Evolution’s Pressure & Healing Grace

[written in conscious attunement]

In the context of the great heart flow from Sirius and her embrace of Earth, and of Earth’s own choice to open to more of that heart flow, we, humanity stand at a truly significant crossroad of evolution. Either we collectively choose to proceed straight ahead on the path of rapid evolution aligned with Earth’s intent, or we choose to turn, and take a slower journey.

Choice is ever involved in the evolution of consciousness; without that you flow in the currents created by others, and they may or may not be aligned with evolution’s intent. If you do not have any realisation that your choice matters, then you cannot know and choose.

Paused at this crossroads, this is the greatest task at hand:  to aid the flow forward, to strengthen it, and to educate the many about why it matters. It is an existential choice for your soul, for Earth’s choice is made and the flow of heart consciousness increases. That flow can move through to her physical body through the angels and nature, and it can move through human beings as individuals and groups.

The challenge humanity faces is that not only do we have our own healing and transformative journey to take so we can open to the greater flow of heart, but we also have to reckon with the destruction we cause to nature. The more of the natural world we destroy and pollute, the less the angels have to work with. Their partnership with plants and nature’s life forms is broken when we remove those plants and life forms through land clearing or poisonous pollution, or by enabling climate change and the catastrophes it creates to burn or flood the land. When the partnership is broken, two pathways are possible: either a higher guiding angel will keep the smaller angels nourished with intent until nature rebounds; or, all the angels involved leave.

When a nature angel leaves, there is one less pathway for the inflowing heart light to move into Earth’s being. When there is less outlets for the flow, there is more pressure on the other channels to take more flow.

Angels evolve, just as humans do, and as they evolve they increase the flow, and thus the conscious intent, that they can work with. But as always, that flow must go somewhere. For nature angels that is worked out through their partnership with the plants and other of nature’s life forms that they work with.

Here is a major point to understand about the extent of what angels can do in this situation:  their partnership is with life-forms on Earth who do not have the responsibility to heal our planet. They do not have the responsibility, and thus do not have the capacity, to choose to be greater conduits for increased healing and heart flow. They already do theirs, as part of Earth’s living body of vitality and joy. There are some few instances where the partnership can create an increase of flow, and there will be a general increase in flow as Earth evolves – but to handle the increasing inflow at this point, humanity must engage by

  1. ceasing the wholesale destruction of nature so the angels in nature can continue to bring in the nourishing flow of heart that is needed, and
  2. choosing to let more flow through, personally and collectively.

Humanity is the change agent in this time of evolutionary transition, because we are the vehicles of physical consciousness, and consciousness aligned from higher to lower is what enables flow of evolutionary intent. But because it happens through consciousness, it is always a choice.

Because Earth has made her choice, and the Kumaras and Greater Hearts in her council and supporting structure are in alignment, the great choice comes to the human family:  how much loving light to let through by our conscious choice. The Greater Hearts and Kumaras are involved in guiding, steering and creating the pathways of opportunity and choice – but humanity has to do the choosing.

Choice comes through consciousness, for without that we either do not even know we need to make a choice, or we do not know the options and their consequences to choose between.

The opportunity to become more conscious is increasing greatly at this time because there is this increasing inflow of loving light in Earth’s body, seeking opportunity to flow through humanity. Then there are two other factors:

  1. The amount of development of mental and astral matter achieved overall by humanity is sufficient to take in the next step, that is, there is plenty of capacity collectively, for wisdom and consciousness.
  2. Dispensation has been given for groups to evolve together in a shared journey, where the knowledge and experience that informs and enables consciousness can be gained collectively. This is the model of group initiation spoken of in previous literature, and was enabled by the Greater Hearts through their loving embrace and guidance of humanity.

Thus there are many factors enabling our development of consciousness, and increased participation in the inflowing light of heart. The one thing that we must enable is to heal. Healing changes the structures of the past that hold memories, hurts, guilt and fears, and brings them into harmony with who we are now, and the light we are to bring through.

If we hold on to old structures in our being, then when the flow increases, they become more and more pressured because they are either filled to overflowing with that extra inflow, or they rigidly obstruct and redirect that flow so that it becomes unnaturally strengthened and impactful upon other areas of our personality. Both of these are seen in the global increase in despotic fanaticism, which is an exaggerated funnelling of what was light into a narrow expression of lower astral ideology; and in the increase of mental illness.

We need a certain amount of structure in our beings, our lives, our consciousness, to be able to engage in this world – for we are structural beings. Our great challenge is to work within a structure, but also allow it to evolve at the same time. It comes back to choice:  does what we want to keep in our minds and feelings enable us to align with the flow of heart, or does it compromise our ability to grow and change?

Why healing is important is because it magnifies your choice for change. It will not work if you are not willing to evolve.– But if you are, and you seek to clear those elements within that resist the evolutionary step forward, then opening to healing concentrates not only your own intent, but attracts the intent of your soul and all the karmic dispensations that can follow.

We are anchors in time, between our past and our future

Remember, what you have within you are the un-healed, un-learned, un-forgiven experiences of the past, as well as the light of your future. We are anchors in time, between our past and our future. Our future resonates from our soul through our heart; our past lies in the structures we have built and buried in our personal self.

Life blends these, and through karma’s lessons we evolve – but in this time of rapid change, we need to do the spring clean, not the weekly dust.

When you really want to change the substance of your being, seek alignment with your soul by going to your heart and offering your conscious choice there – so the resonance can go back to your soul and enable the change you want. Be careful to focus on what you want to heal and release, that is, the residues of the past, and not to go to your heart with a shopping list of future hopes and dreams. You can only build your future on the substance in your being, which you have gained and refined through your lives to date. To build a future without clearing the past is like building a house on top of the uncleared rubble of your previous home – it is unsafe, unstable and undesirable.

We have to heal our past.

The healing possible in the increased flow of heart is profound, for of all the substances able to create rapid transformation of physical structures, it is the substance that flows. Not only can a flow dissolve and transfigure the very elements used in that structure, it can cause the whole structure to crumble so that its long-held form is no longer.

When we have long-held patterns of thoughts and feelings, they are structures in our being. When we realise we need to heal, we need to be ready to release those structures that prevent our wholeness. The increase in our Earth’s heart flow is both the pressure, and the gift of our times, for in that flow we can and will achieve profound healing, not only of ourselves, but also of our collective structures that resist change and seek to continue destructive patterns that harms us, the Earth, and all life.

Choice to enable healing and flow starts in your heart; take your steps to go there, and be part of the positive change we all need.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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