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Walk the Temple Path of Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

Softly, softly I walk through my temple halls
Corridors of silence
Temple rooms of illumination
Havens of healing
Cathedrals of heavenly presence.

Floorboards worn by a thousand inner years of gentle footsteps, quietly, intentfully, unyieldingly, stepping forward to learn, to grow, to witness, to become.

This the path of the disciple of light, seeking ever the meaning of heart, the wisdom of mind, the truth of soul, the purpose of life. But now my temple is quiet, filled with footsteps no more.

For now the temple of illumination and awakening is Earth herself, so much light has she taken into herself, through the embracing and embodying Kumara of grace.

Her very body hums with the OM of illuminating wisdom, the song of awakening heart, the Law of unyielding truth, as evolution of Earth and her millions of souls aligns with oneness of purpose – to let heart become the guide of life’s awakening.

No longer can the aspiring soul learn then seep that learning into the yearning or resistant personality, through hope and vision, or challenge and resistance. For no longer is the journey of soul awakening in a separate world to that of personal life. Now soul evolution is of the Earth. So to be of Earth, you must awaken, will awaken, the light of soul within your being, awareness, consciousness. No, this does not make you an illumined Master of great and higher consciousness, but an aligned and cooperative being who can rapidly learn and become one in group consciousness with the higher illumination and laws.

As a group, consciousness evolves with speed, for not all must tread the deep, enduring path of all the lessons to learn and embody. Each in the group, who opens and cooperates, contributes to the overall learning. Piece by piece, wisdom is gained, love is embodied, truth is known, justice is manifested. Those who open become thus the sum of the whole, and those who resist are pressured by need, soul and group vibration to awaken in cooperation.

In this transition time, we see many groups in evolution, and, as is the journey on Earth, many groups are stimulated by the intention, yet are unawakened with the truth and planetary need of the hour, instead becoming groups that feed the need of the person not the Earth. Such is the awakening dichotomy of human pathways.

So, too, we see those steeped in the old ways of mind superiority, clinging desperately, sadly, cruelly, to their known ways of singularity and dominance, subsuming the evolutionary intention of group development into their old mode of group dominance and control through mental directives. Many nations and despotic leaders control, or seek to control unfoldment of the future in this way. But this is not the evolutionary journey, so this way shall be pressured, and eventually crushed; – but not before many more choices, and Earth actions, stir and stimulate the journey of consciousness within the hearts of all who have chosen, or soon shall choose, to walk the evolutionary path of Earth.

Choice is not all made yet, and many still seek the Halls of Wisdom on the inner to nourish their consciousness – yet the Halls are not the source of nourishment now, and slowly, or rapidly, each shall realise this.

Change is hard for all of consciousness of the Earth, for the awakening path is of course one of both form and light.  But that is why I walk my halls and cathedrals of knowing, to bless those who visit, and encourage those with openness to see the greater light, of Earth herself.

If your path feels empty, look deeper. If your familiar practices yield little intuition and succour, look deeper into the Earth. If your heart sings loudly yet no resonance comes back to you, step firmly into the Temple Halls of Earth herself, where your heart-song shall resonate with all others of the Heart Path and evolutionary awakening, and create the great immensity of heartfelt sound in harmony with Earth herself, and the Great Change simply is, because the substance of life, consciousness and all in between is of a different note.

Thus the light becomes, and you become of planetary, solar and universal heart. Step forth in the world and become, dear children of the heart. Then the Earth is of light, for all must now evolve together as one, for isn’t that what heart serves? The oneness of all life is of heart, in all its multitude of brilliances of colour, note and gifts of grace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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