Walk on the Golden Thread

[written in conscious attunement]

I call you to my heart.

Walk on the golden thread that leads through the darkened vales of human memories of the past, and fears of the future; of guilt from the past, and doubts about the future, your future; of patterns built over millennia, and your predictions of the future.

None are real, for the real is of now, and now my golden thread leads you in shining, golden, loving light through all that has been, and all that is feared to be.

The past is your crucible of learning, your lessons and experiences, handled well or badly, but completed all the same. Tick off the lessons and move forward. Tick off the learning that has become wisdom, thus you enter the journey of renewal. For in renewing, you crystallise the learning into light, unconstrained, untainted, by the human memories and judgements of the experience.

This my golden thread creates. For my thread weaves in and out of the flotsam and jetsam of your personal consciousness, full of these memories, fears, doubts – yet also seeking, seeking, seeking the meaning, the wholesomeness, the value of those things in the future that your consciousness holds promise of.

Follow that golden thread, for I am your soul, inspired and energised by the Great Mother of earthly journeys, Tara the White; embodied down into the level of soul consciousness, there to awaken the greatness of the human knowing that transcends all the darkness of human doing and imagining that fills the darkened vales. These are naught but the texture of your journey, they are not your journey. They weave the fabric of your soul life, lived in a human, earthly journey.

In your heart, you find my golden thread. For now no longer is the silver cord the most important alignment in consciousness, where the yearning and seeking is up, ever upwards, into finer and finer vibrations until soul is known, at least in its most basic, simple touch in the heart.

No, now we journey outward, into the world. My golden threads guide heart in the world. They guide you, to become heart, of action, intention and presence, in this world. Soul is no longer the goal of evolution, expressing the love of soul in heart is. Expressing upon Earth – for that is the dharma of the times, to be a conscious co-operator, at least to some degree, with the path of heart unfolding for all of humanity, and for Earth herself.

That path manifests through my heart’s call, singing in love through the golden thread at your feet.

Look to the Earth for your path. For at your feet I shine, the gold of my love through your soul, shining in the darkness of the vale of what encumbers you.

Here, at your feet, the Way of the Heart is found. But you can only see this with the eyes of your heart. For that is where you can see beyond the harshness of life’s challenges, the confusion of past and future, the head-bowing burdens of guilt and sorrow unreleased.

Here I shine, so that you can find your path of service awakened, for all on the Way of the Heart can only step forward in service. As soon as you seek self, you are lost again, for the age of self-discovery as the journey’s destination is over. Now the journey’s destination is to become one with the living, loving heart flow of humanity’s collective soul, the expression of love on Earth, and with the loving, endless embrace of Mother Earth’s heartbeat of living, loving light.

This is the life ahead! This is how you feel alive and find my golden thread to lead you in strength and certainty through the vales of shadows of your own creation.

This is renewal, this is the journey of heart, and the Laws say all of this.

Surrender that mind of yours, to the ever awakening golden flow of soul. Surrender the deepest, darkest feelings into the truth-telling flame of your and mine hearts, merged; where they will be cleared of their shadows leaving only your knowing and realisation of care and compassion for all life and the Earth: a prerequisite for a life of Heart in this world.

Surrender your body to me, your soul and loving spirit – to become a vehicle of loving, gracious light, unafraid of the flowing heart’s grace of these evolving times.

Surrender, and at your feet you shall find my radiant, brilliant, sparkling golden thread, and you shall never be lost in the valley of shadows again.

I walk with you, soul and spirit is my embrace. I hold your head high, loving heart is my strength. I bring brightness to your eyes, for when you see the golden thread, your whole being sings and shines in joyful grace, for you know you have found your journey’s path, of heart, loving heart; of Earth and human self in merged awakening, held in the greatest heart of all, ChristMaitreya, who incarnates as this golden source for all and the Earth herself.

This we work for, this we are. Be of heart and walk the path of the golden thread, and shine.

A sister of heart and love

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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