Earth in a rainbow

Looking Through Earth’s Glass

[written in conscious attunement]

I look through the clear glass of emotional intent. The substance of human choice, for it manifests like matter for those of the Cosmic sphere, where all of Earth’s being – emotional, physical and mental – is but the densest matter within which we can work.

So, the emotional intentions and choices become the matter through which the light of Cosmos can shine – or is it bounced off, reflected away, by too much impurity, clouding this substance? That is the pressing choice of this moment.

I come to look. Can I see through this layer of consciousness, so that I can report back to Cosmic Heart that yes, it is ok to send this next wave of healing light? Or can I not see through so clearly – are there shadows, clouds, impurities, even grains of darkness? Then the choice of Cosmic Heart is all the harder.

The Cosmic downflow will heal Earth, will heal life, will awaken consciousness – it is a dispensation that Earth and her Hierarchy have earned. But humanity – although part of Earth and her journey of consciousness – also has its own journey, both en masse, and on an individual soul level. For soul is the level of differentiation between group evolution and the self-focussed path.

Humanity gives that unique opportunity to all souls, to both journey as part of the group (many structures exist for that, societal, racial, national, etc), and as an individual soul with enabling and life-determining choices.

Thus, the granularity of the emotional body of Earth can be created, evolved, refined in many ways.

Earth has purified herself and holds a ready and willing emotional note, through which we may work, from Cosmos. Humanity within the group forces – many are unfortunately captured by darkened desires, but the actual matter of consciousness involved is not so large as to create more than a few specks and clouds in the matter we speak of.

The great issue is with those who wield astral matter, who garner the emotional drive, wishes, hopes, fears, into their own force field, and coagulate from there. Surprisingly, this is not so much from those of unillumined intent within political and national interest spheres, where there is indeed much garnering and gathering of astral matter to force and flow this substance according to the will of the few.  Yes – concerning, but not on the scale we have grave concerns about.

Our greatest concerns come from those who do not work with a national interest, or pretend thus. For any being who holds a national position is also contained to enough degree, where it truly matters, by the nation’s heart.  This national heart, held by national devas in concert with the embodied Master designated for that land – for it takes both to harmonise and hold national dharma and karma and embody that intent – creates a force field within which all national intentions are influenced, tempered, enabled or limited according to how those intentions align.

No, our concerns are with the subtlety of emotional gathering which happens seemingly at random, for they do not align with national or specific personal interests. This is the gathering of emotional matter based on the stickiness of the astral matter itself. That is, when people adhere to, or create, certain emotional energies that are not of a positive evolutionary note. These energies align with the same energies in others, and a cloud may be created. It is unconscious!

This is the greatest challenge. For even if many follow leaders who garner or stifle the energies of those in their nation for their own objectives, there is consciousness involved; and consciousness can always be stimulated to unfold with differences to evolve, to reflect. Even the most committed being of a darkened focus (of whom there are none in national affairs of Earth at this time) cannot be completely unyielding to the loving, compassionate light and truth of the evolutionary intent of soul, Earth, Cosmos.

No, it is the unconscious substance that causes the greatest concern.

As the human population grows, and the interconnectivity grows globally, this unaligned, mostly unevolved, emotional substance has more and more opportunity to come into contact and adhere into the swamps and sticky layers of unillumined substance.

This holds many. But each individual can find their way if they take stillness as a choice – the stillness of just a moment to hear the heart truth that shines in every person alive today.

As already spoken of, this is a choice everyone can discern and make, for it is inbuilt into the very fabric of soul and human evolution.

But the stillness has to be that choice – and as more unillumined emotional substance adheres to that of others – it is harder to find the stillness.

So, I say to you, you of conscious intent, of Earth and people care, of human and nature lovingness, of the glimmering hopefulness of heart that shines within: strive for that moment of stillness, of loving kindness, of heart-felt alignment, of whole-of-self truthfulness. However you seek it, open to it, act within it, make it so. Make it so with more and more consciousness; and we, collectively, tip the scales to the balance of light. Then the glass through which I seek Earth’s intent, human intent, becomes more and more clear, and Cosmic will and love can enfold all without the shattering.

This, we all seek.

This, you must seek.

Then love can overcome the darkened substance, and light will be the guide of all, no matter the interests, karma, dharma or nation. For when light and love guides, the kaleidoscope of individual, racial, societal, national expressions can shine; and the myriad colours of an evolved humanity and Earth will be in splendid view for all to perceive, magnified in intensity by the love of Cosmic Heart.

Be part of that great kaleidoscope of loving intent, and shine, for Earth and all.

Thus I send out as my call, for time is short for certain changes. This is one I seek and hope for, to enable loving light to enfold the many without the glass shattering; instead being like a window that lets the most wondrous, radiant, splendid colours of consciousness shine like a sun of a million, million colours into the universe; shining so all can see and feel nourished in heart that another great uplift in consciousness has occurred; with beloved Earth and her human family and garments of nature shining and splendid in the loving, infusing grace of Cosmos.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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