The Trap of Being Absolute

[written in conscious attunement]

On your spiritual path, never work with absolutes. That is the one absolute that is worthy of your consideration!

On every step you need something that is one pointed and decisive, but to take the next step those skills of discernment and one-pointedness may no longer have relevance. When in the past you could align with one spiritual dogma, then set and forget for the rest of that life, now spiritual unfoldment is awakening with such rapidity that this is so much less possible.

The milieu of our conscious world is evolving, and is presenting us opportunities for different journeys. The dedication, one-pointedness and clarity you have that enables you to reach one spiritual stage of development, may not enable you to journey further. You need to awaken to this possibility, yet at the same time not take a smorgasbord approach of trying a little of this, a little of that. There are a million options today for what might take your consciousness another step further along your path:  whether through religious or spiritual devotion, study and practice; a deep healing journey, physically, mentally or both; a nature connection through awareness and ceremony; or a life journey of reflection and pondering.

Unfortunately, what is presented as helping you to evolve, are often astral convolutions driven by emotional needs and wants, where the appeal is of emotion, for emotion. For example, a strong desire to leave life’s pain behind may make a path of instant illumination or complete karma release  seem realistic and very appealing, when the true causes of the pain are life lessons that require reflection, learning and personal change to achieve lasting results, including illumination and karma release. Because the mind is largely entwined with the emotions, and not as separate as many hope and think – we have written about this previously – a strong emotion can evoke a linear mental argument for certain actions, seemingly then being thought out and justified, but instead they are astral manipulations.

The challenge is that when we have strong emotions, and when we dabble in the expression of spirituality, the personal self unavoidably creates alignments internally to seek to be one with both. The human body of physical, emotional and mind substance, is a builder of form, so it is our natural impulse to build that which holds, guides and represents the life force we perceive, within the framework of what we want.

This is perfectly natural as part of the journey upon the path, but it must be filtered by conscience, and evaluated to ensure it is harmless – harmless to others, and harmless to Earth. If it is not, then you must evaluate and discern so much more deeply. Sometimes your spiritual path may need you to not be harmless, in the face of others who cause destruction of lives, Earth, hope. But you must evaluate deeply, and take your action with heart-motivated conviction.

We live in a world where the forces of materialism (and the culture of wealth and greed) reach deeply into the psyche of so many. As discussed before, the pull of matter in its most basic sense is like the pull of gravity, and is what enables us to incarnate and journey through our lives upon Earth. But when the emotions of greed and selfishness attach to that pull of matter, the path you take is one of descent, into lower and lower vibrations. If you seek heart, spirituality, awakening of consciousness, peace in life – however your higher inner yearning manifests – you need to disengage from the emotionally-charged pull of materialism, and stand up to those lost in its thrall in the way your inner conscience and consciousness guides.

in this rapidly evolving time, we cannot adhere to absolutism of any sort that is built of certainties learned in the past

The catch always is the emotional self. On the one hand, it is the vehicle through which we engage with and experience life in ways that motivate us to seek, strive for and take action in our inner and outer world as human beings. On the other hand, it is subject to the swells and flows of all the fluid, emotional substance of the human world in which our consciousness mostly rests. Sometimes you need to stand in steadiness and strength and let the flows and swells go by; other times you need to let go and go with that ocean of movement.

At every stage, you have to choose, and you do choose, even if sometimes you may feel you do not engage consciously. In every choice, you have an opportunity to apply discernment. This is not to suggest a mental and emotional struggle for every little thing in your day. This is for those choices where you can perceive the weight of conscience nudging you, where the bell of intuition tinkles in your inner hearing, where a still point in your heartbeat makes you pause. Our lives of experience give us many lessons, from which we discern and learn behaviours, thought patterns, emotional patterns and reactions. From those lessons we build our personal selves, full of options, some wise, some still reactionary; some open, some closed – but all are built in to the substance of who we are as humans.

In this milieu, we step into this world of rapidly evolving conscious change. The patterns of past ways do not necessarily fit so well, and abiding by them can create inner or outer conflict that we may not understand. It is hard for the developing human consciousness to understand what is outside its sphere of experience. But that is the paradox of evolution:  we build certainty into our beings in order to incarnate and live, yet we incarnate within this evolving planet where the certainty of what was is usurped by the presence of what is.

That is why, in this rapidly evolving time, we cannot adhere to absolutism of any sort that is built of certainties learned in the past.

At this time, certainty comes from the heart

At this time, certainty comes from the heart, because that is the current evolutionary stimulus of our Earth, infusing us all, nature, everything. You may find this an uncertain certainty because it is unfamiliar, but you can change that with practice.

If you struggle with doubt, this is where to go – to your heart. Weigh up your options, assess if they light up or sing, or if they flow or stagnate – whatever way you can bend your consciousness, this is the practice that enables certainty. It is never absolute, though, for as you evolve, as Earth evolves, then adjustments will be needed. But heart-aligned adjustments do not cause you to waiver on your path, for in your heart you stand in the flow of consciousness, and so your path is one of a living certainty, not the personality certainty built only of structures of past lessons and experience.

As the tide of human emotion and thought swells and ebbs in these changing times, seek the certainty of heart so that you can stand with strength in the midst of human attachment to the old that no longer serves life.

There is nothing absolute about the way of the heart, except that the living light of the heart will nourish you so that you can discern and act in alignment with your dharma, your heart’s flow, your service to the world, and your next step on evolution’s loving path for you.

Any other certainties you feel or think on your journey of consciousness – be careful of them. There are too many astrally-motivated constructs that have no evolutionary life force in them, but that are amassed by those of ill intent for their own self-aggrandisement, or distorted sense of evolution’s need. These cults of emotional flows are distorted and will not awaken heart in you, or in the world, but instead hinder the achievement of everything humanity ultimately yearns for, of peace, equality, hope, acceptance.

This is the evil of the world today:  the lure of absoluteness, built of distorted thoughts and feelings that themselves are nothing but an aggrandisement of that which was constructed in the past, even if prophesied to be the necessity of the future. If there is no adjustment to this, just more reasons given to justify, if there is no heart, just more emotional and mental manipulation, then this is not a force for good, whether manifesting nationally, or through some would-be leaders or movements. Their certainty is not that of heart, and is not one to follow.

There is always a choice, and in these complex and rapidly evolving times, make your major life and belief choices with care and in your heart.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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