Your Note of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

When you become light in matter, you glow. Not a physical glow (although that may manifest for higher initiates), but a deep, inner glow of finely vibrating light.

Everything in our universe is vibrating, from very fine to very deep in resonance. A deep vibration will not harmonise with a finer vibration unless there is a harmonic relationship between them.

This is one way of looking at the evolution of consciousness, planets, stars, humans, all living beings.

Updating Planetary Consciousness

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If you resonate on a denser level, a higher vibration passes straight through you unhindered, for there is much space in the landscape of more densely vibrating substance through which the finer vibrating waves may pass, effectively both unhindered, but also un-perceived.

All vibrations of light and matter, and everything in between, carry the full wisdom of the note they sound in their vibration.

Take intuition, as a human example. This is the slight and gentle touch of a higher vibrating note, just registering in the soundscape of your consciousness. Or did it register? You are left wondering, did you hear or perceive that? What was its message? As your awareness ponders this, you become more attentive to that tiny sound, until in time you become more receptive, and can hear it better. This is a journey of refining and harmonising your vibrational constituents, such that there is enough silence, so you can hear it; and harmonious resonance, so that it can create that nudge of vibration within you in the first place. If your daily living creates a cacophony of challenge, emotional surges (desires), mental obtuseness (rigidity of thought), your soundscape has too much going on to be able to hear and resonate with a higher note.

We need to be able to hear these higher notes because they hold the promise of what lies ahead, as the unfoldment of consciousness occurs. They hold the note of love, to help you discern that which enables and empowers you to choose with love, and awaken to love, and become that love. They can hold the wisdom of the Greater Hearts, of Earth herself and of that which discerns the homeward bound journey of the soul, from the matter-bound journey of physical existence. As a human, you have both vibrational pulls at work.

Your task is to become your song, in which both the vibration of your physical nature, and the vibration of your soul, can sound and merge in harmony.

The journey of evolution is not to become the sound of light and soul alone, or else why be here as a human? It is not the evolutionary path to come here to Earth, just to rush off as soon as possible. Here I am talking to the awakening ones, who are in that process of perceiving their dense physical self vibration, as well as that note, that finely vibrating song of their soul.

There are many beings who incarnate here on Earth but do not stay. They have a small journey to take, a gift to both give and receive, and then, without (usually) having become aware of the great Cosmic dance unfolding in consciousness around them, they leave.

You are here to become a finely vibrating hum, a song of soul blended with your physicality

However, if you have an awakening awareness of spirit, if your soul’s love has sounded a note that you cannot un-hear – the note that urges you to seek, to understand, to resolve what at first seems dis-harmonious between your human self in vibration, and that soul note ringing throughout your consciousness – my friend, you are here to become a conscious heart, within Earth.

You are here to become a finely vibrating hum, a song of soul blended with your physicality, shining into the world with your presence, your harmonies at play, your wisdom and love resonating into that which is around you.

This is the journey of consciousness as a vibrating human self, full of love, resonant with soul, allowing the harmony of soul to sing through the song of your physical life. Then you can help others do the same. Then you are helping Earth become a planet of heart.

Heart is the part of our human selves that can resonate with soul. Heart is the part of Earth’s self that can resonate with our physical hearts. In all mixes of sound vibrations, if there is a concerted effort to hold those vibrations within one space, then there is always a point at which the vibrations touch each other, no matter how diverse, and here is the start of awareness.

It is through the heart that this diversity of sounds, of soul, of human self, of Earth, mix. As you become more aware that all these resonances go through your heart, you can begin to sit with them, hear them, and harmonise them by turning down the volume of those vibrations that create discord, or that overwhelm other notes.

This is the journey with any truly spiritual practice, to dampen the sounds of past experiences that hinder awakening, and increase the resonance of those that bring love. You create the song of your being: physical, of light, of love, of Earth, full of the resonating vibrations of everything you have learned as a human, as a soul, and as a consciousness seeking oneness with love.

Then you shine, radiant in the inner, and perhaps physical worlds; harmonising your note with that of Earth and soul, helping the evolutionary resonance of love sound ever more deeply into our beautiful world.

This is your note to become. Start by making enough stillness in your consciousness that you can hear the note resonant in your heart, then you will hear the note trilling from your soul, the deep hum of Earth’s livingness, and the all-embracing note of love’s presence. As your consciousness awakens, these notes harmonise, and you become that harmony of human life, and light and love live in your radiant being.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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