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Hear the Earth’s Heartbeat

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Cosmic-Solar alignment that comes as a necessity for Solar heart-flow (for the flow must always come from the higher source), the awakening comes for Earth heart to flow. For heart flow is limited when it is within one being alone, be that Cosmic, Solar, Earthly or human.

Solar heart has been pulsing long in history, bringing about the gentle ocean of rippling love within which all planets in Her purvey are nourished. For heart nourishes, does it not? Heart brings the nourishment on all levels – spiritually, physically, planetarily and cosmically.

But now, Solar heartbeat strengthens, for here in little Earth do we have a heartbeat in response! Long in coming, but equally long in foretold prophecy in Cosmic circles. For Earth heart was of a quality unmatched in the other planets. For their dharma, karma and choice, were to fulfil different aspects of Solar life, and hold and radiate different hues and nuances of Solar beingness.

But long ago Earth took this unique path to become a planetary being through which so many other beings could be nourished. For, as stated before, the heart, to become fully activated, must flow to those within its embrace aurically, energetically, karmically.

So life on Earth flourishes, for She sends heart pulse after heart pulse of loving intention out into Her ethers, through which all  expressions of life are nourished, be they minerals, plants, animals or humans.

The Solar Hierarchy nourishes the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, for these aggregations of soul and spirit each have a different place in the beingness of Earth and of Sun. These great gatherings in consciousness on the finer levels of existence are formed to be the consciousness that brings the heartbeat into realisation. They are of the heartbeat, but more like the electrical stimulus that creates the heartbeat, than the flow and substance of the heart’s outpouring itself.

The heart beats upon the stimulus of that electrical charge, which is the fire of spirit, whatever level you are on. For Solar Heart, it is Cosmic intent that embodies in the plane of Solar spirit, and charges the stimulus of solar Heart through the aggregate of great Cosmic-Solar beings who reside therein. Upon Earth we have the great beings of enlightenment who reach the Solar consciousness on the level we call spirit, and thus are able to align with Cosmic and Solar intent.

Thus, the flows: intention flows through the electrical vibration of spirit’s fire; nourishment flows through the outpouring of Cosmic, Solar or Earthly love.

Or through human, animal, plant or mineral love; for love exists on every level of existence. In minerals, it exists as the gathering and cohering energy that brings together like with like, to create the foci of such human interest i.e., precious jewels, gold, silver,  and all the many other aggregations of the mineral kingdom, without which our world would be without structure, and dissolve like shifting sands and wellsprings of mud in the ocean of unfolding consciousness. Structure is essential through which to awaken the flowing heart, else there would be no flow, just a non-descript pool of vagueness.

Plants love Earth and each other; their relationships are barely beginning to be understood by humans. And they love the angels, for angels and plants have a special bond; for that is how many angels find and create their expression of beauty and love in this world, when they cannot or have chosen not to incarnate in the human stream. And plants love and rely on angels to be their guiding intention, for angels bring down to ground, literally, the loving intention of the Cosmic and Solar Hearts into the fabric of beauty and livingness within which all life on our planet is nourished at the physical level.

We know animals love, and build great relationships in their lives’ journeys. Much more is to be understood there, so to also build respect. For how we, humanity, treat many animals is without appreciation of the love they hold and share – and that breaks karmic law.

So, love is present, but flow is limited; but this is what changes now. For Solar Heart awakens on another level of Solar consciousness, deeper into the ethers within which our planetary consciousness dwells and awakens.

What can you do when the heartbeat is perceived?

It is like the growing babe in the womb, when the ability to hear develops: the Mother’s heartbeat is heard, and felt, and it draws in the awakening consciousness. For how can you not seek when you hear and feel that rhythm, that pulse, that love?

Little Earth is like a babe in Solar and Cosmic wombs, birthing consciousness. Like a babe, She hears the Cosmic heartbeat through Solar pulse (for Cosmic and Solar hearts are in synchronicity), and cannot be anything but mesmerised by that nourishing beat. With receptivity opened, in flows the substance that creates that heartbeat: Cosmic-Solar blood of light, and consciousness awakens in wonder.

As Earth heart now synchronises more and more in consciousness and substance, then the heartbeat grows louder within Her own being – and humanity and all expressions of life are bathed in that pulsing grace and love, and consciousness awakens.

Every being hears that heartbeat. Now for the response. As the substance of Earth becomes more and more aligned and one with this pulse, so too must humanity, in particular; for the other expressions of life do not resist like the human consciousness can.

Choose heart and open to that great heartbeat of Earth, then you are in that brilliant, flowing, loving grace that is the life blood from Cosmic Heart, Sirius, through Solar brilliance; becoming the most luminous and brilliant flow of living, loving light that humanity has ever perceived.

So, it is all happening and awakening. The very substance of Earth is shaking, awakening, in shudders and fractures, clearing, loosening, the matter of Her being that will not resonate with this pulse of heart.

Humanity – this also means you. You are of Earth, and can choose to be of Her heart, or at least to flow with Her heartbeat; or pretend this is not your reality, and be in the rigid structures that cannot withstand the force of the heart awakening.

Earth’s heart flow is unstoppable now, for Cosmic-Solar-Earth hearts have aligned in sufficient substance and intention for the way to be manifest. The Way of the Heart. Here, for all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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