Earth’s Karma & Our Healing Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

Earth on her own journey as an evolving, conscious being has her own karma. Every evolving being in this sphere is held to that law, the Law of Karma, because we live within a contained system, and the Law of Karma ensures this system remains alive by balancing irregularities, excesses, and transgressions against the guiding intent that shapes the evolutionary journey in this system.

In order to draw life’s expression, and thus ultimately the consciousness of love, deeply into her physical being, she enabled the magnetisation of matter so that it became attractive to the particles of conscious life within and without her sphere. This, then, was the beginning of the journey of nature, humanity and all life in the partnership of evolution upon this planet.

To draw life to the deepest physical expression in matter also requires veils to be created, else that life expression would be quickly drawn back to soul. Soul is the living expression of consciousness where Earth and all her life expressions co-exist in relative consensus, for it is here that the light and life-force of spirit’s intent, the spark that drives life and evolution, resonates – and that intent is aligned between Earth and every life form. This alignment has been ensured by the ring-pass-not created and held in place vibrationally by the earliest Kumara and Earth, through her own choice, working collaboratively to create and contain this evolutionary paradise.

It is not to say that all substance of soul in this sphere is developed and aligned consciously, but where it is undeveloped, it is, most importantly, not resistant or contained into dogmatic structures of personal will.

When spirit’s intent guides the descent of the flame of consciousness into the deeper, more physical levels – that physical expression that is life, like us, can only be sustained if the magnetic attraction of that deeper matter is strong enough, and the pull of the soul is lessened enough. If the pull of matter alone was to be strong enough to hold the spark of spirit clothed in soul here in this physical world, then consciousness could not develop, for the pull would have to be so strong that the evolving life could not lift its vibrations above that pull. Thus, to enable sufficient pull to enable life to incarnate physically, but then to also be able to lift in vibration according to evolution’s call, a veil was placed between soul and the physical world.

The veil diminishes the magnetic pull of the soul sufficiently to enable physical life to be anchored here and evolve. But it can be thinned at points in the journey to allow the budding consciousness to be lifted by the soul’s magnetic pull, and thus evolve with spirit’s loving touch.

There are several veils, to allow for different life expressions to evolve with the right amount of spirit-infused soul guidance.

Nature and all her life forms and expressions of plants and minerals are infused with evolutionary intent through the angelic family. It is the angelic consciousness in its flow from greater embodiments to the tiniest expressions that enables spirit’s grace to manifest its guidance in stepped-down ways so that its magnetic pull is not so strong that all those life forms would withdraw.

Most other creatures evolve with soul as the vehicle, the intermediary of spirit’s intent, and thus the need for a veil.

For the human family, the veil is just beneath the soul level in vibration, enabling much development of mind, emotion and physical expression to occur within a somewhat contained environment, held in coherence by Earth’s physical magnetic pull, yet able to be lifted by soul’s grace.

For other families of life’s expression that evolve with soul, that is, most animals, the veil varies in its location so that each creature’s evolutionary journey is contained to the level needed for its fullness of expression to be attained. For example, may animals have very developed astral bodies, but mind is not their evolutionary focus and so there is a veil between mind and emotion to contain the stimulus and fulfilment of their journey. Other animals have more evolutionary focus on mind, and there is a veil at a higher level, so that it is easier for them to resonate into these levels of mind as they evolve on their conscious journey.

These veils are held in place by conscious intent, either of Earth herself where her consciousness is sufficiently developed, or by other beings invited into her space by her yearning and choice.

Earth’s ring-pass-not is itself a veil, holding the magnetic pull of Earth within a sphere infused by soul and spirit, separate from the pull of Cosmic resonance, yet able to be opened to allow Cosmic love to flow in when it can be absorbed.

This is in reality the blueprint, on a certain level, for all expressions of life. An atom is a containment at a certain vibrational level, so it can hold its electrons and other particles together, and become that basic building block of physical life as the elements of matter that we know.  Otherwise, there would just be a soup of particles, mixing and mashing together, with no identifiable elements, and no certainty of structure upon which to build.

All life enabling consciousness is built in this way, contained to certain vibrational spheres so as to build that life expression, and then align it with spirit’s intent.

Thus, the Law of Karma is empowered, created by the higher intent inspiriting the creative fire that brings life into conscious existence on each of these various levels.

For Earth, the fire of love inspiriting her creation is from Venus and Sirius, expressing Cosmic Heart consciousness in a coherent vibrational resonance that guides her evolutionary journey. The Law of Karma upon Earth is defined both by that inspiriting intent, and by the very nature of the particles contained within her ring-pass-not where that intent resonates. That is why karma can change over time, for as Earth evolves, and more of that Cosmic love can be absorbed into her being, the substance of her being is changed – and thus the substance of the Law resonates in a different way.

It is the same for us as human beings:  the more higher intent and love we align with and absorb into our being, the more the strictures and structures that contain who we are can change, and we can become a different, more radiant person.

This journey of evolution is ever the balance between the pull of matter created to contain us to certain spheres of learning, and the pull of the higher, infusing vibration of soul, spirit or Cosmos.

Earth has made choices on her journey which need balancing, and humanity is part of that. Earth aligned with Cosmic intent to become a planet of heart, and in so doing, enabled the evolution of humanity as a vehicle of a deeply physical expression of love. This required strengthening of the pull of matter to hold life here, and the strengthening of the veil as well, so that we, humanity, could evolve as integral beings on a deeply physical level, and then be able to learn to resonate with spirit’s love so that we and Earth can harmonise in resonance and radiate that love into the universe.

The fact that much of humanity has been captured at various points of choice by the pull of matter, rather than opening to the increasing pull of light to lift consciousness, exacerbates the karma we have created and share with Earth. We have created this within her body, within her laws, and share the journey of healing.

This is why, to heal personally, you must also heal globally. To heal self, you must also heal Earth.

Intention guides the flow and resonance of healing grace, so when you want to heal – remember, you are part of a system, the system of Earth, and of humanity. This does not mean you take all the ills of the world and of humanity upon yourself, but that you recognise that your personal journey is all the richer when you bring your conscious intent into that awareness and alignment, and know that your choices to learn from karma’s lessons are a grace shared with Earth and all.

Even better, spend some time consciously healing the Earth and all. Be part of changing the milieu in which we all exist, so that the grace of Cosmic Love may infuse and heal more and more of our beautiful world and all its living expressions.

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  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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