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Colours and Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

Colour is an expression of light, created by different vibrations. There is colour in everything with vibration – which is all the matter (and substance) of Earth, of consciousness, of soul, of spirit. You see it with different organs – your inner eye, your feeling self, your knowing self, your conscious self.

Why have colour?

It is to bring beauty and wonder, and to create difference so that we can refine consciousness.

A grey world – that is grey on all levels, not just what is perceived through physical eyes – would give little development of perception.

It is the difference in vibrations on the inner levels of substance that awakens and hones the budding awareness to become consciousness.

Colours feel different; they are different. As mentioned before, our beings are made of substance and matter of different vibrations, and if we encounter a vibration we can feel – then we can learn about its effects, and then come to use that vibration ourselves to help others.

Let us look at each primary energy colour.


violet flower

Violet is a penetrating vibration, with the unique property of bridging levels of vibrational octaves. So the violet you see at the edge of a rainbow is not just vibrating in the world of physical sight, but into the slightly higher vibration of the next level.

This gives violet its unique properties of being able to transform, because to transform you need higher light to vibrate into the lower vibrating matter that needs the transformation. Violet can be of that higher sphere of vibration while also touching the lower levels. Beautiful transformation can occur!



Red is very physically connected. As light, it is closest to our physical self in vibration. As such it can be grounding – or it can overstimulate lower energies. You have to guide and choose with your consciousness to achieve positive effects with red.



Orange is similar to red in that it is easily harmonised down into the physical, primarily into the etheric – the physically nurturing part of our inner beings. Orange creates vitality, it resonates with the life-force of our sun and hence the inner structure of our beings that infuses our bodies with life-force.

We cannot live on Earth from physical food alone, we must have energy and vitality from within. Your heart radiates light, but so too do the receptors of your being that are keyed into the beautiful life-giving energy radiance of our sun. Orange brings that to our awareness, and conscious engagement with this vibration can infuse your being with that vitality.



Yellow illuminates: it lifts the mind, helps the eyes to see in a darkened place. It is hope, enlightenment, upliftment. It can resonate with body, feelings and mind, because it is in the mid-range of vibration. But it reaches far and harmonises through all levels of consciousness to our sun, our solar being, and gives us a vibrational pathway to find upliftment in consciousness.


Ananda's rose

Pink is also uplifting, but in a different way. Pink is often perceived as the colour of love – because it is an energy that embraces. So fine, it barely appears in our rainbow, yet in just seeing it, we feel what is just beyond – immense love from upstairs, from your soul, guides, teachers, inner friends. Love is the milieu of inner worlds of light, so it exists on the boundary of every level, and can permeate through all levels this way, when activated.

You can activate it with your conscious attention to and choice to be loving. It is the most magnetic vibration of all the colours, so as soon as you embody that light it draws to you the love all around, and you can magnify it towards others.


green leaves

Green is the healing light, the vitality of Earth’s garment of nature. Her livingness is present in this hue, and so in consciously calling upon this note in the scale of colour vibrations, it can sing to your unwell parts, and nourish them with the wholeness radiating from our beautiful Mother Earth, and heal.


forest sea

Blue penetrates the mind with reason, it may also invite reflection and deep thought. It lives in the forms of our world’s expression through sky and sea – so, like green, these vibrations harmonise us with our beautiful Earth, and all the grace she can offer, when we choose to open and align with consciousness.

If you want to work with colour for your wellbeing, and that of our planet and all life, you need to differentiate your feelings, thoughts, impressions, into colours – not as a must-do activity, but as an exploration in consciousness.

The more you can refine your conscious perception, the more conscious you can become. Instead of being aware only of the big blue sky, notice the subtle variations, where it is lighter, darker, brighter, deeper. What does that do for you?

It deepens you. It both slows you from a world of rushing and pavement-looking blindness, into a huge world of livingness. Just that alone will imbue your consciousness with another quality, a new appreciation.

Try it. In nature, all colours are colours of life – look at the flowers, leaves, sunset and sunrise. They will do something for your consciousness.

Stop and discern. What do you see, feel, hear, experience?

Take that as a starting point to explore your consciousness and increase your awareness. That way you will increase your ability to hear the nuances of the language of light, which is the language of soul and spirit, of Earth herself, and of all guides and greater hearts on the inner levels of our world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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