Consciousness & Healing the Past

[written in conscious attunement]

In the structured nature of who we are as human beings, we are a complex mix of patterns of what we have learned and what we have experienced. As builders – which is an inherent quality in every human being, for that is how we become physical and interact in this world – we are also inherently pattern seekers and creators. You cannot build without a pattern, a design, a sense of how the parts will fit together.

This is a characteristic that makes us inherently different from the angelic streams of life, for their inherent nature is to flow and energise creation into form with living intention. Through magnetic and light-filled resonance, they attract matter to the forms that can express the flow and intent. Thus, angelic beings build, only it is a dynamic, living structure held in form by living light.

Much of Earth is built this way – mountains and minerals, rivers and oceans, and especially the plant family. Plants have a very particular and loving relationship with angelic beings, whom they rely on for spiritual intent and creative guidance, so to fulfil the particular role in Earth’s consciousness that they are here to embody. Plants and angels combined bring a dynamic life force into the substance of Earth’s body, and through that they bring nourishment and joy to all other life forms on Earth, including us.

In the Age of the Heart, angelic and human wisdom will merge. Why? Because angels are masters of flow, and heart consciousness needs to flow; and because humans are the masters of building form, and heart consciousness needs a form in order to exist in our physical world.

To be physical is synonymous with having a form. Matter is aggregated and bonded together in repeatable ways, based on the patterns inherent in the matter itself, or on patterns imprinted from a higher consciousness – but either way it is a tangible, structured, coherent form. This applies to everything we see, feel and know in our physical world, from atoms and molecules, which are built to a defined, measureable and consistent model; right through to Earth in her physical expression as a planet, embodying the force of gravity, holding us and our atmosphere, and all life in her physical embrace.

Our physical heart brings flow and form together in a particular way, and is the easiest way for us to comprehend how something so physically structured can interact with the intangibility of endless flow. However, this is not the flow or form of heart consciousness. It is a good starting point for the form-focussed mind – but not the end point of our heart flow journey.

It is good to open to the consciousness of flow, for that trains our form-building, pattern-seeking human self to open and realise there is so much more beyond the form we know and exist within. This is the beginning step towards the consciousness of heart, and is essential. But, heart consciousness is greater than an ability to open to loving heart’s flow, and to build with intent in our physical world.

Consciousness is in truth a melding of past, present and future. You cannot just create consciousness, for it can only exist in the context in which it is created. For any being to develop consciousness, it must have gained experience of the medium in which it exists, and have coordinated that experience into knowing. However, this in and of itself is not consciousness until the life force that energises and guides the creation of the being is also perceived and recognised.

Cause and effect. Flow and substance. Evolution and stasis. None exist without the other.

Consciousness is the network of realisation that bridges and links these. In the human self, consciousness arises when we can perceive who we are now, in the context of what we have been, and the future emerging within us in evolutionary intent.

In full consciousness comes the deep, pervasive fullness of healing – for when we can truly encompass our past in the loving embrace of our future in this moment of now, then the purpose of the past is fulfilled. Any reminders of the past, such as limitation and dis-ease, can be released, for their task is completed.

Limitation and dis-ease come about because we, as builders and pattern-makers, have structured our life experience into repeatable patterns we rely upon as knowledge and emotional certainty, yet when these are no longer in alignment with the change of evolutionary intent that naturally occurs as we evolve, then there is discord. If we do not pay attention to the discord and make adjustments, it will manifest more and more strongly until we do, and thus limitation and dis-ease may come about.

Some may say that it is just karma. But on the conscious journey, there is no such thing as fixed karma that you just have to endure. Nothing of spiritual and evolutionary intent is ever fixed, because it is pure life force – and life only exists in this magical moment when the past informs the future, energised by that life force. It is 100% dynamic!

But as humans, we build and codify our journey as we go, and until we stretch our consciousness to realise past and future in the loving touch of evolutionary intent, we remain beings of limitation, guided by karma to keep learning. In truth, this has been emphasised over the many millennia past of human evolution, for we have needed to develop significant understanding of this physical world through our building and pattern-making of experience and learning. Without this rich history, we could not embody evolution’s intent into this planet, as far as it is ours to do.

Our planet is on a path to become a conscious embodiment of heart. There can be no, or at least very limited, consciousness if the substance into which that heart is to embody is neither known nor understood. Thus we have journeyed individually and collectively, to learn, experience and realise the incredible patterns and creative potential of the substance in which we live – our Earth. Now we need to stretch our consciousness so that we not only know and experience this world, but we can become conscious agents of the next evolutionary unfoldment, which is to bring all that has been, into the loving flow of what is to be, in each moment of our lives in this beautiful world.

Then we not only heal ourselves, but we heal the Earth, and all life.

This is a big-picture overview, because as explained, consciousness can only develop in context. Every time you nudge your awareness to new and evolving places, you deepen and broaden your personal context, and thus awaken consciousness.

Karma implements the lessons; heart consciousness is the next evolutionary step; and Earth is our loving home in which we experience and manifest this extraordinary and beautiful journey.

Choice is the first thing to realise. You have choice, even if just in small ways, but through that you open doors to conscious change and healing of the past and its challenging residue.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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