To Walk in the Light with Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

To walk in the light means to choose, everyday, within the realms of your consciousness.

As you evolve, your consciousness grows, and there are more facets of your life, and global life, that your awareness and discernment encompass – therefore you have more choices.

As more and more people walk deeper into a place of greater consciousness, which is happening in this global spiritual milieu of renewed growth, the depth and diversity of perceptions and experiences require more and more choice. This can be and usually is stressful. There is too much to do, to change, to repair, to heal … but this situation is in fact a deep part of the spiritual evolution of every soul and person.

Choice facilitates greater depth, because it demands research, analysis, and evaluation of different perspectives; and all of this does two things:  it stretches the consciousness, deepening awareness of the complexities and nuances of the situation and your response; and it pushes you to discern between all of the things you could do, choose, act upon, care about. That need to choose helps refine your alignment with your personal dharma.

Only when you align with what is yours to do, can you bring your soul’s love to bear on your choices.

Soul never responds in a scatter-gun approach. Soul influences and infuses with flow: it is the substance of heart consciousness, and, like our blood that flows through our heart and physical self to nourish our body, soul flows through our consciousness and personal self, to nourish our body of light.

So, to choice:  it is essential on the path, and if you feel confronted by the sheer number of choices you face – good! Take the challenge to seek deeper counsel.

Go to your heart, seek where your inner loving light flows, and let that guide you. If you continually invest yourself, your energy, love and vitality, where your soul does not flow, then you are using up your personal energy reservoir without replenishment. Inevitably that will drain you and produce illness somewhere, whether physically, emotionally, or in mind.

We are not beings of unlimited resources. Our living vitality comes from the Earth, through food and water, and from soul, nourishing the spark within that energises us with hope, sense of purpose, and care of others and the world around.

Humans are this unique mix of spiritual and physical beingness, and this is the great milieu of consciousness.

So, in this time of rapid development, you will feel the pressures of choice. But recognise this as a sign of evolution of consciousness, and seek the ways you can respond with heart.

In this time of heart conscious development, it is only heart that can truly help you discern the choices of your life. Analysis of mind cannot determine how you step forward on the path of heart; it is essential and must be used to evaluate and discern the best way forward in matters of the physical reality you are dealing with; but when those choices have that deeper tug, stop and listen. Stop and discern more deeply, because  the obvious choice of mind may not be taking you forward, but encasing you in the forms of consciousness already familiar.

Rest assured, if you seek and yearn for a positive life of deeper meaning and loving nourishment on your path, your inner self will prod you until you respond. This is a given. Then it is what you do with that.

Do you recoil? Many do, as the challenges of change are confronting; no one doubts that.

But observe, and stay with the reactions. Explore. Use your mind and the emotional discernment you have already developed to explore. Even if just bit by bit … no urgent choice is ever demanded without good preparation. You will always have an inkling.

The trick with conscious unfoldment is to refine the sieve you use to filter the messages within. The more stuff you carry, the harder it is to feel and find the finer nuances: like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. There is simply too much other stuff. This is usually in the form of old patterns, usually comfortable old friends of self-awareness; but you must evaluate them. If they no longer nourish you, break them up, so that they no longer contain your consciousness in one haystack, but enable you to discern, sheaf by sheaf, stalk by stalk. Then you have refined your consciousness another step, and deepened your ability to flow with that unstoppable, loving grace of your soul; your deep heart self that you can reach through your own heart.

It is all about evaluation, discernment and choice. Listen to the tugs and pulls coming from deep within you, and use all you know and feel to be true for you, to choose. Then you journey through these challenging times with nourishing soul love to give you hope, clarity and compassion, and you deepen your own heart consciousness; and another radiant heart shines more brightly within the Earth, and we are one heart closer to a nourishing world of peace and kindness.


That is the path of soul. But you will always have the tools to discern. Even if they are tools you are not yet familiar with, utilise them and learn, and your journey of radiance will be so fulfilling.

There is nothing more nourishing than taking this journey, when your soul nudges you within. So step forward with confidence and learn the new language of choice: the language of light, love, flow and inner wisdom.

This is the path of the heart, and it is before you, now.

Take the step, wonders unfold, and love embraces with warmth and the fullness of being whole in body, mind and soul.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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