Evolving In Earth’s Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When you live upon Earth, you live within her being. She is alive, she has consciousness, she has an evolutionary path. Why should she not? All matter is enlivened by spirit, then it is a matter of whether the spark of spirit has coalesced matter around it sufficiently to create consciousness, and that occurs already at the mineral level.

Simple minerals coalesce, more refined minerals form complex geometric and strong relationships with each other. Why? Physics has some explanations, but physics explains what is seen, not why those characteristics are present within the substance itself. That is the touch of consciousness, created by the flow of evolutionary intent that sweeps all before it into the depths of matter, thus bringing spirit to life in the strongest, deepest, most physical coalescence of the universe’s material self: Earth.

Earth has opened to this most physical of expressions of the evolutionary consciousness. That was her choice many eons ago.

This flow is the creative force behind evolution. Science looks from the outside in, while spirit looks from the inside out. Soon the two shall meet in cooperative understanding, which shall be good for the growth of positive conscience and evolution of consciousness amongst the, unfortunately, large group of unbelieving humanity.

Earth holds, embodies and incarnates this great and vast flow of conscious intent from the great universal spirit. Whatever your spirituality or religion, there is always a great one. This spirit flows into conscious expression on all levels of being. Within Earth’s body, this creates flows of intent within her spirit, which invites other conscious streams to join in. The spirits called by Earth’s invitation to participate in this great evolutionary expression are swept into incarnation, as souls, then some as embodied humans.

Her increased flow of spirit flows to her soul level of expression, that vibration reachable by physical consciousness, yet that can also fully resonate with spirit. Soul never says ‘no’ to evolution, unlike the resistant or ignorant human personality, where free choice creates many ‘nos’ on the road of individuation to become conscious, present and active souls in gracious service to this beautiful planet.

It is busy on the inner levels, for there are many more presences there than there are incarnated beings. But this is all part of the evolutionary flow, for consciousness develops by mass:  the more consciousness in the general milieu, the more can become conscious. The unconscious become steeped in the loving light that is consciousness, aligned with evolutionary intent.

That is why we never worry that there are many young souls that as yet have little engagement or influence upon their human vehicle. Time shall imbue all. But that needs those of consciousness to take on their responsibility: that is, those with a conscience that needles and provokes, that pushes and prods, need to awaken to the truth that there is more.

Wake up! If you know in your heart there is truth behind the words and forms of life upon Earth, look for it and do not stop until it fills your consciousness with certainty. Then in your chosen field of human endeavour, you can bring light, love, flow, truth: all the result of an alignment in your consciousness with the flow that is life-giving, life-creating, life-evolving within Earth. Her being is imbued by, and creatively working with these forces. That is her work, her choice, her grace. Yours is to love her, and work within this greater truth, plan, expression, livingness.

That shall invigorate you, enliven you. For in truth, all life force comes from spirit. All life is of spirit, otherwise we are un-enlivened matter, that has no intent, no drive to evolve, to become, to exist. Life and spirit are one, and upon our beautiful Earth, that intention of spirit within the great flow of evolutionary force from the greatest heart of the universal presence, manifests physically. Truly an amazing opportunity and blessing!

In other worlds, the planetary choice is not made to bring life-force into the dense physical matter; none-the-less, life exists, however it evolves on what we call ‘inner levels’. But those beings of the inner levels are the ones called, and the many that responded, to take the adventure and journey of conscious evolution deep into the most physical substance of our universe’s life expression, here on Earth.

Why should Earth invite these spirits to come? For the reason already stated:  as the milieu develops, so too can the consciousness within that milieu evolve more quickly. This is Earth’s choice, within the greater milieu of spiritual evolution of the universal presence. In this process, heart is the cornerstone that aligns all life force, evolutionary force, and existence itself.

Our solar system, encompassed within the embodiment we call the Sun, has also chosen. She has chosen the path of heart incarnation, and thus sought a planetary response within her embodied conscious embrace. Earth responded, and thus here we are.

You are never alone in your spiritual endeavour, this is a great journey of amazing intention, love and embodied grace, all held within our beautiful Earth, held so that we can find and feel that presence, never to doubt again!

I am here to hold you, I am Heart of Earth, Christ embodied. I am here for all, Christ the teacher. I am here in incarnation, not physically yet, but in heart:  all hearts who choose, consciousness, evolution and love. Then I am here, via Earth’s loving heart, of which I am the heart flow, inspirited by the great evolutionary intention embodied by Mother Sun and the Great Spirit of our Universe.

Here, I am, here, for your heart, your path, your awakening.

In love

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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