Cosmic Love & Earthly Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

As love unfolds, so too does life. As love expresses, so too does the evolutionary impulse.

Think about it: what stimulates the ever evolving progression of life? It is not DNA, it is not human wish or prayer. Yes, these play a part in unfolding that evolutionary expression, but what stimulates it in the first place? What makes the difference between matter and life? What creates the spark that moves molecules, atoms, beingness, to seek – and thus to evolve?

It is always that touch within, which every life form has even if very veiled: that touch that is other. That touch that is luminous, that is perpetual, that is embracing, and in all its unfamiliarity in the world of matter, it is something we know.

Because every life form – planets, stars, humans and all creatures of nature – all come into being because the force and intention of love has entered the world of matter, and aggregated around it those molecules and atoms that resonate with that intention.

Intention is key, and is often overlooked in understanding love. Love is pure intention, of the highest spheres of consciousness. Love only exists in movement, from one level of consciousness to another, from one being to another. Movement only occurs when there is direction and expression, and they are created by intention.

So, we come back to the one great heartbeat of our universe, that spreads love all throughout our universe, to become manifest in expression, then to become that expression.  Then there will be another great Cosmic heartbeat, that again floods our universe, awakening and stimulating the next wave of love’s expression, from the highest conscious beingness of Cosmos, to the most dense expression in matter.

Love is pure intention, of the highest spheres of consciousness

This is life in the big picture, the universe in which we live, are nourished, and evolve. The point of explaining this reality, even if it seems so distant to our human and earthly lives, is that it is the blueprint for how our planet is evolving, and how we are all evolving.

In our planetary sphere there is a great gathering of illumined, lovingly conscious beings of the angel and human families, who together become the heart for our Earth’s evolution. Yes, she has her own heart, deep within her body, and you can feel that through your bare feet and hands when you touch her in certain locations where that loving heart vibrates into your being. I wish more people would seek this, for then we, humanity, would love her more and cease the senseless plundering, destruction and pollution of her being.

Her heart is just like your heart. It contains the spark of loving intent that awakens life, but it is not of that intent in its fullness. For humans, we have souls that hold our earthly learning yet that are also bathed in the loving ocean of intent. For Earth, she has this group of beings who have evolved (most of them) with her, to become the conscious loving heart, open to and receiving the Cosmic inflow, and resonating with it into both the human family and the Earth’s own consciousness as a physical being, with all the families of nature embraced in her beingness.

This spiritual heart of Earth has evolved because Earth’s intent, and plea, was to take the rapid path to being a physical embodiment of heart. Had she, like many other planets, chosen to evolve more slowly and through her own means, then she would have gently evolved her own soul and spirit self, through which the loving grace of the Cosmic heartbeat would have come to infuse her being.

But that is not her chosen path, so neither can it be yours; for you are made of the matter and substance of this beautiful being we call Earth. So you cannot take any path but the path stimulated by her choice, and openness to the Cosmic impulse infused through her being, and thus your being, by this great family of heart beings upon the inner levels, who bring this Cosmic intent to us all.

What about the Solar deity? The Solar deity is an evolutionary being within whom all her encircling planets live and are nourished. She is like the soul of our Solar system, for she has evolved to the point of becoming one with the flame of spirit’s expression, the Cosmic intent that is the spark of life. She is the life force that nourishes all within her living reach. She has taken that path. Not to become a place upon which consciousness itself becomes manifest in physicality, but to be the living force field in which love flows as the fire of heaven, the living spark of Cosmic love.

So her role is to be that living force, and as such she radiates and circulates that love into all beings in her care, and this is the nourishment of heart that she provides. However, she is not providing the force of evolutionary intent. Rather, she is nourishing it.

Love takes many forms in its expression from Cosmos to us! The great spiritual family of Earth who open to Cosmic love’s intent, also opens to and receives Solar love and nourishment, but so too does Earth. The spiritual family of Earth do not need to infuse Earth and her beings, including us, with Solar love, because that comes about naturally through Earth’s absorption of Solar radiance. Rather, they absorb it as nourishment for their own work, the work of guiding evolution.

Thus you begin to see the map of evolving life of which you are a part, so that you may awaken in wonder and trust to the loving light in which you are immersed; and within which you are evolving, to become yourself a great being of heart, where Cosmos shines through your eyes, yet Earth’s heartbeat pulses and radiates through your being, to infuse that love so deeply into our world that all matter, and our whole universe, shall shine in luminosity, born of Cosmic love!

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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