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Anatomy of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

As a human, our needs lead to wants, our wants can become desires, our emotions are gathered and we invest in their expression.

As souls, our intentions become light, and may become thoughts, then feelings if it is to manifest in the world of matter – then it is up to us as humans what we create with that light.

Becoming pure of thought and feeling is a good journey – but what is that?

You can’t be without thought and feeling, for neither is that human, nor can you manifest soul light through nothingness – you have to use your substance of thought and feeling to create.

To purify is to infuse with love. Love, the love from soul, spirit, the divine (not sourced only from emotions as personal love may be), this love will purify. Because it creates or destroys in alignment with the divine. It infuses or dissolves that of matter in the human consciousness.

Open to love, you will find the path of change will enfold you, change of consciousness – then you choose how else it manifests. That is your personal choice.

So, open to love.


Through your inner heart. Not the chakra, but the place of deep stillness in your heart (not mind) from which your whole being is nourished.

Choose to go there, and you will find yourself along the way, then you can truly be immersed in love.

When you then love as a human, you define spirit within your being, and shine with that light in your blessed way.

When you love others, you touch them with light-infused thought and feeling.

When you choose your pathway of service with love, you can become a vehicle of cosmic flow.

When you act in the world of outer expression with this love, you become part of the greater radiance, cohered globally, becoming the one heart, the new guiding light for the future.

You do not become the teacher, the prophet, the great change-maker – but you become a vibrant, radiant part of the consciousness of heart. That consciousness shall merge, we hope sooner than later, and bring life-force into the darkened corners of human corruption and consciousness captured by light-less yearnings inherent in the attractive forces of matter itself.

All matter seeks like-matter. Water merges with water, air with air, gold with gold, minerals to create crystals. There is a natural coherence within all matter, to join with its like.

This is the basis of love – magnetism, attraction, bonding, merging.

Yet it is without consciousness, and certainly without conscience.

Conscience begins in the emotional level but can only influence emotional choices. For love to define your thoughts, feelings and actions in the human world, you need conscience emotionally and mentally, that is the starting point, then you need consciousness to be your guide.

Then you can become living, breathing, walking, active vehicles of love, divine love.

Then you become part of the great heart presence on Earth.

Then you become a magnificent change agent in our world, so desperately needing good changes, of conscience attuned to global need, and consciousness attuned to awakening hearts.

Thus, the great change unfolds.

Like a creeping mist, an enfolding warmth, a nourishing touch, a gentle breeze that clears the mind.

Thus, the love that is in higher spheres, becomes the love that touches and heals in our world.

And you become an agent of that love, and the great change, and your soul and heart.

Start now, become love, and let us change our planet for the heart.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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