Consciousness and Renewal

[written in conscious attunement]

When you renew, you change your consciousness. You reconfigure the patterns, for all consciousness involves patterns – that is how we, and most life-forms with consciousness, learn.

We build patterns. That is why the forms we live in matter so much: patterns are forms, built in the substance of the level of consciousness they affect.

That form could be a daily practice. As you use it, it becomes strengthened. For example, a daily meditation or yoga practice; it takes effort to create it at first, then it becomes inbuilt. Not only does it become a form within a daily routine, but the inner impacts occur as well. The consciousness adapts around the form created and aligns with what benefits and options it gives.

Consciousness works as an organising principle: it organises the material and intentions of you, as a being of feelings, thought, soul and body.

How much of the substance of your inner and physical being is included in your consciousness is the journey we walk upon Earth. The more of you that you incorporate into your consciousness, the more effective you can be at implementing your soul intention.

For example, if you have reactive patterns that aren’t conscious, they can sabotage soul intention because they don’t align, and most often don’t want to. They can develop a life-force of their own, if built up over time and repeated use, and that life-force can become part of an organised un-conscious. This is how personal will begins – the organisation of like-with-like within the substance of your being. This is a product of the physics of vibration – like resonates with like.

So you end up with a coherence of similar vibrations, which can give great benefit to the young personality (in lives, not years).

These un-conscious patterns can mobilise strength, resilience, courage. They incorporate reactions to experiences into a coherence that serves a need. But they can also cohere patterns of reactivity that may cause harm to self and others – eg, anger, prejudice, fear.

All are natural developments along the journey of human experience. But, as these un-conscious patterns develop strength, after lives of use, they become harder to adjust. Like any pattern: familiarity and repetition make the easiest actions to use.

Thus, the un-conscious can offer many strengths. But when times are changing and the global consciousness is changing, when life circumstances have changed dramatically for many over the last few centuries, and now change even more rapidly, how do we evolve to be able to relate to our new world?  More importantly, to help create a positive future for all.

The old forms built in matter, the patterns of the un-conscious, must be gently incorporated into the conscious. Hard to do when, obviously, you, don’t know the pattern.

Then comes the touch of soul into the yearning heart of the seekers, and that touch of soul illuminates that which has discord with the vibrations of the path we are on and the dharma we have in our world today. That discord is the nudge that stimulates conscious awakening. Pay attention to it and listen deeply!

For non-seekers, the milieu of the times we are in changes the effectiveness of old patterns, and confronts the personality with powerlessness and suffering externally imposed, to stimulate the deeper search for meaning and the awakening of consciousness needed for Earth’s and humanity’s unfoldment into the Age of the Heart.

For most, it is a mix of both the internal and external stimuli. Seekers and non-seekers alike, have many aspects of conscious and un-conscious patterns, and we are all in this change together. The stimulus to change comes however it can.

So, to renewal – this is the journey of consciously reorganising your patterns of being, from un-conscious to conscious, and completely deleting those patterns that have no value going forward.

Patterns in your being hold matter and vibration in a form – so that matter and vibration are not available for other uses.

For example, if you have a pattern of hopelessness because of past failures and imposed powerlessness (which may be part of the stimulus to change, as noted above), then this pattern moulds your reactions to opportunities into the same old form: hopelessness. So your receptors to hope are bound up into that pattern, and subverted into hopelessness and all that it triggers. These can be big patterns, and may hold much of the substance of your being in them.

So if you truly need hope – that blazing light of your soul’s, or guide’s, insight to help you see a better future – and how you can engage with the path to get there – then you need to disaggregate your hopelessness pattern, else you have no substance in your being to hold the vision in your consciousness.

It is all about patterns and the vibrations of like with like, and how to change that.

You need a toolbox of many tools, for no two people are the same, except that we all have patterns in our un-conscious, and we all experience the discontent created by the soul’s nudge, so that we may own our journey and choose to become a conscious co-creator of a better world for all.

Learn what tools work for you, and keep trying, until you find what unlocks the binds you find yourself in, and the freedom of consciousness can enlighten the whole of your being.

Namaste, peacefulness in heart is where to start.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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