Love and Evolution of Humans, Planets, Cosmos

[written in conscious attunement]

Love is the meaning, the force, the magnetism, the intent, that brings matter together into form. Matter has no inherent need or consciousness through which to aggregate or connect. Love is the ultimate expression of livingness in our universe that does this. It is at the core of the expression of Cosmic livingness, and from there, all unfolds.

Even before Cosmic heart came into being, there was love. For a heart, on any level of consciousness, needs a flame, a spark, to create the force field within which it can function, let alone the forces of attraction that builds the heart in the substance of the life force it is to energise.

So, before anything comes to life, there is love. Cosmic love is what flows and energises matter and light on every level, infusing it with intent, from whence the force of evolution becomes manifest.

Love is this force of evolution in intention. Then it is up to the evolving medium to take the path laid out by that intent, to make choices – remember, you can’t evolve without consciousness, and consciousness comes about through choice – to learn, to understand and to act. Thus it becomes an incarnated expression of that loving intention, and thus a living presence that magnifies and extends the presence of that Cosmic love.

Before anything comes to life, there is love … this is the story of planets and stars, galaxies and all that lies between

This is the story of planets and stars, galaxies and all that lies between. Where form is present, it is Cosmic love that has instigated that gathering, infused that matter with the force of attraction that joins molecules and atoms, that electrified their constituents so that they became bound in the force field of that charge. This is the start of the descending Cosmic intention called love.

As a planet forms, such as Earth, it faces choices just as all life does.

The fundamental proposition is simple:  as love infuses matter and matter gathers and binds together to become an entity, then what? To be a gathering of matter infused with love at the most basic level of electrical and atomic force is just the beginning. But Cosmic love holds so much more intention, but to open to and flow with that intention is a choice.

We do not need hundreds, thousands, millions of Earths in our Cosmos, because the evolutionary intention of love does not need so much expression in consciousness.

Think upon your own beingness.  You may become a highly conscious being, radiant and resplendent in the loving presence you have evolved into, but does that mean you are at all times conscious of the atoms and cells throughout your being? No, it does not, for as consciousness evolves, you align the substances that make up your being with the intent and magnetism of the loving force you embody, and all those smaller elements fulfil their function based on that alignment and the resulting flow of life-giving love. They do not need conscious direction, or to be conscious in and of themselves for the greater whole to become an illuminated and evolved, conscious being. So it is in Cosmos, in Solar deities, in planets, in humans – in all evolving life. As you aggregate matter within the loving flow of evolution’s intention, it is the evolution of the whole that is the point.

It all comes back to love, the living breath and blood of our universe, the creator of life. Love is the force that binds matter into forms that can hold life. Life is the expression of love that enables our universe to infuse the whole of its being, in conscious, evolving creation.

So, the substance of the being is not important, except that it is coherent enough to be gathered harmoniously by the force of love, to create that curious entity we call conscious life:  matter, infused with love, holding intention, and able to make choices to evolve.

As discussed earlier, Earth chose to become a physical embodiment of love’s great expression in matter, a pulsing, beating heart radiant with living light. Our Solar deity chose to hold that physical expression of loving, living light for our part of the galaxy. That is enough. Other planets and stars hold love’s intent through different expressions, sometimes just at its simplest, as a being formed of matter in Cosmos. Others hold loving intent in very powerful ways, yet not on the physical realm, such as Venus, whose great embodiment of consciousness and love reached the astral levels. And Sirius, who embodies Cosmic love to the extent that her being pulses as the heart of our universe. But not on the physical level. She sends out wave upon wave of consciously directed heart beats, flowing throughout the Cosmos on angels’ wings, touching, blessing, infusing, showering that love where it may nourish life’s journey and evolution’s intent.

That is what our Solar deity embodies, and both Solar and Cosmic love (i.e., qualified by both) nurtures, embraces, and when time is right, infuses beloved little Earth on her journey of becoming a heartbeat of Cosmic love in the substance of physical matter. A difficult journey, for heart creates life by sending out life force and loving nourishment through flow – and not all physical matter flows easily.

But that is the journey of consciousness we, here on Earth are upon:  to gather in harmonised intent all of who we are, so that as beings of harmony we can resonate with this brilliance of life itself: the living light of the heart, cascading down from Cosmic intent, through the heartbeat of Sirius, the pulse of Solar deity, to the living, beating heart of our Mother Earth, then to us, humans of heart, aligning in love and cooperating with the angels of flow, so that we also illuminate and shine in that brilliant spectrum of life’s very essence, the living light that is love, born of heart in matter.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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