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Temple of Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

Come, come to my Temple of Choice, where all hearts have knowing, where consciousness touches deeply, and life streams respond.

I hold the veils apart for you humanity to learn quickly, and choose accordingly, for loving choice soon becomes will; then there will be no personal choice. Then there will be soul alignment with global need – and uncooperative personality selves shall feel the death of the free will they have abused to plunder with greed and self-centred disregard for planetary law.

I work within that law; I hold that law for the choice. All actions of soul and personality evolution, all teaching, guidance and karma are given with blessings by that law: the law of planet Earth as an evolving being within a living cosmos, the law of consequences.

All laws give guidance as to the very nature of the milieu within which the law applies. The law of gravity defines a physical fact. So when you come to inner laws, the guidance for the inner worlds, these laws are also fact. They dictate how the very substance of those worlds behaves. Like the Law of Karma, central to evolution:  it defines the actions that are in alignment with the balance and substance of the worlds in which the action is taken, and the redress should the law be broken.

Now come the laws for living in the heart, for becoming heart conscious.

The spiritual laws of the eons since Atlantis have not changed, for the milieu and evolutionary drive were in accord with the growth of consciousness as physical, emotional and mindful humans, reaching out to the higher light for nourishment and succour, inspiration and insight, hope, knowledge and revelation.

Now, all this changes. The evolutionary flow turns to bring consciousness back in touch with human self and Earth – deeper, more aware, more capable spiritually to integrate love and will into the world of earthly life.

The laws of the ascending consciousness still hold for those elements of the journey. But the turning to deepen in alignment with Earth, the unfoldment of a consciousness of flow, rather than presence – this is a great change, and a key unfoldment of the Great Change within which we are all evolving.

These new laws define how heart consciousness develops, as a place of flow. Totally different from a place of sentience and stillness that many seek.

How do you engage with conscious growth when all is changing around you? That is the very milieu of the consciousness evolving, albeit with all its resistances and rebelliousness that humanity holds dear.

These shifts and changes hold the hope for the future – as long as they hold the presence of heart within.

That is the first lesson in an unfoldment of heart awareness:  seek it in everything. Learn to recognise it, so that chaos cannot deter you from the lighted way.

Look for that light, that sense, that flow, that sound, that voice that touches your heart. Learn what that feels like, that is step one. Then evaluate all choices and opportunities against that. Does it radiate in your heart, touch your heart and resonate with your heart?

Here, then, you choose, and here is where you are when you come to my temple, the Temple of Choice, for it is time to evolve the new world.

In your heart you will know, for your deep and meaningful life choices, and they in turn will guide your day.

In this choosing, you unlock the flow of the new consciousness, and little by little, it shall trickle into your awareness, your conscience and your consciousness – as we already see all around the world.

In those fighting, esoterically speaking, for justice, for the Earth, for nature and for equality, the inspiration, the drive, comes from choice and an alignment with the greater love that then flows, guides and nourishes all who open that door.

Visit my temple, my temple of truth and choice – for can there ever be choice as a soul being, without truth? Of course not. So you enter willingly, and choose accordingly – and I will be there, for I am Queen of Justice, the holder of Earth law in this coming era. The law of heart is present here, in my temple, but yet to fully unfold in the outer world; here too is the will to evolve, the drive to aid others and the Earth, with all her garments of nature and kingdoms of life.

This is an action of justice, my justice and it comes from my heart, for I have incarnated into the loving heart of Earth Mother and hold open the temple door for you, humanity. Feel me, I am here. Visit my temple, I will guide. Stand in my love, I will strengthen.

Choose wisely, dear humans, and let life’s heart stream begin its deep and loving flow around and through you, and then you do yours in this time of the Great Change.

In loving embrace, I hold the heart light blazing for you, humanity. Lift your gaze, and see, feel, know, and choose – wisely.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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