Healing the Future & the Past

[written in conscious attunement]

When you stand in nature with an open heart, you can receive healing. This is because in nature, the past and the future are held poised in the beauty of this exact moment – and that gives the vitality of perfect health to all in that radiance.

The past exists in the decaying branches and leaf litter, the broken down rocks and shells making sand and soil, the remnants of life lived, now given back to Earth, to nourish the future. The future exists in the presence of the charged vitality forming and inspiring the growth and movement of all elements and beings of nature, building on the nourishment given from the past, infused with this vitality of Earth’s evolutionary intent through angelic beings.

This is how we can heal ourselves:  to realise that our past, of this life and previous, is the nourishment for our future – but we have to open to that, and to the guiding evolutionary vitality that holds our future.

In our concrete minds, our lower mental bodies wherein our personal structures of thought and habit are learned and confirmed, there is not the natural tendency to see the past in this way. Whether through guilt, or personal desires to relive the past, or attachment to past memories and achievements, we hold our past as a major fixed structure of our beings. We build ourselves based on our past. This is normal, and of course of value – it is only when we let the past define who we are, without the nourishing nudge of our future.

Of course this is nuanced, for attachment to the past is most usually in certain areas of our personal and collective consciousness, not all. For example, in Europe there are races, ethnic and political groups that have warred with each other for centuries. Within these groups is a learned, repeated and recreated narrative of the past, and it can be emphasised as the goal of now. But we cannot go back.

The awakening of the heart, and the healing of our times, requires us to distil out of our personal and collective pasts whatever is living and nourishing for our future. Striving to keep things constrained to the social and personal structures built in the past, does not allow healing to occur, and without healing – the past repeats, for is that not what those clinging to it want?

We are in a great transition globally, as humanity, Earth, nature and all life absorb the inflowing consciousness of heart, and awaken to the next step on our evolutionary journey. Because the consciousness of heart is a flow, not a destination like the radiant point of the light of illumination, or the embracing yet rigid presence of emotional idealism, we have more to change – and more to heal.

We have built our minds and emotions based on our past experiences, and the narratives and history of our family, group, race, religion and nation. Collectively, we, humanity, have built enough in the substance of these levels of life, to step forward now into the consciousness of heart. It requires no stupendous intellect or purity of emotion – it requires the healing of the past in the nourishing infusion of what is held for the future.

The past we can see, feel, remember – but how do we open to the future so it can guide us?

There are many narratives that influence our personal reflections of the future, such as the kind of work we might do, the wealth, possessions and home we seek, the family we want, the kind of society we hope for and want to contribute to. These are most usually constructions of the future that we build with our mind and emotions, based on the memories, influences and narratives of the past. They are a projected future, and one that can garner as much attachment and fixation as can our past.

To heal, to awaken to the consciousness of heart, these attachments must be gently eased away and reduced, so that we can open to the inflowing grace, and go with the flow of the future that is energised by evolution’s intent.

Of course one must always be practical and take care of what and whom you have responsibilities for. Opening to the heart does not mean an abandonment of your past structures and future goals, it simply means to allow for those parts of your personal self to be infused with the loving light that nourishes our personal and collective future in the flow of heart.

It means to open to the healing grace of our times, where our past becomes a nourishment, not an edifice to be maintained; and our future becomes a loving light that is flexible, a vision able to move with the world changes taking place without evoking the rigid fight to keep alive a future built only of a projected past.

All wars are a fight over the future, the past, or both. The most catastrophic wars are those fought to sustain what was in the past, or a rigid dogma, or a dictator’s personal edifice of power and control. These are rigid futures, structured in thought and feeling, not living in the dynamic reality of our evolving life upon Earth. Because they draw no nourishment from the living light that is our future, they cannot create positive outcomes – however, they do highlight choice, the choice we must make individually and collectively as to the future we want in this time of great change.

Every time you choose with heart, you let a little more nourishment of heart in to heal you – by resolving a little piece of your past into a living and radiant presence of your future. Every time you heal a little of your own past, you heal a little of our collective history through the family, associations, religions, races and nations you have been part of in this and past lives.  

We heal a little part of the human family, and help loosen those rigid binds of the past, that bind so many to the illusion that the unchanged past should be the future.

Your healing with heart matters so much now, for the collective past of humanity is being challenged by the inflowing evolutionary impetus that needs a new consciousness, the consciousness of heart.

The past looms with strength and clarity, for we have built it, and built upon it, for centuries and millennia. But this building phase is ending, and evolution’s call is filtering down through all souls.

In some, it creates confusion. In some, it creates a greater push to rigidly and forcefully strengthen their fight to hold on to, and live in, the past. But in more and more, it awakens hope – for in our heart, the living light of the life force that is evolution’s intent, fans the flame of hope, and we awaken to the true journey ahead.

In this way we heal, and with this conscious realisation we can enable greater and greater healing for the whole of our planet and all living upon her, to feel the nourishment of the future, and release of the past.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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