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Loving Flow with Angels

[written in conscious attunement]

In the gentle sweep of angels’ wings, the softest touch is felt. Whether by a human or a planet, receiving a healing touch, upliftment, the reminder of joy and hope, the clarity of love. It may be the gentlest touch, yet it is of utmost singularity and thus intention.

Angels can be so singular in their work because they are of, and embody, flow. Flow is singular. It may be tempered in force, but not direction. Unlike humans, angels do not wonder, analyse, dissect the options, doubt, or fear the outcome of their flow. It simply is, and all angels are in the gracious flow from higher realms to lower, for that is the only way flow can occur – so they have no need to doubt. They can experience sadness though, when the flow is deflected, resisted, unwanted.

It is a tricky thing as a human, to discern and open to the flow of angelic intent, because we are not beings of flow. We are beings of form, we are builders of form, and our evolutionary journey is to build the form of our physical beingness (body, feelings and mind), and awaken consciousness throughout that form; thus building consciousness within the substance of Earth. This is the primary purpose of our opportunity to be here, incarnated upon Earth.

If you truly care with your heart, then you shine from within and attract the input of both angelic and soul love

But angels work with flow, and are also here to aid in the development of consciousness upon Earth. We have touched upon how they embody and incarnate loving intent into and with the plant family, but, how, really, can they work with us, humanity?

Firstly, that comes with intent. If you care, truly care with your heart, then you shine from within and attract the input of both angelic and soul love. Like attracts like, so love (care in manifestation) attracts love! Soul love comes as a stimulus of consciousness that awakens your journey within you:  stimulating realisations, nourishing choices, stirring actions so you may step forward upon your path. Angel love comes as that gentle whisper, like a breeze, caressing your senses, awakening you to something outside yourself. Soul stimulus awakens you from within. Angelic stimulus awakens you from outside your conscious reach.

Angels are the vehicles through which we may perceive that which is not within us, but also through which we can send out that which is within us to Earth, to nature, to others.

Everything we do that shares caring and positive intention must flow through something in order to reach its intended recipient. We, as humans, have auric boundaries within which our consciousness is contained. With development (over lifetimes), we can learn to expand our energy presence both to hold greater light and to radiate greater love, But still, that radiance can only travel through a medium of similar vibration, and this is enabled by angels!

In time, as more and more human consciousness achieved the capacity to expand and embody more and more light into the substance of Earth, the evolutionary intention to create a planet of loving light could be achieved – but how long it would take! Too long, for Cosmic, Solar and Earth’s intent.

So, the angels have come from the very beginning, to be the medium through which the emerging intentions of light can sweep through the substance of earthly realms that is not yet illumined or light-infused.  They span that space, reaching from human to human, nature and Earth; and from soul and Greater Hearts to humans, nature and Earth.

Thus, their flows are essential for the evolutionary plan. Yet, as humans, very often we do not respect them, or even the idea of them. We, all powerful, individuated human beings, easily succumb to the idea that we control all in our space; that is a necessary motivator for conscious development. Without feeling like we have control over our place or our destiny, we would not be motivated to seek more control, and thus stretch our consciousness to achieve that, as life’s and evolution’s journey bumps us, inevitably, into situations where we experience not being in control of the outcome.

But with increased awareness, we can awaken to the profound and beautiful presence of angels all around us, and recognise how they assist us to manifest positive intentions through care and love. Positive intentions are emphasised because we do not always have those in our feelings, thoughts or actions. Also note that there is a difference between acting out of ignorance, and acting when you have learned to choose more wisely. Basically, if you know better, show it in your actions! This is easier said than done. We have powerful programs that run much of our interactions, thoughts and feelings, created in past lives and often emphasised in this life’s experiences. But that just makes clearer the path ahead, and the wonderful freedom to attain, when the software of our being is updated to run a more loving, intentful program, more in keeping with the times in which we live, and where we are on our journey of heart.

Angels contribute this most essential of elements to our, and Earth’s, awakening consciousness:  they link the positive flows of love and care. As with all flows, when you feel it, you can be swept into it, and as others join, so the flow magnifies. Great loving intent can then manifest, awakening human consciousness through the experience, and nourishing the substance of Earth (and thus humanity) with the presence of greater love and light brought through.

This is one way you can work with angels:  let yourself perceive their flow, and allow yourself to simply lend your consciousness to that loving presence, so that it can magnify. But be wary, for there are other enticing flows upon Earth, which are of human doing and built out of astral (emotional) matter that can also flow to some extent without angelic support. Flows of positivity always attract angelic participation, but flows can also be born out of the myriad of emotional programs in humanity; basically programs of anger and hatred, for these emotions are directional, and need a target, so to speak, and thus an emotional flow can be created. When these aggregate, usually led by one who is developed enough in consciousness to be able to lead and wield such emotional charge, and therefore who knows better, these negative emotions gather and swirl amongst many participating humans (creating karma for all involved), and a tide of darkened waters may develop. It is with sadness in angels and Greater Hearts that these are created, for darkened waters harm Earth and the humans involved, and it is hard for angels and soul intentions alike to penetrate and enlighten this flow.

Beware … and discern deeply before entrusting yourself fully into the flows that awaken your feeling self

Beware, therefore, and discern deeply before entrusting yourself fully into the flows that awaken your feeling self. Go to your heart and seek truth. And never choose that which invites and magnifies hatred of one to another, or anger in actions and thoughts. These separate human from human, and in encasing the human consciousness with the often self-righteous determination invited by these lower astral energies, these flows can solidify the personal self, creating such resistance to the true loving light that a shattering is often the only way the evolutionary journey can resume.

Unfortunately, we see these solidified emotional constructs of human creation in both organisational and national expressions, within which each participant will have their share.

Therefore, we also see now, and shall see more in the future, the shattering to release the energies bound by falsehoods, so that those energies can flow freely again, and be supported and nourished by angelic flow.

This describes a major way in which we take the conscious journey of evolution with angels:  through our intent, qualified and carefully manifested by our conscious, heart-centred discernment and choice to be of loving and caring expression in our world.

The second way angelic flow touches us and our world is through nature. We have touched on this before. Angels not only guide the evolutionary expression that creates such beauty and wonder in nature, but they embody streams of loving light that flow into and out from Earth in special places. These are places where you can feel the presence of loving intent that is other to you, which does not come from within your heart and soul; yet it also stimulates your conscious awakening, and gifts to you the embrace of that loving presence that angelic flow creates.

Awaken your senses to this loving presence and gentle touch of angels, and let it sweep you into places of light where your heart sings and Earth’s love embraces, and the pure singularity of hope’s enlightenment nourishes your journey and those for whom you care.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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