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Why Loving from the Heart Matters So Much

[written in conscious attunement]

To love from the heart is so hard. Not because it is hard per se, but because our concepts, thoughts, emotions, our frameworks of consciousness about how, what, why and when we love, are so entangled with non-heart love that we can struggle to discern and thus allow that true heart love to flow.

Love is often used to describe emotional wants, even demands. It can be used to contain thoughts in alignment with personal choices, so they feel like a loving decision. It is used in everyday language to discriminate and accentuate our reactions to things we like, want, hope for, in contrast to those things we don’t.

These uses are reasonable. But how then do you move and train your consciousness to really love from your heart?

Consciousness does take training and development: it is not something that just happens in this era of choice and self-determination. Consciousness becomes tangible when we awaken intention within our being, and then seek to inform that intention with will, from our discerned value of that intention in our personal and global situation; and nourish it (our intention) with love, so that it is alive with the life force of our heart’s grace.

This is conscious awakening in our Age of the Heart.

With intention, discernment, love and will, then consciousness can form in new and stronger, clearer ways. When you build consciousness, you can never unbuild it. You may mask it, bury it, cover it over – but you can never dismantle it, nor ever forget it.

That is why we call on the many who have trained for eons to develop the consciousness that enables the true love of heart to flow. This consciousness is there amongst humanity, and it is so needed now! Not only to form loving intentions that can change politics, meet social and environmental challenges, and help create equanimity and future harmony between all and with Earth; but this flow of true heart love is also needed by Earth herself. This is her life blood of living, loving intention. This is her nourishment. This fills her heart with the living love she needs – and which she will then circulate and magnify to return that nourishment to us all, all life, all nature. This is the tipping point in reverse – rather than one of degradation, it shall be one of massive conscious change!

As more human hearts align and choose to be open to, and consciously direct, this loving intention of heart, and then Earth takes that love and increases her flow, more life shall be swept up into that flow, and the great change will proceed with so much more speed and hope!

This we hope and work for.

But it all starts with you – all of you.

Remember your heart in all you do. Seek it, resonate with it. This is not wah wah. It is a simple, still, personal and pragmatic action of your conscious choice.

Your heart already has presence within you or you wouldn’t be here. How do you feel, know or resonate with your heart? You have learned this in many ways. Your task is to remember.

Do you find your heart from an inner sense of knowing when things are right? Do you feel it as a gentle radiance through your being? Do you sense it as the place of clarity when you know the choices to make from deep within: when you hear the resonant voice that reaches through the clutter and chatter of mind and emotions and all their reasons and wants?

Or, do you find heart in running, yoga, touching Earth in the garden or forest, in meditation? Or in your work, your service?

Do not limit how you find and become heart! Heart has no limitation in how it can become present in your life. Your choice is to strengthen how you hear it, feel it, know it.

When you do that, you let more heart touch you, and the Earth – and such wondrous changes shall unfold!

It is easy? It depends on how hard you have chosen to make this for yourself, karmicly as a soul, and in your personal choices. Heart is easier to touch, be and feel than ever before at this time. If you have challenges, it is because you have more richness of consciousness to align with your intention to open to heart – not because you are limited, or can’t. You have more patterns to renew into alignment with that deep yearning within – and then when you do, you bring greater nourishment to your own life, to those around you, to Earth.

Everyone has their path of richness and challenge to take. But now there is a great singularity of evolving consciousness, because the evolution of heart consciousness is so singular. Unlike in the past, when there have been many ways to see, know, feel, learn about spirit, soul, God, the light, the Masters, the wisdom, the heavenly worlds – whichever ways you have journeyed upon Earth in your travels of consciousness. Now this richness of experience becomes infused with the one element that will unify humanity and Earth: the heart.

There will be no singularity of religion, spirituality or any other pathway to evolve this consciousness. Instead, all the different pathways you have, and may continue to take, will become infused with heart. We see this already in some enlightened and loving practices today: there is tolerance and respect for other pathways because there is recognition that there is only one way forward, and that is with the loving intention of the heart.

Bring all the richness of diversity with you, but unify your inner diversity with your heart, and we shall see the melding of outer diversity into a force for the fullness of expression the loving heart of humanity can and needs to be.

This is the Way of the Heart! One path, a million, million colours and expressions – such beauty to behold!

Become the radiant colours you are, express the richness and fullness of the journey you have taken to get here – and be heart. Then you are loving from your heart, with all the richness and nuances, yet simple oneness that is heart. Then you are on the Way of the Heart, Earth is nourished by heart, and we all help create a new world, full of loving heart for all the generations of humans, nature and all life to come.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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