Deep heart attunement

The Call of the Golden Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

I sing through my golden thread!

Thread of hearts, thread of intentions, yet like the string of a giant instrument, humming and harmonising for its entire length, the vibration between hearts. Between my heart and yours, for I am the Mother of Hearts, She who incarnates the substance of heart through which Maitreya births and becomes Buddha the golden one, humming heart life into the fullness of the substance of Earth herself.

I am the holder of that golden vibration, the golden note of heart, the gentle rhythm of Cosmic love, resonant within the heart-matter of Earth herself.

I am that vibration that sings through the golden thread of your heart’s path, into the core of your being, into the heart of your consciousness, where your light and intention meet.

For no journey of heart can be undertaken without utmost dedication to knowing, being, expressing your heart, for that is the journey. The most individual in its expression, yet the one that creates the greatest orchestra of harmonies ever heard within the inner worlds – the orchestra of heart: the notes and sounds of all souls’ intentions, from the cacophony of ill-informed and selfishly motivated astral notes, to the unavoidably harmonising note of heart.

When the heart note sounds, it is inherently the note of soul, for that is its vibrational medium, and it cannot sound anything but. And every soul holds a note within the Earth’s orchestra of consciousness, else they cannot be here, for here we live as, and within, vibrations. Earth has vibrations that hold intention for the future, karma from the past, wisdom understood, challenges to overcome. You cannot incarnate through these various layers of Earth’s being unless you can be of some of these vibrations, to some degree. Your being is one of resonance as a soul, and your soul note must resonate with Earth or you shall find no home here. So now, as Earth’s vibration changes, so too must yours.

Souls choose, but human consciousness informs that choice. For the times we are in demand the incarnation and development of heart, which is of both soul and human consciousness. You cannot become a heart being without opening to soul, so that vibration can resonate through you. A soul cannot incarnate heart without human consciousness, for that is the vehicle of engagement and resonance with the body of Earth in the worlds of matter, emotion and thought – even if surprisingly little, this can still work.

So I sing through the matter that is golden, created and left by the thousand, thousand initiates and Masters who have become conscious soul beings in the human consciousness – and have left their loving, golden resonance in the ethers and substance of our world, for others to find and be nourished by.

I now gather all these threads and small droplets – threads created by enlightened teachers, droplets by those individuals who have held and become that light. I now gather all this golden substance into my bosom, there to enhance its presence so that more and more human consciousness can be reached. So that more and more seekers shall find that glittering gold that uplifts and gives salve to the challenges of life today. So that more and more of the non-seekers shall see it anyway, and realise there is more to love and heart, and open to their soul and their journey.

Every time you stand on my golden thread, and open your heart to what is and must be of love and grace upon our beautiful Earth and within you, you strengthen the vibration of the golden note of heart: the unmistakable vibration that is love, that is the creator of peace and equanimity; the unforgettable presence that is soul, pure soul, the holder of all joy and hope and clarity for you, for your journey, for Earth.

Never forget you are a being of vibration, and a harmonic point in the language of the radiant, golden heart that is here, present upon and within Earth, that is full of the awesome promise of the future, and the notes that heal and release the past.

Humanity, you have been called. The heart note is sounding deeply in your being.

Listen. Listen! And hear the call that is your own perfect path ahead, married in spirit with the perfection of conscious love incarnate upon and within beautiful Earth.

You are that heart. Be that and sing in and on your lighted way, and all shall become the greatest light – the light of heart, booming in Cosmic heartbeats of unbounded joy throughout our universe.

Every small vibration in harmony adds to this, and you are that.

Resonate, my dear friends, resonate with this call and reawaken your knowing and remembrance of heart; for heart’s love is all there is and must be, in this living, loving world of grace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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