Healing, Consciousness & Angels

[written in conscious attunement]

Healing always involves a balancing of the past with the future in this moment.

All challenges to personal, societal and planetary health are reminders, prompts, of what needs to be reconfigured and redeemed from the past, so that the future can unfold as the evolutionary flow offers.

The human physicality makes us builders:  we are inherently structural in our beings by the very nature of our physical body that must be assembled in time and space. We are also structural in thought, and through thought, of feelings. We build our existence, our awareness, our lives and livelihoods, society and nations, through the remarkable capacity to bring will to matter to create form, with intent.

Consciousness is the very characteristic that enables us to bridge the past to the future

However, consciousness is not contained by, or expressed through form. Consciousness is the very characteristic that enables us to bridge the past to the future, so that we can incorporate lessons learned into future directions, and create flexibility in our present.

Consciousness, then, is the key to healing. Every obstacle we face, whether physical illness or planetary challenge, is there to prompt our consciousness to expand and pay attention, and to encompass our past and future, whether personal, or as part of humanity as a whole.

Whether or not you can heal through consciousness alone is not the point. If it is your conscious journey to do that, then that may be your opportunity; or, your journey may be to bring your conscious intent to the substance of your being and reconfigure what you have built in the past so you can be ready for your future, without changing some of the impacts of that past (pain or illness, for example). This is where healing and wellbeing meet karma. While you can reconfigure your past with conscious intent – the degree and rapidity of that change depends upon how much consciousness you can bring to that transformation, and the strength and spread of the impacts your past constructions have had, personally, or in a broader physical sphere.

The more intent and will applied, the stronger the binds to the past, but the more will you have learned to use that can apply now and in the future, even if it may not seem so.

Karma guides the resolution and restitution of your actions past, with the actions and impacts of others, and the planetary context of then and now.

Karma is the Law that guides change. Humans can build and construct many things, but can only sustain them if they are nourished by evolution’s intent, which is implemented through Karma’s Law.

Karma is a Law just like gravity is. It is inherent in the substance of our Earth, our Cosmos, our selves. We are built of substance that responds to the pull of gravity – that is the simple is-ness of the matter of which we are made, and which enables our life to express in this world. This, in the bigger picture, is enabled by Cosmic intent that applies will to bring consciousness deep into the physical world that we live within, here upon Earth.

The Law of Karma is what holds that Cosmic intent on all levels, so that we not only build bodies and things, but we build consciousness and thus the capacity to enable the future to meet the past in harmony. That is the ultimate goal of karma:  to enable Cosmic intent to infuse our world on all levels, and create a consciousness able to absorb Cosmic Love and radiate this into the universe. The consciousness that can do this is created through the integration of all life into the flexible network of conscious choice that aligns soul, spirit, body and Earth with this flow of love and will that is the life-force of Cosmic Heart.

Earth cannot do this alone, for her consciousness is planetary and does not reach into the granularity of our personal human world, or the detailed life-flows in nature. We, and all life in nature, are part of the exceptional journey of creating a planet of radiant love and light, right down into all the levels in which we live and express.

Venus is a planetary being that achieved oneness with Cosmic will and love, and shines with that light – but her journey was not one to absorb or express this through her physical self. Thus, through our physical eyes we cannot see her light.

Earth was asked and has chosen to be a planet of physical light and love, so everything in her journey, and thus our journey, is guided by this ultimate goal. Hence, the Law of Karma, the great teacher, guides the interaction of past through the present to enable the future, upon this very physical journey of the evolution of Earth, nature and humanity.

Hence, we come back to healing. Because we are in a time of significant conscious shift, from personal mind and emotional focus, to that of heart, there is much in our past that needs to transition, to be reconfigured, to enable the new conscious paradigm to awaken.

Earth needs healing to do this, just as do humanity, nature and each of us individually.

Healing occurs in that alignment with evolution’s intent, which is to awaken heart.

Here the angels help. Human beings, being inherently construction-oriented, have difficulty reconfiguring the past because we identify with structure, and what we have built in the past is the structure we know and bond with. Angels do not build with form, rather they vivify creation with flow. They can create what we call form, through their guidance of evolution’s intent into the substance of the Earth, so to create landscapes and minerals, and to influence and nourish the plant family. But as evolution’s intent changes, the flow changes, and the coherence of matter around that intent changes. Not instantly, usually, but certainly the change is by and large not impeded because there is no conscious element adhering to the form and trying to hold it in place with personal will.

As humans, we have consciousness of our past to varying degrees, and if it is not in our personal consciousness, then there is collective memory which reminds us of the forms we, collectively, have built and to which we invariably attach ourselves. This is a kind of consciousness, that is born out of the past.

The Great Change we are in now is challenging that collective memory, because we are at an evolutionary point where we must change collectively. This evolutionary moment we are in is not about personal shifts in consciousness – although that must be part of it, but only as part of the collective shift.

When we make personal changes in consciousness, of course we affect the whole. But humanity’s collective consciousness is of greater presence than the sum of each individual, as we have not only our individual constructs, but all the national, religious, societal, racial and family constructs as well.

It is not enough to want your own personal healing and change, at this time of the Great Change. You need to consciously engage with not only your journey, but the journey of nature, Earth and humanity.

Do not take the world upon your shoulders, that is neither meant nor needed, but open to the flow of care. True care is a heart quality expressing will and love in openness to the bigger picture of life and light, unlike emotionally-driven care which is focussed narrowly on self.

Angels care, and bring their flow to Earth because of this. They are bound to Earth by this flow, which is pure love and will in dynamic expression.

Angels are always involved in any healing, because in the flow the past and future can appear all at once, in the present. Without flow, these things are compartmentalised by our minds and emotions. Flow brings them together in time and space in consciousness, and through that, we can absorb the change required in our conscious self, and then heal.

In this time of Great Change, we need to expand our focus to enable flow and healing of our societal, national, religious, racial, etc., structures too.

If you open your intention to do that – that is all that is needed. As soon as you open to the possibilities and necessities, then flow will come. The angels hold this great flow in their beings, and seek any way to let it through to nourish and help create the evolutionary change that Cosmic love and will are guiding upon and within our beautiful planet, Earth.

This is the journey of healing, both personally, and planetarily.

Open, and awaken your consciousness to the extent you can so to encompass past and future with loving intent. Care about the Earth, humanity and nature at the same time, and you will awaken the healing flow you, and all, need. You may not be cured of all physical ills – but then that should not be your goal. If you seek to heal to be part of the restitution of humanity’s past, and to make a positive change to empower a lighted future for all – then whether or not you heal is up to your karma, not your personal will.

One thing is certain, though, you can only truly heal in the love and flow of evolution’s grace, and at this time that awakens through your emerging consciousness of heart, and openness to changing the structures of the past in your personal and global ambit.

Open your heart and awaken your flow, and you have done yours.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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