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The Transition Between Evolutionary Laws

[written in conscious attunement]

In the transition between evolutionary Laws is chaos.

The old cemented laws lose their light, for the greater Law of Evolution has moved the energy on, yet the old laws still hold form. The new Laws are conceptual, impressions, even inspirations – but not form.

That is what school on this Earth is about:  the clash, the blending, the learning of how to integrate the highest light with the most material substance, the lightest with the most dense. Whether personal, national, planetary, it is all the same.

Many nations progress through this now. The old laws – not just judicial laws, but those formed in entrenched customs, beliefs and behaviours – they are both reviled, and clung to. Ah, the cycles of evolution.

Experienced personally, your world turns inside out. Your outer drives, meaning, patterns, choices no longer align. Yet you may not know what it is you need to shift your alignment to, and usually that is the case.

This happens whenever Earth goes through evolutionary changes that affect the planetary Law (that which guides evolution at a planetary level). Although, for most people, this will be felt more as a general push or pull in certain ways, rather than a deeply personal challenge.

If the changes are national, these can become much more personal. People are in a much greater relationship with their nation than with our planet, at this stage, and the impacts usually affect many: social disruption, economic disruptions, or even war or natural disasters. These can and usually are part of national change unfolding, and that can only occur when the guiding evolutionary principles create it.

Personal change is always felt when soul is involved. Soul impresses new Laws upon its personal self after initiation (initiation meaning the  blessing  of new vistas and responsibilities upon the aspiring student), for then the Laws to be worked within have changed. That is why the path to attain initiation  is a struggle, both leading to, and after. For initiation is given to the soul, and the personal self feels and must strive to align with that soul journey in order for that initiation to be achieved; and then after initiation, the soul holds its embodiment within the grace of the new Laws endowed at that initiation.

So, all evolution of Law, whatever the level, impacts human life.

In the past, there are many occurrences where personal (soul) and national unfoldments stimulated this impact. Rarely has there been a time when national, personal AND global Law-changes are taking place at the same time. This is momentous. All because the overarching evolutionary push requires an unfoldment into greater heart consciousness, on every level.

The last great transition when these were aligned and happening simultaneously was on Atlantis, when the great evolutionary change from astrally-dominated consciousness to mentally strengthened consciousness was seeded. Yes, some individuals had already taken that personal journey, the Arhats, but then the change evolved upon and through the whole Earth and humanity.

Now, the evolutionary imperative is to develop heart consciousness within planetary, national and personal existences.

This alignment of change creates a moment (evolutionarily speaking) of greater chaos – for if just one change happens but the other structures still hold the old familiar law , there is discord.

But not now!

Now, you cannot rest in personal changeless-ness, national stability, or global certainty. All are unfolding, more or less, within the greater evolutionary impress that it is time, now, to become heart – globally, nationally, and personally.

A greater challenge, but a more rapid and fulfilling change.

Welcome it!

Embrace the new, enter the flow, for such love is there for all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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