Wesak and the Call of Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

Wesak is a little known festival in the western consciousness, yet it is such an important festival (in the year of heart cycles, choices and actions), to bring choice, karma and evolutionary intent together.

Wesak is a festival of Buddha’s light. But this is not the Buddha of 2500 years ago, who taught what has become the Buddhist path. This is the festival of the Buddha who holds the great role of interpreting Cosmic dharma and karma for our planet; who holds the planetary evolution in His-Her hands, giving loving light, wilful intention, and gracious dispensation globally. This is needed in the interaction of global choices and whole-of-Earth reactions and actions.


The action of the higher consciousness guiding our planet (the Great Masters), and that guiding our personal selves (our souls and teachers), is always enabled, empowered and activated by the choice of the lower consciousness, or perhaps by the unconscious, as it is in many.

The higher consciousness receives the input of the evolutionary imperative: the push of the Solar and Cosmic presence for Earth; or of Earth and soul for individual humans and nations. But because this planetary consciousness is on the path of alignment and awakening between soul and human, between Solar and Earth, the higher cannot be imposed, it must be chosen!

Thus, the special importance of the Wesak festival. For it is a time when the great beings, who hold this portal through which Solar and Cosmic intention may incarnate, open a doorway directly to humanity.

What is your call?

What is your need?

What are your hopes for beautiful Earth?

What are your choices on the evolutionary path of consciousness?

Here, then, is the opportunity to speak, through your heart’s call; to reach into the global milieu that enables the release of that which can be given at this point in the year’s rhythm.

This is Wesak.

The portal is open to the vibration of the human consciousness, to reach these great beings of global care.

This is your opportunity to crystallise your intention – personally, globally, and all in between – and express your evolutionary hopes. Not your hopes for self, unless in service, for this is a festival and opportunity of global action. Here, you must see yourself as that vehicle of personal expression, yet part of a group. The group is called humanity, which has custodianship of the mass call from the physical world, custodianship of the care of our planet, and choice to integrate the evolutionary push of personal consciousness with Earth’s consciousness.

At Wesak, Earth’s consciousness is embodied by the Buddha, who for a moment takes on that physical embodiment (physical in focus, not in incarnation), holding Earth’s bosom to her heart (female Buddha, Yasodhara), and Earth’s mind in his mind (male Buddha, presently Gautama), in one unified embrace of conscious merging.

Then the call of humanity – what shall that be? In this moment of gracious merging, when Earth’s being is held in radiance by the Buddhas, the call of humanity can be heard directly, absorbed directly, by the great Buddhas, who can then choose what can be infused into global consciousness and global karma (the lessons for growth), from the Solar and Cosmic life-blood pulsing all around our planet.

So, your voice matters at this time; your choice, your alignment, even if voiced for just a moment, yet with your deepest intent. The vibration of intention that you create amasses with the millions of others who yearn for peace, truth, justice, hope, equanimity, healing, awakening, Earth-care or social wellbeing. Whatever your wishes for that which is greater than self, will be heard.

Heard, and responded to; for never can a call of the heart’s longing not evoke a response, that is the law of the universe. If that response is a path of lessons through which to learn, or a path of healing through which to redeem and transform, or perhaps a path of ascension to clear away what hinders, that is yours to understand. But always a response is given.

Dear Earth sounds her call, for she is of the milieu within which these great Buddhas work, in her higher consciousness.

But life on Earth is a co-creation, in terms of conscious choice, between Earth and humans.

So, humanity, awaken to the great light of this festival, and sound your call, your yearning for heart’s grace, and listen through your heart for the response. It shall be given. Then you have the next year to respond in your actions and choices, before reaching the next great Wesak Festival: to grow yet again in conscious focus, and bring Earth forward, yet again, in joined conscious yearning through which global transition is evolved from hopes and dreams, to physical reality here in our world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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