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How Angels and Humans Create a World of Light

[written in conscious attunement]

In the angelic world, human activity can be quite a mystery, for angels are beings of flow, and humans in their physically-focussed consciousness are not. However, humans need to learn the consciousness of flow in order to stay and consciously participate in Earth’s, and thus humanity’s evolution. For the next stage of unfoldment is the consciousness of heart, and that is a consciousness of flow.

So, many angelic beings have sought to, and been allowed to, incarnate in the human stream of evolution to help bring that awareness of a consciousness of flow into the human dimension. A great challenge, and not without its great and painful experiences!

This serves a dual purpose, for not only are angelic beings incarnating to help the human family grow in the consciousness of flow, they are also bringing back into the world of angelic evolution, a new quality of light which humanity has developed. This is the illuminating light, the light that can be in and of matter and substance, and that glows and radiates through matter itself. This is of great wonder to angels, for their light is one of flow.

Both aspects of this divine intervention are bringing much greater light into Earth herself.

To the distant eye, both create light that you can see, and they may look the same. However, angelic light has a source and a destination, and is only illuminating when it is in flow, which requires a certain angelic development, and the alignment of the great Cosmic laws that empower living light to flow like a river of gold through our universe. This is the life blood of angels, who step it down from great angels who receive it, into the earthly sphere; down through all the angelic levels of consciousness to those responsible for forests and rivers, oceans and mountains; right down to the tiny angels who give this loving light to the creation of plants and flowers. In other words, the stunningly beautiful world we live within is illuminated by this living light to remind us every day that we are nourished and blessed by this living light in manifestation.

On the other hand, human light is not a light of flow. It is built into the vibration of the particles of matter in the consciousness. In highly-illuminated beings, it can make the body shine. But for most this is an inner presence, although you can always see it in the eyes, for are the eyes not the window to the soul?

Your soul stores your light, for that is the currency of life in the world of consciousness. Every act of learning, awakening, realisation in your human self, brings light into the milieu of who you are, through pathways of lighted conscious thoughts and feelings, and this is what you take with you upon passing over in this life. This light that you have created rises and merges with your soul, to become the greater consciousness that you can work with next life. Of course there is, or at least can be, interaction between your personal self and your soul consciousness during your lifetime. But that depends on your intentions, karma, and practices. However, when your light becomes one with your soul is not the focus here. We are concerned rather with the subtlety of difference between angelic and human light, and why we desperately need both on Earth at this time!

It is important to know that human consciousness seeking the illumination of matter and substance, can be persuaded by, or simply fall into the trap of the false light:  the light that is reflected, not inherently of the substance itself. So many of humanity are wooed by this pretence! The promise of illumination of your feelings and thoughts through materiality, implying that this can make you radiant and happy, is rife! Everything from skin care to lotteries, from clothes to the endless manufacture of utterly useless things, are coated with this false light, and peddled by those who have become expert in the art of making glossiness, not radiance.

That is not to say everyone involved is consciously of this intent, most are not. But so much of our global systems are built out of, sustained by, and intentfully kept in this mode of operation by a few of this englamoured possession, to the detriment of much in our world. This is a possession, because anything that entraps your consciousness in a self-referential loop of glamours and justifications, is a possession. After repeated use the loops become rigid, and the person comes to believe they are part of life itself. They are not. Perhaps some of the products, mechanics, manufacturing capacity, etc., can be of life-giving radiance (i.e., life in the light and consciousness meaning), but if the intention behind them is ultimately one of greed, selfishness or complete illusion as to the reality of the evolving world, the true light of life cannot enter.

Angels can see what is false light, because it has no flow or life force. Incarnated angels are driven to seek the true light, not the glamorous shining reflections, and can draw human attention to the unreality being perpetuated by these manufactured expressions of false light, and help humans see the living light that moves and flows to create all existence. In return, they learn discernment and gain insight into that which expresses as the true illuminating light within matter, developed upon the human evolutionary path.

In this way, Earth is greatly nourished, and helped in her evolutionary journey. We need angels and humans to be the light they naturally are, to combat the darkness of reflected light when there is no true source of radiance, or flow.

Find your radiance, or flow, or both, and sink gracefully into that truth and blessing.  Then you become that light, Earth becomes light, and the darkened reflections shall be shattered and dispersed, that all may feel the grace of life in all its loving presence, full of joy, hope and loving purpose.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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