The Call of Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

When you wake up to the call of the heart, when you pay heed to the tiny, almost inaudible voice in your mind, when you acknowledge the gentle yet persistent pressure in your feelings that something needs to change in your life – you open to the flow of heart, the flow that nourishes who you are.

Yet heart cannot nourish without choice. Heart energises life, no matter on what level of physicality or consciousness it is centred, and life is never a static, motionless expression. Always there is movement, whether to grow, to forage, to awaken in consciousness, to create in the world. On every level of existence, life is an expression of choice. Even if that choice could be seen as somewhat, or even entirely, preprogramed or instinctual, somewhere, on some level, in every expression of life there has been a choice to enable that expression to flourish in this world.

Choice enables movement. No choice means you are swept along in the choices of other beings around you, or that you stagnate.

If you hear or feel the call of your heart, you are gifted the great opportunity to awaken and make a conscious choice.

Does that matter? Yes, profoundly.

Consciousness is the force of evolution in our universe, because it is pure intention, intermingled with the milieu in which it is resonating to manifest that intention from the highest source. Thus, consciousness is the vehicle we need in order to create positive change – whether we seek that for personal transformation, or to evolve global peace, they are the same.

Consciousness arises from choice, when the reflections on that choice are infused with higher intent. Thus we come back to the inflow of heart, also a choice. But, as soon as you begin to hear or feel the presence of your heart’s awareness, you have already opened to that consciousness. Even if you need time to fully register these inner impressions, unless you absolutely and forcefully shut down these inputs, you have said ‘yes’ to your higher self infusing your perceptions, and thus your choices, through your heart. In this way, you open the door to consciousness, where you bring that intention of your higher self into the milieu of your personal self, there to begin a resonance that allows you to increase your ability to perceive higher intent, and interpret how to respond and take action in the physical world in alignment with this higher intention.

Every time you do this, you awaken more consciousness in your being, and every choice enables the flow of your heart to increase, flowing from your soul to you, from you into the Earth.

You cannot awaken in consciousness without becoming a conduit for the greater evolutionary plan to awaken and manifest more greatly in the world. There are few pathways for the flow of heart to reach into the physical world in which we live. We, humanity, have a major role in enabling this, and thus enabling the expression of evolutionary intention, and the unfoldment of positive change, because we can become conscious and make these choices that matter.

Other conduits are through the angels that hold conscious intent into the substance of Earth in specific locations, and who nourish the life-flows and expressions in nature; and through the Greater Hearts who anchor their key resonance and the evolutionary intent that is theirs to guide, in certain locations within the Earth sphere. But neither of these can work in independence from the expression of heart flow and conscious choice within humanity. Humanity’s choices enable or disrupt the expression of the Earth’s life force and evolution through nature – this is obvious and visible in our physical world, and even more impactful in the overall expression and awakening of evolutionary development in our Earth as a whole.

Every significant location that holds presence and energy (created by a great angelic presence in resonance with Earth and nature) is a conduit of loving light into Earth. When we acknowledge and protect it, we empower that expression to not only flow freely into the Earth, but into us as well. When we see and feel these sacred places, we have created a resonance in our being with that sacred inflow, and that will never leave you. You know this already: when something in your day reminds you of a place where you have experienced this presence, you are not only transported by the memory of that place, but your whole being resonates with it too. This is real, and every time you do this that resonance increases not only in you, but in the world, and the inflow of that intention is magnified to aid consciousness and evolution on Earth. Of course, the contrary is true too, and there is only so much destruction of these sacred places of consciousness and intentful inflow that Earth can sustain. 

This is an important, so very important, response needed from the awakening humanity, to protect and strengthen these places of resonance that hold evolutionary intention in the body of Earth.

It is similar concerning the evolutionary inflow held and nourished by the Greater Hearts. While they do not need humanity to enable their presence in the locations of their foci – their own past journeys in the human world have achieved this – the Earth needs more of this loving light, and here we, humanity, must choose. It is just as we have described about your resonance with the presence of great angels holding a sacred place upon Earth, except that for the most part, your ability to resonate with the keynote of a Greater Heart starts within your heart, rather than in a sacred place upon Earth, although the two may overlap.

Every soul is born within the energetic embrace of one of the Greater Hearts, because all conscious life is nourished this way in the body of Earth. So, as you awaken, you will awaken the resonance already within you that is imbued with the evolutionary intent of the Greater Heart’s embrace wherein your soul dwells.

Many people, traditions and teachings see the awakening to the resonant presence of a Greater Heart (including Jesus and Buddha, and the religious expressions and traditions built around them), as part of their journey upwards in consciousness, as part of their personal growth and self-development. Your personal and spiritual development may occur, but it is not the purpose of that contact.

The Greater Hearts are here to support the awakening journey of the Earth, to become a planet of heart and a radiating beacon of that magnificence as a physical expression in our universe.

They hold evolutionary intent as received from the greater Cosmic flow of loving, intentful force, that is, consciousness. They enable that force to become consciousness within the Earth sphere, while she develops that consciousness within herself.

So, when you feel the call of spiritual awakening, it will have resonance with the evolutionary intention held by a Greater Heart; and this is a call to align and contribute to the expression of this intent in this world.

This is service, and why no spiritual journey can ever unfold without it. It is the giving to Earth of that evolutionary intention with which your heart resonates, and thus can energise and consciously express and magnify into the physical world in our care. No matter if this expression is small and seemingly personal, for example, tending a garden, cleaning a shared space, cooking for others in need, donating time or funds to important causes. There is only one measure of how effective your service is:  how much heart you put into it, with the conscious intention to create positive change in our world, for the Earth and all life.

You are not here on Earth to find ways to escape all the challenge and confrontation of our changing world. You are here to find the resonance you have with the greater inflows of evolutionary intent within your heart, and bring that into the world, through whatever gifts you have.

This is the call of the heart, of our heart, of our soul heart, of the Greater Heart in whose embrace our soul dwells. But ultimately, it is the call of Earth’s heart that we are responding to. Earth’s heart has called this evolutionary journey into her being, to become a planet of heart. All souls, including us, the angels, nature and Greater Hearts, are here in alignment with this evolutionary inflow, and thus we can only evolve if we align with that flow.

Heart to heart the intention manifests from the highest vibration down to the densest here upon our Earth. This is the stream of consciousness. This is the flow of life. This is the nourishment for all we are and do. And we find it and live it through our hearts.

So, when your heart calls – wake up! Accept this loving inflow, and do yours for the shared world we live in.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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