Wake to the Call of Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When you have woken up and realised there is more you can understand, and more you can do – rather than more you can gain for your personal self, and more you can control for your empire (whether that is personal, family, corporate, national or identity) – then you have heard the call of your heart.

Heart is the centre of life. It gives life physically, and no life ends until the heart stops, even if all other functions have failed. It gives life spiritually, regardless of whether that is energised and nourished by extant religions and spiritual practices, or your own inner search and fulfilment. But when you hear the call of your heart, it is not, and can never be, just about you and your life, because every heart is embraced by the grace of a Greater Heart that gives life and meaning.

Reflect on your physical heart. You may consider it to function in complete independence. But, that spark that ignites and energises your heart to give life, that physiologically and scientifically indefinable spark that keeps your heart beating, or allows it to cease when your time has come – that spark is from your soul. Your soul holds the intention for your physical, living expression, and energises or withdraws that intention in the embrace of the flow of life within and around you and the world as a whole.

Soul is of the Earth within the great Ocean of Love that is Earth’s emotional self. Your human self is part of the Earth in physical and human emotional and mental levels of vibratory substance.

Everything is of life, and is part of a loving, intentful expression! And the life force that energises all levels of this expression flows through the heart.

Your soul heart flows intention to your physical self through your physical heart. Hence the common language expression of “follow your heart,” because that is where your ultimate life-guide is held. Where does the life force come from to energise and ignite your soul heart? Two sources:  the intention of Earth herself, through her emotional embodiment of her own life plan, thus imbuing the Ocean of Love, and all souls within that, with that energised intention. Plus, the intentful embrace of one of the Greater Hearts (from near or from further away according to your journey), who embody a particular intention within Earth to help her align with Cosmic Heart.

The Greater Hearts work together with the Planetary Logos, the soul consciousness of Earth, who receives the inflow and intent of Cosmic love from Cosmic Heart, and with Buddha and Bodhisattva in their planetary roles. Together they create a presence of that great Cosmic intent in conscious streams that can more rapidly qualify the vibrational substance of Earth herself, through humans, nature and all her life streams.

Thus, the intent of Cosmic Heart manifests upon Earth, through Greater Hearts, through Earth’s embracing heart, through your soul heart, to your physical heart. The flow of life force and intention steps down from the finest vibrational nuance, progressing through each level of increasing density until it reaches the great depths of physicality, where we live and function as humans, and where nature and all her creatures express upon Earth.

The flow of heart’s intent to nature and all her life streams is guided and manifested through the hierarchy of the greatest to the tiniest of angels. Angels are beings of flow, and never hinder this loving nourishment. However, their intentful expression relies on receptive energy spaces so that their fine attunement can create and express the blueprint of life in the ethers, and build the worlds of nature in harmony and balance. These places of receptive energy can be disrupted by humans, who do not heed this vibrational intent and need for balance.

An evolving human can heed this in two ways:  as a direct impression through their oneness and attunement with nature; or as a conscious understanding from within their own heart, or both. This is the edge of human development, where impression becomes consciousness, and where judgement of right and wrong becomes aligned with the life-giving flow of intention all the way from Cosmic Heart to your heart.

This is where you wake up, and see in the illumined daylight of conscious revelation that choices need to be made in a greater context, and actions need to be taken to enable the loving expression of positive change – aka evolution – to progress.

Humanity is waking up through both these stimuli. Nature is grieving and screaming her despair at our collective greed and ignorance. Cosmic heart flow is increasing because Earth has sought that greater alignment, thus the flow of intent increases through all the Greater Hearts, to our souls, and to our personal spiritual and physical hearts.

Challenge and change! You cannot evolve consciousness without challenge, or else you would not become conscious. A certain element of humanity does not need to, and therefore is not on the path to evolve consciously at this time. They are the souls who are in the gentle flow, and whose human expressions are guided more by the milieu of surrounding consciousness in which they exist than by their own individual soul intention.

But many of humanity are in the intentful and thus more direct flow of conscious intent – and must wake up! Because when you do wake up, you become part of the Great Change. Just by your realisation of the need to seek more understanding, and more intentfulness in your actions, you become a vehicle of more heart.

Heart does not require your personal certainty to flow. In fact, certainty can be the very thing that destroys the light-flow of heart. Certainty as a human being comes from our mind, when we construct a rigid framework within which we understand life; or from our emotions, when we codify our feelings into familiar expressions. Both of these tend to be inflexible when the nuance of life’s unfoldment and the evolutionary path energise change.

When you wake up to the nuance of life’s understanding and expression through your heart, you can find a different kind of certainty:  the certainty of alignment and resonance. Alignment with the intention of your soul (and all that flows through it), which gives you life and purpose. And energetic resonance with nature and Earth, so that you feel one with beautiful Mother Earth, and resonate in your place and purpose here in the greater sphere of planetary life.

Through alignment with your soul’s intention, you come to understand what resonates with your truth as a being of life and light, and certainty radiates through you in that alignment. Your choices can be made in that alignment, your actions can be energised in that alignment, and both can be adjusted in that living flow of intention that nourishes your heart and consciousness, to manifest in your life here upon and within Earth. You are no longer captured and bound by rigid thoughts, contained feelings, and structured expectations and plans.

It is a major shift, because it seems you have to let go of much that you may have thought as true, planned for your future, and held as emotional comforts. Yet, when these truths, plans and comforts are no longer nourished by your own inflowing life force and intent, and no longer resonate with the world in which you live, there comes a time where the effort to sustain them requires so much personal will and effort that the relief of letting them go is magnificent; and the shining light of the new day fills you from within and without.

This is the wake-up call. Start the journey. Consider your certainties fallible, and realise how essential it is to find that harmonic resonance in your relationship with, and presence here on Earth.

You need that nourishment, and when you open your consciousness to that – then upon every step, facing every challenge, awakening to every new opportunity, realising every loving resonance with Earth your home, you will be gifted light and insight to see, know and act in alignment with your soul and the loving flow of every heart in this loving expression of life.

Then you are doing yours. No need for grand roles of leadership, unless that is your personal path. No need for amassed intention to carry you, nice though that may be – because the flow of heart will give you every support you need when you search for it, choose it, and let it fill you.

No need for full realisation and certainty, for this is a living journey, and all that is certain is the destination, where the consciousness of the heart shall be fully expressed through the human family, and resonant in both humanity and nature as living expressions of the heart of Earth.

This, then, is the call of the heart:  wake up!

The new world beckons, and needs you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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