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Living Light & Your Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

Living light is that most wondrous of things: light, with love. Light, with evolutionary intent. Light, with every nourishment that you need to grow and evolve as a human being, to become an evolved consciousness of that loving, living intent.

We all feel joy when we feel alive. Life is inherently an amazing spark of joy, as light becomes a living or angelic consciousness; for they are the streams of evolutionary intent we are exploring. Yes, joy is felt in all expressions of living light, whether planets and stars, animals and nature. Something to ponder in your own journey.

Living light is that most wondrous of things: light, with love

Why living light is such an important concept, in fact reality, is because it holds all that intent of evolution and of love. And this is what is often missed in human interpretation of light from a spiritual (including religious) sense in this inherent evolutionary urge.

Often times, the intent that has birthed a spiritual tradition has been broken down into emotional or mind-focussed stages, controls, or destinations. This is often necessary to aid the young consciousness, but then what? Too often, that has been as far as it goes. The path has solidified around these smaller steps, and shut the door on what lies beyond because it was threatening; because the light that stimulates spiritual, conscious awakening, whatever path is yours to explore, is living light, and constantly evolving in its expression. Therefore, institutions and concretised doctrines that are fixed in a past expression may no longer be in alignment with that nourishing light.

Living light evolves in its interaction with Earth, humanity and all life in our sphere, because all life is evolving through that evolutionary stimulus. It is simple:  you would not put a child through the same grade at school year after year, simply because that was what you know and felt safe with.

Evolution challenges what you know and understand, but this is its loving embrace, and is not to be feared! As humans, we fix ourselves to too many things – whether emotional certainties (which they can never be), mental rigidity of thought, and physical things – to create that sought-after goal of stability and control.

The challenge of human consciousness is ever thus:  to experience control and take charge of self, but then also to relinquish control of certainties, so to be further infused with that living light that enables us to find the true joy of being alive. To discern the pull of matter’s inertia – that is, its wish to remain undisturbed and unmoved, a property of everything in the physical world – from the pull of living light’s touch.

If you do nothing else in your life’s journey, apply yourself to this discernment, and you will find great peace, a living peace that nourishes with inner certainty and brightens that inner flame of love and joy.

You cannot find peace in personal certainty, if you are a seeker – which you must be to be reading this far. That is a possibility only for those whose life path is to be one of the many in the ocean of awareness, where individual striving and seeking is not their path, and they simply evolve (in this life) as part of a movement and unfoldment of the greater body (the ocean) of which they are a part. This is to say, that you do not always have a life of striving and consciously evolving, and do not need to, in order to remain part of the evolving consciousness of life upon Earth.

However, there are those that apply conscious intent to the proliferation and magnification of the material pull, that draw of inertia in matter; who celebrate and revere this as the greatest achievement of human effort and the pinnacle of being human. It is not the many who become swept up in this allure, through their own young consciousness being unable to discern material pull from living light’s pull, but those who lead, who promulgate, who expound and magnify this inherent property of matter – here talking about the matter of human consciousness, earthly, emotional and of mind. These are the people causing the greatest harm to Earth and her living family of beings on every level.

Choice: ever it comes back to choice. If you have passed through a certain grade at school, and have learned those lessons, use them wisely. If only it were that simple! But it is not, although there is more and more pressure now from the increased presence of living light within Earth’s body – the substance of which our bodies and consciousness is made – so that more and more personal effort is required to sustain a concrete thought, feeling or action pattern that is not at least in some degree of harmony with that greater whole. Eventually, either the effort needed, or the pressure of the ocean of Earth’s living light in which we dwell, become too great, and the concretised world of personal power is forced to change.

This we see organisationally and personally all around the world, and in some places, nationally as well. The inevitability of change is absolute. The living light is here and awakening hearts on every level, in every expression of livingness. The change will be smoother, or more fractious, according to choice:  personal choice, group choice, national choice, humanity’s choice. Everything starts from your personal choice.

Do not take the future of world peace upon your shoulders, but also do not underestimate the power of your choice

Do not take the future of world peace upon your shoulders, but also do not underestimate the power of your choice. When you choose to open, consciously, to the evolving, nourishing grace of your living light, that presence in your heart that infuses your body with the will, love and hope for life, your own life-stream flows within and through you to all you do. And like any flow, even if faced with constriction or rigid walls of concrete, there is always a way through!

No barrier upon Earth can remain unyielding in the presence of living light, because everything on Earth is made of the substance that is Earth, and she has awakened her heart and thus become more consciously infused with the living light streaming into her being.

Everything must unfold and evolve, because that is life. Even the most rigidly guarded, humanly motivated conclave of concrete thoughts, feelings and actions cannot remain unmoved.

How long will it take? That is up to everyone of conscience and consciousness:  how much living light do you accept and harmonise within your being will determine the sum of conscious living light present throughout humanity; and as the living flow increases, then so will the cracks appear in whatever resists.

Do yours, not more, and life shall unfold in loving embrace, despite challenging change.

Hope lives eternal in living light, and that will nourish your heart the minute you open that door and seek it, just as it nourishes all life, and infuses each step with joy upon the journey.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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