True Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

When you let the sweep of love flow through your being, you awaken heart. If it is emotional love, personality to personality, it awakens astral flows, which can also be harmonious with the vibration of higher loving intent that is from soul. Emotional love can stimulate in you a resonance of that ripple of soul presence, and that is what truly awakens heart.

Updating Planetary Consciousness

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Why emotions alone cannot awaken heart is because of this difference in vibrational resonance. Heart is the place in your being where this most magical, mystical and divine interaction occurs: soul and matter meet and vibrate together.

At first, in the early lives of an evolving human, the vibration of soul is so fine compared to the physically-focussed human expression, that there is no medium through which soul resonance can sound. The young human journeys through many lives, and begins to differentiate the substance of consciousness in their being.

Consciousness is that mix of matter, which is the vehicle through which the vibration and light of higher intention (for example, from soul) can resonate, along with the perception of the intention behind that vibration.

How many times have you had that tiny ripple through your being to warn, or invite certain choices? It is so faint it is too easy to dismiss in the split second in which it arises. Only it never leaves you, and either you dismissed it and realised after making your choice that you needed to listen; or you listened and changed your choice accordingly, then to realise how nourishing that was.

This is how consciousness arises! Not only do you begin to perceive that almost imperceptible vibration in your human self, but you begin to understand the intention behind it, because you witness, and can learn from, the consequences.

This is true consciousness … the awakening of matter and soul in a co-vibrating whole

This is true consciousness, which is the awakening of matter and soul in a co-vibrating whole that can express the love and light of higher intention. This is the consciousness of heart: for that is where this vibration and intention of soul lives within your physical self.

It takes many lives of learning and refinement of self for that soul resonance to begin to nudge your human consciousness, and awaken that true consciousness of heart.

There are many words duplicated in the description and exploration of evolution, and ‘consciousness’ is one. Many attribute consciousness, fairly, to one who is self-aware, and mentally and emotionally harmonious to a sufficient degree that there is obvious synchronicity in vibration between emotional engagement, mental directive, and physical action. This is legitimately a kind of consciousness, because within the contained system of the human self, within the personality of mind, emotions and body, there is higher intent from mind. Or it could be from highly refined, devotional emotions – devotion to any cause, not just a religion – followed by alignment of mind, emotions and the body to enable action that expresses that conscious direction.

This is an example of what we may consider consciousness; however, the human consciousness cannot develop and stay so contained in isolation from the stimulus and intention of soul. This highlights the challenge of understanding true consciousness – for it requires a break in those alliances formed vibrationally within the human self alone.

If you regularly hear the voice of your mind, nudging you with past-learned patterns and experiences, you can see this as conscience – but as it arises from within the human consciousness alone it is only able to give you the perspective of mind, and what has been learned by mind. For example, let us say, you learned that it is wise to stay silent because of uncertainty in your intellectual ability in certain company, and you do not speak out when unethical or damaging decisions are being made by others. This is a legitimate instruction from your mind because that is the breadth and depth of what you know.

However, your soul may nudge you with that little voice that requires you to speak out, to raise a voice of conscience. To listen to that, you have to break that built-up dependency on the directive from your mind.

You can repeat this example on every level, for it is the same with highly-motivated emotional inspirations. Just like with mind, unless the soul intention is stimulating that inspiration, you are only able to work from the learned patterns of the being you are now.

All of this is perfectly fine when dealing with many routine events, experiences and choices in daily, human life. But there comes a time when that is not enough, and for many humans that deep inner choice comes now, in this life.

Do not try to find soul through mind … mind is the vehicle of dissecting and analysing, and soul is a unity

We are in times of significant change in the milieu in which we live and evolve. Earth is evolving: her being holds more light, so we, humanity, must choose to either incorporate that light into our beings, or, simply, go elsewhere and take a slower path of evolution. Do not panic in the misapprehension that this is a once-off choice now. It may be for some, but if you have some inkling of conscience which awakens consciousness to the greater whole and your responsibilities within that, then you have already said ‘yes’ to some degree. Your choices going forward will be about refining that choice in your being, so that you can become an even greater vehicle of the consciousness of your soul, which comes through your heart.

Do not try to find soul through mind. That is a confusing route, for mind is the vehicle of dissecting and analysing, and soul is a unity, yet infinite multiplicity, with which the analytical mind cannot be one. Yet, it can acquiesce to it, when that voice of soul, as conscience, as the voice of intuition, gives the inner rationale with which mind can then align.

Similarly, do not seek the representation of soul consciousness in emotions. Although they can truly be of a fine and higher vibration of beauty and love that can sweep you away, emotional substance is still only able to vibrate, move and flow according to what has been learned from lessons and experiences past, and unavoidably contains conditions and limitations. Unless your emotional self is clear enough to be able to harmonise with the loving light that resonates from soul, be careful of what sweeps you to action or decisions of consequence.

Listen. Listen for the note behind these known vibrations of your human self. Listen for the little voice, the bell of your intuition – and evaluate that in your heart.

In your heart is where you can learn to discern past learned actions and reactions from the actions and guidance of soul; because in your heart is the part of your physical self that has always known soul. This is the place within your being where your life is created, and sustained, until your soul calls you. This is the place in your being that is the source of life force that sustains you. This is the only place in your human self that is constantly imbued with soul, even if only in the tiniest of vibrations, just enough to sustain life, which is what happens in early incarnations.

As your evolution unfolds life after life, you begin to hear more of that note sounding through your human consciousness. The more you allow this to stimulate and awaken you to the possibility of different mental and emotional choices, reactions and responses, the more you awaken in you the true consciousness – that of soul, with all the wisdom it has learned able to resonate within you. This enables you to take steps in life that express that higher wisdom and intent, and thus express the greatest love there is: that of soul, full of wisdom and knowing, full of understanding and light.

This is how you become a true being of consciousness, so greatly needed upon Earth, to enable the Great Change to be enacted through the voice of conscience unhindered by the limitations of mind or emotions.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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