The Fabric of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

We are all on a journey of awakening consciousness. Awakening, because the potential for consciousness exists in the very substance and fabric of life itself; because in the bigger picture, all life has been created by conscious intent, and is thus imbued with that intent, and holds that potential realisation.

In the scheme of conscious awakening that we are in, this great conscious impulse that created Earth, us and all life here, as well as our solar system and other near and far cosmic entities, has come from Sirius. Sirius is the holder of the conscious evolution of heart from previous interstellar incarnations. From Sirius, streams of conscious intent have flowed via angelic and other Cosmic beings to stimulate and, in some cases, embody that intent in deeper and deeper matter.

In the first instance Earth’s embodiment was stimulated as part of the Solar being we live within. A stream of Cosmic consciousness from Sirius embodied within our Sun, manifest as great Cosmic angels. From there, the plan was expressed via magnetism, gravity (an expression of Cosmic love) and directed intent. However, her conscious journey could not start until later. Enough consciousness needed to be developed within the Solar being, so that intent had enough presence and capacity to infuse, and then become, an embodiment within Earth herself.

It is a little like a human baby being created. The choice to create draws the spark of intention into realisation, around which matter assembles, draw in to form this new body by the magnetism of that spark of intention. Self-consciousness does not awaken for some time, rather the new being is buoyed and held by the conscious intentions of the creators, the parents. This is, of course, an in-principle statement, as the variation in intent and conscious embrace is as extensive as the number of families upon Earth; because karma, the teacher, is also in play to guide the journey for each individual. However, in principle, it is the parents who hold the intent that enables the child to develop, until such time as the child can embody sufficient of their own intent to begin their personal journey of self-consciousness.

Thus it is for our planet. She was brought into creation by Cosmic and Solar intent, then after being held in that intent long enough, could draw in her own part of that conscious intent, and become her own embodied spark. She then began her journey as a conscious entity. The Cosmic and Solar intent that drew her into being, crystallised on the different levels of materialisation, giving her soul, spirit and body within which to develop and individuate, while at the same time, embody that initial causative intent that created her.

That is why deep inside, you can hear the call of evolution

Thus everything in our world, including us, has been developed and magnetised by the initial intent that drew Earth and all of us into being. That is why deep inside, you can hear the call of evolution, which on our journey, at this time, is the call of the heart.

Sirius is the great Cosmic heart, and what is created by her Cosmic intent is imbued by the lineage of heart vibrations that expresses all the way from Sirius into the densest matter of us and our Earth. Through this stepped-down vibration, we can never un-hear the call of the heart when it sounds within us, because it is what we are made of. Choice, of course, enables a myriad of ways to explore and express both that call, and what it means in our expression as a living being upon Earth. A long and nuanced journey thus unfolds over millennia, as we seek more and more co-resonance with that vibration within.

This is the call of evolution, in its earliest expression; then it becomes infused with greater personal choice, and greater potential. Eventually, a bridge is built from higher to lower, from lower to higher, so that the heart’s intent can resonate from the finest vibrational intent down into our physical expression.

To reiterate:  this bridge starts out as a creation held by the intent of other beings, and evolution draws us upon the journey of discovery and refinement until we can build that bridge through our own consciousness:  through the refinement of our awareness, so we can hear the higher call and intent and let it resonate all the way through our being into our physical life.

The evolutionary embrace within which we are held – that embrace from Sirius and Sun, from Earth herself and all the beings embodying Cosmic and Solar intention within her sphere, her ring-pass-not – that embrace is the call:  first of the evolutionary pull, then of consciousness.

Consciousness is what enables Cosmic intent to manifest upon Earth. Consciousness is what enables that intent to express as peaceful, loving, evolving life, radiant in heart.

Because our Earth, our Solar System, the Cosmos we know, have been created by the great embodiment of Cosmic Heart Sirius, then everything within that greater ring-pass-not of Cosmos is imbued with this vibrational truth.

It is a path that cannot be avoided, because it simply is the path of evolution and of consciousness. Choice and resistance can speed up or delay progress on the journey, but the substance and destination are pre-defined in our world, and cannot be changed.

Thus our journey is one of awakening to what is true within. This truth is of the same resonance for all life and for Earth herself. So that is one of the first evaluations to bring into your consciousness:  is the truth you perceive one that also resonates in the Earth, and for all life? This is not truth in the sense of a mentally-evaluated fact, but the irrefutable sense of what is true and right in the vibrational alignment of heart. If we seek this truth, then conscience will intervene and stop self-centred greed, destructive power and senseless destruction of the Earth from continuing to manifest.

These are choices we can make wisely as our consciousness grows. For those young on the journey, then those of conscious intent, need to be even more active, so the milieu of our world is more easily infused with this vibration of truth and conscience, and can be supportive for our younger siblings on the journey.

Consciousness bridges the past to the future, for it is the continuum of vibration that embodies intent, in which all is known and created. Consciousness links cause and effect, where not only the past may cause the future, but where intention influences and guides, enabling choice and the escalation of spiritual development.

Consciousness is also love in action – for in our world, our Cosmos, love is what draws and binds matter and substance together with intent, to form a vibrational co-resonance from the highest to the lowest in all life forms.

This is the fabric of our universe, of our planet, of all life, of us, and thus we can hear the call and take our conscious steps to awaken heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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