Pray to the Mother for Peace

[written in conscious attunement]

In these times of deep and confronting global challenge, seek the Mother. She is here, in and of the Earth, in and of whatever spirituality you follow, whatever human and social beliefs you hold – because all is built of her, and her compassion is all encompassing.

Whatever way you activate your hope, whether through prayer, invocation, meditation, wishing with your deepest intent, do so! Call upon Mother to heal, to redeem, to clear away those past burdens that lock people, leaders and nations into continually fighting for something that is of the past. The past is gone. You cannot recreate it through war, oppression, divisiveness and all that emerge from these actions and directions.

None can bring back the past, yet none should relinquish their hopes for the future either. But that takes leadership with vision: the vision of true hope, not the vision of personal, political, national, emotional and mental blockades that corral humanity, and thus the Earth, into forced endurance of the glamours of what was in the past.

Of course, the trouble-makers do not wish to see the true future for humanity and Earth. They see only their personal and national edifices, like the castles of bygone eras, and then demand others build and protect them. But they cannot remain!

These edifices are built of dying and dead matter of Earth on the level of our physical, astral and mental realms. Stale and decaying substances of thoughts and feelings for the most part, enabled by the death-wish (for that is what it is) of the leaders of dark vision who hold not one flicker of the flame of hope in their breasts.

Their fake proclamations and cajoling manipulations spin astral substance so that it looks like light, but that is just the reflection of your own hopes and dreams. There is no substance of light in their hearts that reaches their edifices of power, and sooner or later you will find that hollowness. For the closer you strive to get to this light, the more you realise it is not of any substance at all, and it gives no nourishment to you, your path, your hopes, your dreams. Instead, it feeds upon them.

If you do not want this in your life, in this world, then now you must call upon the Mother. Her love can dissolve, or shatter if needed, these false castles of power and domination, hatred and death.

It is time for the revelation:  the revelation of that which makes true life, the heartbeat of creation. Mother holds this heartbeat even as her body is abused, and her children, humanity, run amok. This revelation is already here, in the ethers, in the substance of your heart, for we are all made of this light.

The catastrophes upon Earth today are of human doing, constructed and built of human thought and emotion in this era, and upon the uncleansed remnants of the past. Thus, the change must come from the human heart; yet any action from the human heart invokes and draws into action the Mother from which heart is built, and then the strength magnifies and multiplies in its vibrational reach.

You, who stand afar from the realms of human power and political influence, you can still, and must, wield your power of heart to create this change.

You, who stand afar from the realms of human power and political influence, you can still, and must, wield your power of heart to create this change.

Those in power enmeshed in darkened edifices cannot find their way out, even if they remember that they should do so; so, you need to recreate the vibrational truth of love and heart to shatter the darkness of mind and emotion. Then the revelation of heart can dissolve all the hatred and anger that fuels human evil.

Whatever way you call to the light of higher intent, do it! For then you begin a resonance in your heart that sounds in the ethers around you, and aids others to do the same. Then a tidal wave of loving care can flood the darkened waters of those enmeshed in the past, and all is gone. Dissolved, dispersed, broken up into smaller pieces. Then these pieces of the past can be dealt with by a compassionate humanity; for the greatest number of human beings are compassionate, and can hold and dissipate the small remnants of anger and hatred that remain whenever they arise into the human sphere.

The problem is not how to deal with these residues of the past, for while this is a human responsibility, it is also one we can achieve through the great mass of human heart that is illumined with the loving light of hope. The problem occurs when these heavy vibrations of wrongdoing of the past are captured and amalgamated by those enshrouded too deeply in their own rigidity and hostility to see and embrace what lies ahead on the path of light and love. They amass these darkened feelings from the world, and then use them to build their oppressive, anger-driven regimes. But they are only human, and cannot withstand the force of light.

Since the problem is largely human, affecting humans, then the choice to act must come from humans. Then the light can flow, just as it does personally through your good deeds. Now it must be global.

The wars and oppressions taking place upon this Earth are about human choice.

Pray, attune, invoke from your heart to the Mother of Light you relate to, or to any being of true light. Set up that resonance in your heart and know that this will contribute to the reverberation needed to shatter the realms of darkness that fuel the angry and hateful ones, who cannot see the need to treat people, nations, and Earth herself with truth, love and respect.

Below is a prayer you may like to use, also available to download

Prayer to the Mother for World Peace

Mother of Light, Mother of hearts
Awaken in me, awaken in all that is past
Dissolve the hatred
Build truth based on love
Strengthen visions of light
Dissolve the glamours that are dark

Hear me now, and come to our aid
The Earth and humanity need your care

Mother of Light, Mother of hearts
Awaken in all, the peace that will last

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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