Cosmic Colours and the Love in Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the pure white light of Cosmic intent, every colour is found. In every colour is found every octave of existence, from human to planetary, to Solar and Cosmic.

The resonances on the octaves – or whatever musical system you know, for it is all the same in terms of harmonic resonance – enable development through such a myriad of pathways that the diversity we see in the evolution of consciousness is enabled.

In human terms, this is what energises the multiplicity of ways consciousness can develop – for this does not occur by a spiritual pathway alone or by a religious convergence of practice and insight (if not too concretised by dogma). It may occur through any field of human effort, exploration and service, as long as the light shines within it.

Even within the spiritual expression of light there is multiplicity, and here is the truth for every seeker of heart:  all spiritual/religious pathways that hold light and teach harmlessness offer a pathway to greater oneness with soul, spirit, God – however that higher consciousness is expressed and is meaningful to you. Judgement and intolerance between religions, claiming one teacher is the one and only – this is human foible, and not based in reality.

The expression of loving intent is singular in its purity, but a multiplicity in its possible expressions. How would life evolve if there was only one expression? It would not. So, as replicated in our physical dimension, the singularity we call light from the Sun, our source of illumination both on the inner and outer, does in fact contain a great diversity of vibrations. On the visible spectrum this light can be refracted into the fullness of the colour palette we know in our world: the main colours of the rainbow, plus all the nuances of shades between them. In addition, there are the deeper vibrations extending from red through infrared and beyond, and of finer vibrations extending from violet through ultraviolet and beyond.

Our universe is structured in the complexity, diversity and multiplicity of interactions between all the vibrations of Cosmic intent

Just because we cannot see all these vibrations as colours does not mean they do not exist, and of course we know they exist through the capability to measure them scientifically. Now extend your understanding to the reality that vibrational waves have never ended at the point where we stop seeing, or hearing, or measuring. As measuring techniques evolve, so too will confirmation arrive, but do not wait.

Our universe is structured in the complexity, diversity and multiplicity of interactions between all the vibrations of Cosmic intent. If you let yourself know this, you can let yourself believe in the finer vibrations of intuition, the nudges of consciousness, the calling of certain pathways, where perhaps in your human self, you cannot find fact or reason for this. When true light calls, there is always truth, even if not manifest in the physical realities you feel comfortable with.

In exploring the light and life of vibrations, we also have to understand that as they express in the physical world, there are blends of colours and sounds that do not hold a resonance with higher intent. This is possible because of the freedom to choose in the personal sphere of development, in mind, emotion and physical expression. This choice enables opportunity for more rapid evolution, but also for confounding mixes of intent from spiritual realms with human expression.

For example, the expression of love can be mixed with, and sometimes overruled by, sexual urges. The infusion of knowledge can lead to concretisation of ideas, arrogance and separatism. The presence of joy can become shrouded in astral glamours, such that things become the perceived source, not the actual presence vibrationally. And so it goes, through all the spectrum of loving intent’s expression, in all vibrations of light.

Your heart is the great truth-teller in your consciousness

But one factor discerns all human generated confusions of light with matter (of mind, feelings and body), from that of the true light and intent, and that is how it resonates in your heart.

Your heart is the great truth-teller in your consciousness, when you give space for that gentle presence to be felt and heard within your being. It is not always easy or simple, but it is possible for every human to learn, for every human has a heart, and every heart is born out of the spiritual intent of soul and the gift of physical presence from Mother Earth. So, inside you is that which vibrates in harmony (no matter what octave it is on), with the intentional note of spirit’s love, and the harmonic of Earth as a living, loving being. Inside you is that note, that harmony, against which you can hold those vibrations given by life’s circumstances and choices, and learn.

Still the voice of emotions, wherever they come from, and that of the fact-finding analysis of mind, and distil those vibrations until purity is reached. Do not dismiss them – purify them. Do not silence them, bring them into harmony, where the still note of truth may resonate, and inform your choice. In that harmony of mind and feelings, your heart shall either sing in that harmony, or be unheard. It is as simple as that, from a heart-centred vibrational point of view.

Of course, there are many situations when time does not allow deep consideration, or circumstances crush the opportunity to reflect. This is not a “must do” in every experience to take an evolving path of heart. This is a guide, to nourish your thoughts, feelings, personal self:  know there is a deep harmonic of love within you, a deep presence of truth and alignment with light, and you can find it. Seek it when you can, especially when making life-impacting choices, and choices that impact others or Earth in your care. Not all decisions carry the weight of major life importance, but listen to that small voice, that note, of your heart, for you may also be surprised at what choices do enable you to open the door to a greater presence of loving, living light to nourish you and those in your care.

Evolving consciousness is all about choice, else it is not consciousness you develop.

Understanding the reality of the vibrational milieu in which we exist is an essential component for making wise choices, for certainly in the extraordinarily diverse world of thought and feeling, theory and practice, dogma and opinion in which we live, there is no shortage of influences that seek to align us to their cause.

Your cause needs first and foremost to be that which sings in your heart, then you can work out the rest from there, and become more and more aligned and harmonised with the note of loving intent’s expression that it is yours to sound into our world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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