Landscape of the Way of the Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

The Way of the Heart is a landscape, rich in texture, colour and diversity, just like the landscapes of our Earth. It is not a singular, mono-directional path, because taking the heart path is all about you choosing, rather than following an already well-formed track. That is the hallmark of heart consciousness:  personal choice. That is how heart consciousness manifests within your personal being, your world, our Earth and all life. That is why humanity is so essential in this magnificent step, for humanity has the greatest capacity for conscious choice amongst all evolved creatures upon Earth.

So, when you choose the path of heart – where does that take you? Nowhere new – yet everything becomes new. You may live the same life, but it becomes infused with greater meaning, and therefore joy, as you step forward with courage on your path in alignment with your soul and fulfilling your purpose here upon Earth.

The reason the Way of the Heart is a landscape is because of this power of choice. There is a need for diversity to enable choice, and for that choice to manifest heart consciousness; and a landscape is the only way all the richness, diversity, texture and wealth of human and earthly experience can be held in the loving light of the evolutionary flow.

They say that if you don’t know history you are destined to repeat it – something humanity is practiced at. But now this must end. The past must be renewed; that is, the lessons of wisdom of what humanity, and you personally, have already experienced need to be witnessed, absorbed, and the old ties relinquished so that you and our world are not dragged back into such patterns again.

Now we need the collective mental and emotional intelligence, the experience, wisdom and choice to steer the manifestation of evolutionary intention.

No longer is the path about personal enlightenment, or salvation, or peace, as many past pathways have been.

Now, we need to save the world. We need to manifest the love of whomsoever we love on the inner as a great guiding light, and make our part of this magnificent landscape of the heart shine and radiate with the warmth of never-ending love.

In this way you may still follow a teacher or teaching, yet with the knowledge and inner connectivity to the choice that matters for us all – the choice of heart.

To do this, you need to fully embrace the need of the world that it is yours to attend to, and you need to see consciously the fullness of the contribution from all the awakening and striving hearts and what they contribute to the myriad colours and textures of the landscape.

Do not tie yourself to one way though, for now the many pathways birthed through Earth’s past lead in many directions, and not all will keep you in the landscape of the heart.

Your first choice, always, if you want to walk the Way of the Heart, is to choose from your heart, and be prepared to relinquish the known and familiar, and the comfortable that is created by habit. It is not that things comfortable and familiar are bad, but you must be prepared to choose something else if your soul, your heart, your choices give you a new way that holds more light.

This is the journey on the Way of the Heart.

It can hold a multitude of teachings and teachers, and all on Earth who choose to stay and grow heart.

It is a place of wonder, beauty – and options. Much of the beauty is created by the grace and love of others through their choices. This is how we help each other and learn collectively as a group.

Every time we make a choice of the heart, it shines in this landscape for all to see. Every time we relinquish an old pattern or pathway, it becomes less present in the landscape, and less easy to take for the younger souls who follow.

Walk the Way of the Heart and with wonder see, feel, know – however your heart speaks to you – what beauty there is around you, and where lie the next steps on your journey of consciousness. You may walk up hills and through valleys, across plains and deserts, through forests and grasslands; you may spend time in a cultivated garden. All exist in this landscape, for it is life, imbued with the loving light of the future, nourished and made radiant by the evolutionary intent that embraces us all.

Take your steps, let the diversity nourish your perception of meaningful and heart-awakening choice, and see how your heart awakens!

Let the rising sun kiss your forehead with wisdom, the gardens of beauty uplift your spirits, the feel of the Earth beneath your feet remind you of, and embrace you with, the pulsing, loving heart of where we live, here on Earth.

Take your steps and let this landscape of the heart fill our worldly consciousness, so that the many wandering without choice can be lifted into a new world, and the few who refuse the choice of heart can no longer hide and pretend they can still live and prosper in a world of old forms and illusions.  As the light of heart strengthens, as the landscape of heart consciousness becomes the world we live in, all will be embraced by that light, colour, texture, knowing, and wisdom; and each time you choose from the heart, you brighten that landscape for all.

Choose wisely. Let your heart nourish your day so you can not only perceive the choices that matter, but make them from your heart.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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