Mothers of Light Come to Nourish

[written in conscious attunement]

We are many.
Mothers of wisdom, of light, of truth, of ceremony, of all of Earth.

We have walked like all, through temples and churches, science and politics, education and creativity – nowhere on Earth have we not walked.

Now, we come, for the descent of heart enables an influx of nourishment – food from spirit for the soul in thirst and hunger.

We come to nourish, for that is our work, to hold and nourish, to feed and comfort, to inspire and strengthen.

We, Mothers of Earth’s love, expressing her every nuance of light in our expertise and wisdom, love and light.

We step forward now for heart demands it. Form has been built enough – the form of consciousness, of thought, of feeling, of body and mind, creativity and expression, rulership and construction in all ways.

There is enough matter of mind, feeling and body built and manipulated into form to hold the creative expression, and the journey’s stimulation – now we come with the flow of heart, – and love will have its way.

The flow unstoppable, for it descends from Mother Ocean of cosmos, unstoppable in its descent into Earth’s beautiful beingness.

What can hold the flow, what seeks to resist – within you, within cultures, races, nations, religions? All will be seen in the flow now released, and soon to be realised as a presence, consciously felt  by the yearning ones seeking greater meaning, deeper truth, wholeness of being, integration with Earth’s livingness and loving presence.

So, we come, to aid and direct, magnify and temper this flow, to reach every darkened corner of unconscious struggle and resistant intention.

For now Earth awakens heart, it must be so, and the nature and evolution of life shall change forever.

So, much will be the same in appearance, but the intent – that shall change.

Honesty and integrity, awareness and alignment with the bigger picture: the wholeness of Earth, her garments of nature and all life, shall be the guide, and naught shall be the same again.

The seers shall see the light within all, the feelers shall sense and know the change, the unaware shall bathe in the new milieu of grace that shall nourish all.

But to get here, you I call.

You, who seek light and meaning; you, who choose soul within heart, and love Earth our Mother.

I call you, to align, become, be in the grace and intention of our flows.

Mothers of Light we are, working as one to immerse all in heart who seek active engagement in the journey of transformation.

Here it is that we are: the call goes forth. Children of Mother’s love, whose care and concern for life, Earth and future awakens their hearts and sounds forth their answer.

Hear my call, our call. Let your heart presence align with our beingness, and our love shall flow, giving you strength to break and follow.

Break the forms of hindrance, follow the flow of love.

We stand behind many in this world, no words to be said. No awareness to be shared in the outer world. Much of our work is within the consciously chosen partnership.

But you who are called, find your calling in balance and deep heart’s harmony. Find and hold poise in the grace of your soul, our presence, and all we are between us.

Great strength is needed, great harmony.

Think upon it like stepping into a river, or the ocean shore: the water moves, you stand and feel it flow. You choose to let it flow over you, through you, or go into the flow to another place. It is the same.

Choose with heart and let Mother’s loving flow, our grace, nourish you with whatever you choose.

If you start from your heart, you know which choice is perfect.

Thus we nourish the world
     and peace comes
     and love descends
     and truth awakens
     and hearts radiate
     and loving Earth is healed, and all life in her care made whole – the alignment with nourishing source of life, soul, angel, or Mother of Earth herself.

So, we come to bring hope, to nourish choice, to awaken action, to hold you all, you who seek.

Step forth into our love, life shall be nourished, grace shall infuse all.

Earth shall shine like a radiant jewel of every colour, the rainbow of life’s grace itself!

Step into our love, become that and shine.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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