Healing, Building & Forgiveness

[written in conscious attunement]

In our human journey over many millennia, we have been focussed upon building a vehicle for self within this physical world, to exist and express in this home we call ‘Earth’. A sense of spirituality in its deep, soul-centred reality does not emerge for many lives, because it takes a long time for the human self to be ready to awaken consciously to soul.

Much exploration occurs in mind and upon astral levels through these many lives of development, to delve into life’s uncertainties and seek reasons and influence ­– but these explorations are rarely, truly spiritually infused. Rather they are, at best, mirrors of the light from above, and thus only offer fragments of reflections, and distortions of meaning. Great teachers have come and gone to build more spiritual reality into the worlds of our thought and feeling, yet, we still can only build our own sense of self with what we can perceive.

Until soul begins to reverberate through us, we remain builders assembling self with what we know. This does serve to create a human being that is anchored in the physical world, which is a significant evolutionary goal, but then comes the next major step:  to become a human being anchored in this physical world, yet also able to resonate with, and thus express, soul love.

To do this, we have to enable the physical self we have built for millennia, which includes our mind and feelings, to restructure. Soul is of a totally different vibration and energetic structure to that of mind, body and feelings. Just as you cannot gather light into a jug created to hold liquid, or contain a magnetic resonance in a room built of bricks or stone, you cannot contain the vibration of soul in the astral and mental structures we have built in this world alone. They need refining, educating and awakening so that the essence of soul can be perceived, felt and known – and thus expressed.

It is important to know that all the building of self we do as human beings is learned and stored in mind and emotion. We sustain very little, if any, lessons learned in our physical substance, primarily because when we pass over, the vibrational essence of our physical self cannot make the journey to the inner worlds to be held in the vibrational embrace of our soul’s love until our next embodiment. A very small essence can be sustained in the highest level of the etheric body (the fine vibration of vitality that pervades our atoms and cells) but this is not the dense physical.

As such, we can understand that what we build and sustain as human beings is whatever we store in our emotional and mental patterns, for the essence of those can be held in the soul’s vibrational embrace from one life to the next. This, then, is where we must also engineer our conscious change, to allow soul love through, and our next evolutionary step to manifest.

Reflect on your own life and a time when you experienced physical pain – can you remember the pain? Most likely not, but very likely you can remember, perhaps even re-experience, the emotional pain or mental anguish. This is where we store all those experiences and lessons – in emotions and thoughts, patterns created in astral and mental substance.

When soul resonance comes into deeper presence within our human self, it can be like a vast lake of interconnected wisdom trying to fit within the jugs and rooms we have built that contain and structure our personal experiences and lessons learned. If it is contained thus, then the wholeness of soul wisdom is lost as the connections break across the barriers of these containers of self, and all we do is reinforce the structure we have already built.

This we see playing out in people, religions and nations in our world, for as the evolutionary journey proceeds, and more soul love seeks resonance in our physical world, some are fighting tooth-and-nail to sustain those structures in their personal world rather than move with peace into the new world of positive change. This is why our journey forward as individuals, and as conscious and loving change-agents in our world, is to work on healing, regenerating, renewing the structures held within our minds and feelings.

The first and most embracing way to consciously align with this healing change is to engage with forgiveness. You give your past, with all its lessons learned, foibles developed, fears, pain and hopes, to the future, your future and the future of Earth and all in this evolutionary unfoldment.

Give your past for your and our collective future.

When we can bring the understanding into our consciousness that everything in our past – whether of light, of dark, or of indifference – holds the essence of light and wisdom that informs and nourishes our future, then we loosen the binds that keep those rooms locked and the jugs sealed.

This is what the soul seeks to do every time we pass over from one life to the next:  to resolve the past into the notes and essence of the lessons learned, that can be offered to inform and nourish the future. However, soul can only do this in so far as karma allows. Karma guides the soul-human interaction and journey, because this is the embracing law that holds the incarnating soul within the milieu of the Earth.

A soul, especially a young soul, is focused on its journey and human expression that is its capacity. But every soul and human is here as part of a larger journey, the journey of Earth and all her living expressions. Karma holds the truth and evolutionary reality in place for all souls in interaction with the Earth, in presence of the past, in the light and will of the future.

Thus, for most of the human journey, the soul cannot completely reabsorb the essence of lessons learned and experiences gained in its human life, because through our human interactions with others and with Earth, we have created bonds of both experience and challenge that need to be resolved jointly. This requires conscious human effort, to revisit our unresolved and unhealed past that ties us to others and Earth. This is the gift of karma:  to hold those ties in place for as long as they require the healing of human intervention, so to enrich the human consciousness, and enable more of the human self to subsequently be distilled into the love and wisdom of the soul and progress our collective evolutionary journey.

Not every human has to make this conscious healing effort, because human-to-human ties can often be resolved by one alone. In this way, the conscious ones can make a great difference to the collective healing of humanity and our planet, and that is our journey to undertake.

Seek with consciousness and love, those feelings and thoughts that bind you, others and Earth into structures that no longer hold light or positivity, and give them forward. Accept them without guilt, seek their lessons and wisdom, and let the resonance of your soul’s love shake loose your rigidity, so that love can flow.

This you do from your heart. Your heart is the one place in your human self that always has the note of soul resonance held deep within, for that is the living light that sustains your life.

Go deeply into your heart to find that resonance, review your past, your ties, your challenges, your future, and let your heart’s love work its magic so that you can shine. This is how you bring love into the structure of who you are, and let the resonance of your soul gently rebuild that structure to hold your wisdom, free of the old patterns that restrict and limit your true self.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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