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Finding the Flowing Consciousness of Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

A flowing consciousness is easily grasped by an angelic being, for they are built of flow; their whole being aligns with flow. They exist to receive flow from the higher devic being within whose flow they work, and then qualify and give out the flow they have responsibility to distribute.

This is devic consciousness, from higher to lower; from the greatest Cosmic angels to the smallest devic being of the flowers and plants.

Human consciousness, however, as spoken of before, is a building consciousness: building forms of reason, action, insight, awareness. It is structured, for that is the predisposing nature of physical matter, and that is what initiates the awakening of human consciousness. So human consciousness is inherently an activity of building.

Then, for the human, comes the point in time (esoterically speaking, for it may extend over many lifetimes), where the consciousness has been built enough in the lower self, of mind, body and emotions, and the flow of soul needs to move more freely into the awakening self.

It is not that there is no flow in a human before this point, but the flow has not been the primary focus. Every seeker has had that sweeping feeling of insight, upliftment, release and unlimited joy that flows when soul is touched. But now it needs to be more than an occasional glimpse and experience; it needs to be a living flow.

For now humanity must take up its responsibility to nourish the Earth. As children of the Earth being for so many millennia, now the Earth calls for the awakening hearts to let the flow of living light through.

This next phase of evolution is crucial in the whole journey of humanity and Earth. Earth has her journey as a planetary being, and evolves thus. Her choice to incarnate and make manifest the loving consciousness of heart was the main reason why humankind was invited to incarnate here. For humans are the unique vehicles through which both the building element and the flowing element of consciousness can develop and be utilised.

Humans live because their own heart, built of matter in the physical world, pumps not only blood, but esoteric light and love around the body. Because the heart is the point in the human self where soul is anchored, in the spark of light and life, in the flame of the heart, through the silver cord.

For many millennia, humanity has largely focussed on building. Building intellect, understanding of the physical world (to some degree), and vehicles of consciousness in the personal self. Now, it is time to awaken the human capacity to build with flow.

Devas build with flow. They know how to take that flowing substance of intention, love, creativity, will, and direct it with alignment into shaping those elements they can influence into forms and structures. Like plants, trees, mountains, water flows: in all of nature we find much built by devic intent, shaping flow in the blueprint within which matter may coalesce and become a living, physical expression.

It is similar for a human being. To enable a consciousness of flow, you have to let it go through you, else it builds up unhealthy pressure. To let it go through you with intent is to awaken consciousness of heart, for in your heart, only in your heart, can you know to where the flow needs to go, and what the creative intention is within it. Then you can become a conscious co-creator with the flowing stream of heart consciousness, and a cooperative being in the great awakening of heart in our Earth.

One simple way to reflect on your flow is to consider how you give service to the Earth. Where does your heart wish to give flow? It is always something that serves the greater whole, for that is the nature of soul:  it is the nourisher of global awareness, consciousness and illumination for the higher purpose and plan.

So, ponder. Evaluate. Weigh up your options for giving to Earth and all her creatures, animals, nature, humans alike. But weigh your options in your heart, so you are not entrapped in what can be strong patterns of action built over millennia. It must come from the heart, in order to be an expression of the heart.

In this journey, devic helpers are many, for they know this world of service and flow in the core of their being. Ask and they will assist, nudge your consciousness, awaken your insight.

So, here, dear human, is the task ahead.

Awaken heart, in flow, and let that flow come through you into Earth, and a wondrous heart awakening shall become realised within our beautiful world.

Awaken your heart. Earth and soul calls for this in alignment, and the pressure builds if you say ‘no’.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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