The Healing of Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

In the exact moment when you hold the past, aligned with the future, in perfect harmonious consciousness, then you have touched soul, and you understand flow.

The past always flows to the future, but as human beings, we build so much upon the past that we hold it in form, so it cannot always flow easily. Not only do we build edifices out of what has been, either in the grandeur and positivity of reliving a past time, or the guilt or pain from remembering it, but we build our futures out of the substance of our past. The past does create the substance and patterns with which we can build the future. The challenge that we, human beings, face is that we tend to hold much of our past so rigidly that the substance and patterns cannot readily be drawn into new facets, expressions and creations of who we are evolving to be.

when you hold the past, aligned with the future, in perfect harmonious consciousness, then you have touched soul

Not only is this an experience we all have within one life, dealing with past actions and memories as we shape our future, but we also experience this in relation to past lives, because the distilled experience and lessons of everything past is part of our heritage and evolutionary journey. The distribution and strength of our past is gifted in this life, according to our choices made as a soul before this incarnation, and then woven in to our journey through the grace of the great teacher, karma.

This is the journey we take, learning to distil memories, thoughts and feelings into knowledge, empathy and wisdom, so as to better share our gifts with the world and all we love.

Humanity has gained much wisdom over the many millennia of this evolutionary journey as a human being within the mental and emotional world in which we live and express in each life. The transition now is the evolutionary imperative to absorb and express the living light of the heart in our daily human life.

The consciousness of mind and feelings is built in form and pattern, and thus our wisdom is also built this way. The increasing presence of heart in our Earth is awakening the consciousness of heart within the human self, and this is a whole new paradigm. In the consciousness of heart, the past emerges into the present, on the way to the future, not as memories and patterns in form, but as an essence, in a flow.

Perhaps you have touched upon this experience after a deep meditation, or a profound experience, when it is hard to compartmentalise the past or the future – ­rather they both feel present within you, yet without structure. The memories and meaning of the past are not lost, it is just that you have touched the essence of those experiences, and the structure falls away.

This is the healing that will emerge more and more in this New Age, the Age of the Heart.

Healing today, including pharmaceutical and medical healing, mostly works by restructuring what is there in your being. Whether through energy, chemical or physical interventions, or guided realisation, the constructs and patterns you have built out of your past are touched, reworked, perhaps even broken down and rebuilt, so that who you are today, and the light that shines in you that is your future, can express.

Always the pressure that creates dis-ease, whether physical, emotional or mental, is due to the light that you are to express in this life, bumping up against the structures of your past that do not let it shine through. The journey you take to heal is up to your karma.

Some people do not heal from great ills, but the realisation they achieve on the journey is a most profound healing gift of its own, and will be enormous nourishment in the future. This does not diminish the great and deep sadness and grief that can come with this. But this is life, and our journey is not to keep things the same for ever, but to find our best way to grow forward on our path of love and conscious awakening.

In this Age of the Heart, with our choices we can open more and more to the loving light that flows, as that is what is created by Earth on her karmic and evolutionary journey, together with Earth Kumara who brings divine Cosmic intent into the substance of our world.

In this touch of heart is awakened the thread of consciousness that flows through all your lives, and through that thread you can send love, and love is the greatest healer there is. Love absorbs the past in the fullness of knowing the part that past has played in creating the richness of being you are today.

Nothing past impedes you from awakening heart, but you do have to choose this path. And you have to forgive, so that love can flow. Then you can enable that moment to occur, when past meets the future in that magical flow of the heart, where love heals, and you stand free of a little more of the structure that holds your past in place, and you touch that consciousness that is your wisdom of heart, and the grace of your soul.

This is not only a healing experience for you, but healing for the Earth and all who live here, for as you let love flow, and heart flow, then there is a tiny bit more of this living, loving light shining and dancing in Earth’s being. This then shines and flows in the personal human world we reside in, aiding realisation and choice in others, and nourishing all who strive for positive change.

When you energise the thread of this life and lives past with love, you can enable great and rapid change, and for some this may enable an ascension process. However, you cannot leave this Earth and leave garbage behind, so your first task, no matter what kind of healing and personal realisation you seek, is to clean up the residues, unfinished fragments, unpalatable remnants and discarded garments that remain in the buildings of your past.

That process you start in your heart. Because of Earth’s awakening and absorption of living Cosmic love through Kumara, the path of change is rapid, and thus the need for deep healing is far, far greater.

Of course structural healing still has its place, but the healing of flow will be the engineer of the profound and rapid changes we, humanity, must embrace, to walk this path with Earth into the New Age, the Age of the Heart, where love’s presence shall guide and nourish our peaceful life with all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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