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The Alignment of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

In the heart of one we call a Greater Heart, lies the seed atom created by the spark of Cosmic intent they have embodied, and that holds all the intention for conscious evolution that is theirs to guide in this sphere.

Conscious evolution is guided by vibrational resonance, for consciousness is not in and of itself inherent in matter. It is created by the co-resonance of the guiding light, where the bigger picture of life’s journey is seen, with the inner substance and physical matter of the life form itself.

Conscious evolution upon Earth has been established for many millions of years, through Earth’s choice. When she made her choice, the Kumaras came to hold that resonance of Cosmic intent that aligned with the Earth’s call. As evolution proceeded, and the resonance of Earth’s choice with Cosmic intent deepened into her being, it qualified into more and more unique yet harmonious expressions, just as the light of the Sun expresses in all the colours of the rainbow here in our physical world. One source of light, yet full of many different vibrations.

As the expression of conscious evolution deepened through Earth’s body, the Greater Hearts were called to hold, energise and guide each of these different vibrational notes.

Angels were also called, to embody and guide these vibrational qualities through nature and all her living forms.

For human evolution, it is the relationship with the Greater Hearts that is paramount, for we are on the vibrational continuum that extends from Cosmic Heart through to the Earth’s Kumara, to the Greater Hearts, and to the body and physical heart of Earth herself. We are the vehicles-to-be of conscious expression that will enable Cosmic Heart flow to bring the consciousness of life into living harmony in our physical world.

This is why every soul is born into the vibrational embrace of one of the Greater Hearts, and will energise its human self to discover, learn and resonate with that vibrational embrace. At its simplest and highest level, this is your purpose for existence. Then, of course, come the many millennia of lives through which your soul comes to understand how to resonate consciously with the vibration of the Greater Heart (in contrast to simply being infused with that vibration, as happens in the early journey), and learns, with your human self, how to infuse that vibration down into the physical worlds and create consciousness at the human level.

In truth, you do not ever become fully conscious, because as you develop the ability to harmonise and resonate with more and more of your soul’s consciousness, you realise the subtlety of vibrational resonance goes deeper and deeper through the Greater Hearts and eventually to the Cosmic Heart, from where the intent for Earth’s conscious evolution arises.

Consciousness is not a state of being to attain, it is a vibrational harmony that can be perceived, and thus acted upon in any circumstance.

Consciousness is not a state of being to attain, it is a vibrational harmony that can be perceived, and thus acted upon in any circumstance.

Neither is consciousness your pathway out of human life, into some sanctuary of light in the inner worlds. Nor is it the purview of a spiritual path alone, for as explored many times, Earth is not evolving on one trajectory of spiritual perception alone. She is evolving as a planet of heart, and heart nourishes every expression of life – and every expression of life is needed to enable livingness to exist.

Thus, we have Greater Hearts holding the nourishing resonance that enables consciousness to develop in every sphere, and enables the fullness of life to express. All are themselves nourished by the single intent arising from the co-resonance of Cosmic Heart’s love, and Earth’s choice to evolve this way. Yet each holds an individual keynote, to give home to that unique impulse created as it differentiates into the human and earthly worlds.

Within the vibrational intent of each Greater Heart, there is also further differentiation into what we can call qualities or attributes. These are what are more closely aligned with the vibrational purpose held in our own souls and hearts.

These qualities are not about human life, they are about a conscious life. Thus, we have, for example, the vibrational quality of knowledge. In the early human journey, it may manifest as knowledge for knowledge’s sake, or for power, or for the many other reasons humans seek knowledge. But eventually it becomes co-resonant with the guiding impulse from your soul in your heart, and it becomes a vehicle of knowing and aligning with the knowledge of your purpose and responsibility to contribute to positive change here on Earth.

Another example is the quality of devotion. It may manifest as a narrow-minded, blinkered, one-pointed dedication to an individual, a teaching, a cause, a belief, not always with positive outcomes; just as is the case with those obsessed with knowledge in the early stages of conscious development. But as soul and human evolve and learn to refine and resonate with the conscious quality of devotion(not the human attachment to its stimulus), then you become infused with the graciousness and one-pointed love that enables higher consciousness to be celebrated and drawn down into the human and earthly worlds – again, as ever, to empower positive and conscious change.

There are many such examples.

In your heart is the key vibrational resonance that is yours to align with, and that can guide you in all you do, because it is your part of the conscious evolution of Earth that you hold.

So, when you tap into that beautiful resonance, learn how to utilise that vibration to energise your actions, to help you discern your choices, and enable you to become a being of greater consciousness.

In every what-may-seem small choice and action you take, if you seek to bring consciousness to it, you bring the resonance of your heart into the world, and through that, the love of the Greater Hearts, of the Kumara, of Cosmos, and of Earth herself will be present.

This is how we change the world:  when we each do ours to be conscious.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

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