world today.

when you choose a path of heart … the loving light you tap into will help you in this moment, this experience, this choice

This is ever the challenge of a spiritual impulse, for it inevitably becomes enmeshed in the less malleable world of human thought and emotion in order to be tangible and reachable for humanity. Yet that in itself builds forms that are no longer able to adjust to the changing spiritual imperative.

Here is where the gift of heart arises:  it is that place of melding of soul and human self, it is the source of living stimulus, and as such, it is expressing the living stimulus that is needed for now, this moment. So, when you choose a path of heart, you can be assured that the loving light you can tap into will help you in this moment, this experience, this choice.

The challenge is letting go of your need to know what the next moment, experience or choice will bring. This is not simply a detachment, because you cannot walk this path in detachment because it is a path that needs all of you. The path of heart is the path of walking in living light, the living pulse of your soul’s light expressing through your living being. You cannot detach into a mind-space where emotional attachment is distanced, dismissed, or repressed. You need your emotional self to flow with this life force. Similarly, you need your mind-self involved, because life needs decisions and choices to be informed, and your mind is your go-to for this.

The challenges on every spiritual path are to be able to engage with the goal, to find the starting point, and to want to take the journey. When seeking a path of heart, the best way to meet these is to realise that:

1) The goal of heart is to be a living light that will infuse you with the fullness of love, purpose and hope, in every moment. It is a living experience, not a destination of knowledge, stillness, certainty or oneness, but a living expression that is also what is unfolding within Earth herself.

2) The starting point is not outside you, in other people’s hands, in others’ doctrines or teachings, although their stimulus can help and must not be shunned. But ultimately, you can start at any time, because the awakening is in your heart and reachable by all who seek.

3) The desire to take this path is, of course, your own choice. But recognise that this is the path of conscious unfolding upon which Earth is evolving, and so all beings in her embrace must sooner or later open to this journey of heart. As the infusion of living light increases through her evolution, it becomes easier and easier for all to choose and engage with this path of discovery, illumination and love.

It is not a remote shining light, but the one radiating in your own heart that is the destination of your journey

So, it is not a distant attainment, but a living experience in your day that brings you step by step further into the living light of the heart. It is not a remote shining light, but the one radiating in your own heart, that is the destination of your journey, and that is something you can turn to at any moment, in any moment of stillness and desire to be there.

Open to your heart, you may be surprised at how nourishing that can be.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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