Evolving Consciousness in Love

[written in conscious attunement]

In the deep penetrating light of love, everything changes. That is why it is both uplifting, and destroying.

It is uplifting when you are taken into the loving embrace of love as a presence, whether through a partner, family, close friends, or from a higher presence.

It is destroying when it lifts you into a new consciousness, because any shift in consciousness requires the reformation, revitalisation, renewal, reshaping of your consciousness as you have known and understood it. Old patterns become illuminated, or, at the very least, they cast shadows in this greater light of consciousness because their substance is too dense to let the light through.

Consciousness is all about vibration, and how fine your awareness is to perceive it. That is why using your ability to observe, pause, and reflect on the fine details and nuances of what you perceive and what it means to you is invaluable in developing consciousness.

However, that isn’t enough – because the human consciousness has this strong inbuilt form-focussed tendency, being as we are built as beings of form, yet with light and love within.

So as we learn and evolve our consciousness, we necessarily build it into known aspects of our being:  known perceptions so we feel certainty (a strong yearning of any living form), known patterns so we can respond with certainty (rewarded in our relationships and worldly actions), and a known inner landscape so we feel secure in who we are.

Love of a higher vibration shines light into all these forms of our being. Love of the Greater Hearts flows like life-force into your being. Both stimulate you to realise those forms of your consciousness that either do not let the light penetrate, that is, their vibrations or tightness of structure are too dense; or that confine and restrict the flow of love and light both through your own being to heal and uplift, and into your service and expression of your gifts into the world. Service is needed to both fulfil your purpose as a soul upon Earth, and your personal journey of evolution.

So, to let light and love in, start from where you are, with realistic eyes. Glamours – the emotional attachment to what you wish for that is not actually real (either in substance, or usefulness) –  hinder the development of consciousness unless you are willing to see them for what they truly are. Illusions are the same. Built of mind-matter, they can become self-referential forms of your being, but are of no help unless they match the reality of your being.

Glamours and illusions are the result of growing consciousness; for as already said, humans evolve by building consciousness step by step. Each step is built with the substance already there in your consciousness. So to evolve consciousness you need to dismantle the existing forms into the free material that can be used again.

This is why many who say they are religious are not actually evolving consciousness, but resting in the convergence of their own forms of belief and need, with those offered by their religion of choice. Of course there are religious people whose heart yearns for the deeper truth and meaning, and who both grow and seek to evolve the forms of belief and knowing of their chosen religion, into an expression befitting the global consciousness and outer milieu of our world today.

This is ever the challenge of evolving consciousness: to gain consciousness you build it into known patterns of being and knowing, but then must take the journey to unravel, dismantle, transform those patterns and forms so that the new awareness and consciousness can develop.

This takes bravery of heart, for no deep change comes without disruption of self. Or it comes from external stimuli, where the known world is disrupted. This is usually either personally (eg, changes affecting jobs, partners, family); nationally (unbalanced, or enlightened leaders that cause disruption, for ill or good); or globally, like what happened in the global wars of the 20th century, and is happening now through the pandemic and other global stimuli.

The best way to grow consciousness – and in the current times, to go with the evolving changes of our world to greater heart – is to choose to go with it.

Deep choice opens your heart.

Your heart is always an open vehicle for light and love, for it is the anchor point and reflection of your soul within.

Then it is for you to feel and resonate with that, and let its light and loving presence and flow show you the way to grow. Deep choice, of deep intent, this is the start on the way of the heart.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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