Cosmic Heart Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

In the great Cosmic call for the next evolutionary step to be taken, the directive to awaken heart is rippling out from Cosmic Heart, Sirius. This call is resounding through our universe, stimulating heart awakening, for this is not just a great change here upon Earth, but a great transformation of the Cosmic life within which we, our Earth, our Solar system, live.

As humans, we easily categorise the stimuli and spiritual revelations we perceive as human-centric, or at most, Earth-centric. Why it is important to understand that is not the case is because to open heart, to take this next great leap in the evolution of life, we move from being contained within our physical-emotional-mental sphere, to being evolutionary units in the flow of Cosmic light. No, it is not as far-fetched or grand as this may seem, it is simply a fact of the function of heart.

Heart, being a vehicle enabling flow, has to get its flow from somewhere. In the human self, the physical flow created by our heart (our blood), is contained within the physical entity that we are. But as soon as you awaken to a higher consciousness of heart, you are opening to a higher substance of flow – and this does not, cannot, come from within your personal sphere.

When you truly awaken to a flow of heart, you are letting a trickle begin of your soul’s loving light to flow into you. But then it must also flow somewhere, else it is not a flow, so in the awakening of heart you not only open to that living light of soul, but you must also open to give that loving flow to the Earth. This is the first step in awakening heart.

Thus we have a physical circulation of heart contained within our human self, then we have the next circulation of heart that is between soul and Earth, which can only flow through us as physical beings, or through angels in their relationship to nature.

We do have other flows in astral matter, but note that these are entirely within the self, or interpersonal. Astral substance in and of itself is part of our physical, human expression. It can motivate and inspire, but only when the movement of that astral substance is infused with heart-centred life force. Personally, we can create a great loving flow to others when we love them, but that comes from a light in the heart, even if that is not consciously perceived. We can never fall in love unless heart ripples are involved. It is not to say we do not fall into relationship with others in many other ways, but these are guided by karma, and may or may not involve the light of heart.

If the light of heart is involved, then, even if tiny, there is a flow of that love, which is of the living light of soul. This love is how our souls express in this world:  a love from and through our hearts that energises our outflow to another, to a cause, to the Earth. There are many ways to express love. In its most basic expression it manifests as care, and such care always involves a perspective of something greater than yourself, whether care for another because of your relationship with them, care for a cause because you perceive the issue they present, or care for the Earth because you perceive our collective future in harmony with her.

Differentiate this care, which is infused with love, light and tenacity, from the expression of care that is clinging to, and fighting for, what has been in the past. This is emotional attachment, whether to an out-dated ideal, a distorted presentation of truth that is really only about self-interest, or it is a fear of change. In your heart you can perceive the difference. One comes with a lightness and subtlety of resonance where you can feel the flow from soul in your heart; the other comes with an emotional force that may feel like a flow, but is instead simply the waves and currents within the astral ocean of human feelings. The light and feel is very different.

To awaken heart is to awaken to the flow of consciousness and conscience that stimulates our awareness of self in the context of our living Earth.

There is no other way to find heart.

To trace this back to the loving flows from Sirius, it is simply the same picture on a bigger scale. Our Earth has a closed system of heart flow which is manifest through the movement of life force from her heart through her body. Note that Earth’s physical self includes her emotional and mental self, just like ours does; but on a greater scale. Her emotional self is the Ocean of Love wherein our souls reside. Her mental body is the realm of our spirit selves. The Greater Hearts who embody and flow Cosmic intent to aid evolution’s call, all reside in this astral and mental sphere of Earth’s self.

Earth’s circulation of sustenance through her body by her physical heart is what we and the angels are part of. Every time we incarnate, we bring a resonance of our soul into physical contact with Earth’s physical matter. Angels are creators of a continuum of flow, to nourish nature. Thus Earth’s heart circulates life force.

But, when the evolutionary impulse stimulates the awakening of greater heart, then, just like us, Earth must open to the inflow of loving intent from Cosmos, and must let it flow through her being and return. This is the transition we are in now.

Human beings, together with angels and their interactions with nature, have created enough substance of light in Earth’s physical self, such that the ripples of Cosmic Heart can find resonance in her being.

Greater resonance means greater flow, for heart consciousness is always initiated with directive intent to both resonate and flow.

Everything in our universe creates a movement of something, whether the eminence of light waves measured by astronomy to explore our universe, or the gravitational pull that draws substance to it. We live in a world, a cosmos, of movement. In the first instance, that movement is stimulated by the inherent qualities imbued in the substance itself. But when conscious stimulus arises from Cosmic Heart, the ripples of that intent go forth and stimulate new ways of resonating, and thus moving, in this living world and Cosmos.

Conscious awakening is ever the stimulus of a higher emanation, disrupting and refining the vibrational capacity of denser substance. It is never contained to one being, one soul, one planet, for no vibrational resonance is every contained. It can be absorbed, but then the substance that has absorbed it has been changed, and sooner or later the resonance is released again, to continue its life journey. This is the basic physics or an atom, but applies throughout our universe. As above, so below.

Thus, as a human, we absorb and are changed by soul stimulus. As a soul, we are changed by spirit’s radiance. As a spirit, we are influenced and changed by Earth’s absorption of Cosmic love’s radiance. Thus the ripples of Cosmic love find their way, and resonate all the way to our human life and our physical world, even if in just the tiniest of reverberations.

The development of mind and emotion, and the consciousness of self as a human presence here upon Earth, have been stimulated by Cosmic intent awakening the inherent vibration of matter that seeks harmony and resonance with that around it. This has been a contained development, so to speak, for most of the development has occurred within Earth’s sphere. The ring-pass-not opened only briefly to let in this Cosmic stimulus many eons ago, enabling the Kumaras and other evolved beings, largely from Venus, to enter into the Earth sphere, and hold that resonance in their hearts. They have then gently released that stimulus in concert with Earth’s alignment, such that humanity and all life could evolve.

This next great evolutionary inflow is so momentous, because in the awakening of heart consciousness is the opening to flow, and thus the ring-pass-not of Earth shall no longer be closed, but shall gently open more and more to the loving flow of Sirius, great heart.

Before then, we need to ensure there are no, or at least minimal and manageable, darkened pockets of resistance. The stronger the light, the stronger the darkness appears, and the greater the disruption to heart’s flow.

Every human heart that awakens and opens to this inflowing resonance of love, is helping create this change. It must be done by us as individual hearts, together with our most beautiful cousins the angels, because we are the conscious substance in our physical existence. We can choose to let this resonance live within us, and thus in this physical world.

Great teachers will come, but theirs is not to wave a magic wand and transform Earth and all life to a resonance of heart, but to teach so that we can become that living expression, here in our world. We are the deepest, most physical expression of life capable of being conscious conduits of life’s resonance, all the way from Cosmic Heart. This is the next great transition we are now in:  to awaken to that resonance as it filters down in vibration from Cosmic Heart to our beautiful world.

In whatever small way you choose, let the resonance of heart touch you and radiate through you, and become part of the great hear change here in our world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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