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To Understand the Law

[written in conscious attunement]

If you want to understand the Law, you have to want to evolve.

For most of humanity, this is neither possible, nor needed. Most of humanity is young in soul. The path of development is in the milieu of their family, race, nation, and the Earth as a whole. These are the vehicles for humanity’s evolution en masse.

For the individual who has consciousness (i.e., soul-awareness consciousness), herein lies the choice:  to follow the Laws that guide, and enable and empower evolution, or to follow the dictates of the global milieu.

In all evolutionary journeys, this presents what seems like a conflict, for usually the stream within which the Law is perceived is ahead, so to speak, of the general global milieu, in whatever group expression it presents and moves.

But this is in itself a vital component of evolution of consciousness, for it must involve choice. Choice is how conscience then consciousness develops, for without self-agency and belief in the power of self to create, and/or co-create, their life journey, there is no growth driven from within, and then evolution is left to the greater guiding forces and beings that hold races, nations and Earth herself.

There are many influences, but always evolution proceeds by an action of choice on one level or another.

So, do you choose the Law? Which Law? For the Law evolves too, else how shall the unfoldment of consciousness continue to occur through world after world of existence and presence?

The Law defines and describes the way matter and spirit interact in any given world.

So, for example, the evolutionary Law manifests in the physical world through the rather well known Law of Karma:  each action has an impact that creates a reaction. If the action is not aligned with the Law, then the reaction helps that lesson be learned.

I say this is in the physical world, because for the most part people only learn when karma is experienced physically, or has at least a significant impact on their physical life, whether through money, relationship or health.

This has been a great training field for the many, but now we need greater expansion of the mass consciousness into the world of causes, not just to keep learning about the world of expression.

The world of causes is the world of soul. Even a young soul learns this, small lesson by small lesson, and helps implement its learning using the Law of Karma to guide and influence its personal expression. But evolution now requires more consciousness in this world of causes, and so there is a need to learn the Laws of that world.

Hence the Laws of Renewal, which are those that assist the aspiring soul and personality to bridge these worlds (personal and physical, with soul and causative), and the Laws of the Heart, which are the beginnings of how to understand the world of soul.

Many esoteric scholars think they know the world of soul because much has been released about this. But note: the release was via the physically-focussed Laws, and  so the world of soul is perceived from within the physical form, using mind, feeling, knowledge and sense. But to be of the world of soul is a different thing altogether! To help you learn this, we release the Laws of the Heart, to be your guide and support in this transition of consciousness.

So, open your consciousness to this which is new; not through an open mind or receptive feelings, but by activating your heart awareness and consciousness. This will take you where you have not been yet to what you know. For all souls know these Laws of the Heart even if they cannot articulate them in consciousness, because they are of this world, where all the substance and flow and development is within these Laws.

So, open your heart, find how to awaken your heart consciousness, be not afraid of leaving your mental and emotional knowing and perceptions where they do not assist, and grow into the leaders we need in this unfoldment of the world of heart. All can be this, with choice.

Be heart, and you have chosen.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

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